Monday, May 16, 2011

HeeTee hee

My student got a high distinction in her Grade 1 exam today. :)
I feel so proud. She earned it. ^-^

Ah, haven't felt this for quite some time, I've gotta do this more often!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

A forwarded email I found to be interesting..

When I say that 'I am a Buddhist', I am not shouting that 'I am good, better than you or even close to being pure'.
Instead I'm shouting that 'I was lost in the pains, unsatisfactoriness and frustrations of the world, but now I'm walking a path that leads to progressive lessening of my greed and ignorance, lessening my attachments and sufferings day by day.'

When I say 'I am a Buddhist' I don't speak of this with a 'Holier than Thou' attitude, Never with a 'I am going to Heaven while you are on a one way ticket to Hell' mindset.
Instead I'm confessing that I am ignorant of much Truth and need the Buddha Dhamma to be my guide. If I am bad I have an equal chance as any of going to Hell, and if I am keeping my precepts well, I too have a well deserved holiday in Heaven.

When I say 'I am a Buddhist' I'm not trying to showone-upmanship or arrogance but I'm professing that I'm weak and need the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha as my Refuge to carry on.

When I say 'I am a Buddhist', I'm not bragging of success.
Instead I'm admitting I have failed time and again to let go of my Greed, Hatred and Ignorance, and need the Buddha Dhamma to help me develop qualities of Generosity, Loving Kindness and Wisdom.

When I say 'I am a Buddhist' I'm not claiming to be perfect.
In reality my flaws are far too visible, but the Buddha has taught that everyone of us is capable of purifying himself and attaining perfect wisdom of the Truths of life. He has given me the confidence that I too can evolve to be Enlightened.

When I say 'I am a Buddhist' I still feel the sting of pain, the aging of my body, illness and I have my share of heartaches and failures in this ceaselessly changing world, But the Dhamma has taught me to see the realities of life, to accept change and to handle it with wisdom. My physical body will inevitably suffer but my Mental pain is optional.

Namotassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhassa


Saturday, March 19, 2011

At Present, it's a present!

At present, where I am is beautiful and perfect. Why shouldn't it? :D

Just realised that I have not blogged in a while now. So, why don't I type a few words. Besides, this dear blog is my good friend. My bestfriend! Why not make peace with yourself because if you cannot do that, what more others. So, blogging is making peace with myself. Hahaha, go figure.

Gratitude to life
Gratitude to opportunities
Gratitude is a good value.

Trust is also another important value.
Trust others, trust yourself, be confident that if you do that right thing, all will be taken cared of. Even if it seems like it isn't the way you like it to be, but the results are what it 'should' be. Why? Because, what is sown is what the fruits are. There's no avoiding that. The problem lies in reconciling what the 'expected results' were and what reality actually is.

I just saw a snake outside my parents' home yesterday.First time seeing a live, wild,snake.Immediately,aversion. Pa says it is a cobra and to leave it alone. He is right. Why did I thought of hurting it? That's very terrible to have the thought. It's like, you die, I should live. No one should have the privilege to make that decision.

Patience when troubled water strikes.
Learn from the Japanese.
Why name and blame? What purpose does it serve. More importantly, what can we do to help. Naoko, I hope your family and yourself are well and if I can be of assistance to you, please do let me know. My thoughts are with you.

Guess that's all for now.
May peace be with you.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 Spiritual Faculties

5 Spiritual Faculties

1) Mindfulness
2) Concentration
3) Energy
4) Faith
5) Wisdom


Friday, September 24, 2010

Working Bee

One day you have nothing,
the next you have something,
it gets taken away from you again,
and you end up with nothing again.

Gain and loss gain and loss, gain and loss...taa diiidaaa...taa diii daadaaa.
Mm, should make a song out of this. :D