Saturday, November 21, 2009

Updates 21st November 2009

Dear Blig,

2009 is coming to an end. Year of adventure!! 2010 is another new adventures!!

I have a bloggers block today. Seems to me that the more I try to rationalise, understand, 'crack the code' and figure things out, the more baffled I am. In fact, it's almost like building a pyramid on a deck of cards. Trying to stay equanimous is no easy feat! There will always be times when I want more,more and more! Or get upset, or frustrated or angry or lost.

I find repetitive activities gives me a lot of satisfaction. Calms me down, allows for some 'time out'. Housework, gardening, piano practices (believe me or not, I enjoy playing scales/rudiments more than songs sometimes! Most times~) Dragonboating provides that kind of similar effect.So does meditation/ watching the breath. That kind of "mindless" activity seems like a relief to me. So much so, I would take my lunch break away from the chatters and sit under a tree and enjoy my food. Anti-social? Well, I don't want to know what you think about so-n-so and his/her new pair of sunnies?

Thinking too much seems hazardous for me. I get emotional,I get upset, I get agitated (if the issue remains unresolved) and frustrated.But can't help it! I'm thinking of what to type even as I type! How bizarre. Can a person function without much thinking? Perhaps, working amongst the "intellectual" brings certain kind of challenges. Like EGO. Yet, society condones the intellect (so they claim to be). I don't mind problem solvers, but seriously, Great Thinkers? Who are they? Einstein a great thinker?

Hahaha..I don't even know what am I on about! hahaha!
Perhaps, I'm bored and filling time space. :D



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