Friday, June 30, 2006

Nothing to Lose

Sometimes, it is odd. When one has nothing to lose,there is just so much more appreciation going around-for everything gained! Small things REALLY does matter.

One thing I am proud of myself (seriously) is that- what I am doing now, I work hard to get it- on my own hard work and planning.I play my life's chessboard game the way I like it.MY SYTLE. And I have the freedom to change it anyway I want it. But, of course, this, I also thank my parents for allowing me to do whatever I want. (Not that thay have a choice, I know!haha!) Although,of course, not everything goes my way...but I have the liberty to change my style according to circumstances, to fit the situation. ie, yea, you've heard of me saying I wanna be a piano teacher...then, auditor, then...mgmt accntnt, music school....MY will be able to second me to that (of my fickleness!) but, they are realistic goals I can assure you!!Just changes according to time and situation.Recently,I have had thoughts of going into a voluntary-NGO organization and stay with whoever,wherever for a couple of that I have the freedom to do whatever.Wow,if MaPa hears this,they'll fly over and grab me home!lol! (and probably marry me off to a stranger)..haha!

As I was watching the soccer game (ArgVGer),my mind wandered off to-having nothing but feeling richer.

I must emphasize,kindness really DO weigh a LOT.And you won't be able to feel it if you have too many 'material possessions' over your shoulder already.(But,that is when you ought to 'give' then.)I have been showered with kindness over and over and over again throughout the days I have been here.No way money can ever repay.Then,I thought of back home,where I was abundant with material possessions and wealth.The 'cultural' way to repay kindness is by way of 'angpow',or gifts in kind,or a meal paid for the kind deed....Sometimes,it becomes an obligation, in chinese, the ability to 'sek chou'.And for me,being here,having nothing to 'give' in return except by other ways and not material ways....the kindness wasn't 'bought' or 'paid for'.,for I do not have the means (yet).Therefore, the feeling of gratefulness-IMMENSE.This is what I mean when I say that the value of kindness is-whoh.Seriously powerful.It's only when I have nothing to give in return that made me realize how important it is to be kind.

Okay.This should be enough.It's 6 in the morning.Been typing from 4.30am after the game of soccer.Time to sleep.

Thank you to all who have helped me through difficult times.I remember who u are-and am v.touched by the gestures.I'm always surrounded by angels--I'll strive on,because of all of you.Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu...


Monday, June 26, 2006

Short one

Short one

1)Aus vs Italy - can't bliv I'm also following this.
2)Apply apply Apply!
3)Warburton-nice!Feel like home now.Like weekly trip to KCBA feeling now. ;)
4)Music- Will do my best!!!Coming semester;work hard on the exam syllabus review!!I'm gonna start on my research now!
5)Will call friends and family at home more often this week -while I'm bz/transitionary period.
6)I'm SOSOSOSOOSOS proud of my sister coz she got HEADHUNTED by a fairly large advertising co. I am so so proud of her!*whole family goes -PHEW!*

Sadhu Ajahn.Sadhu JN,BY,ADRY,VRNC!Made me feel so happy yesterday!Been quite some time since I have last burst out laughing like tat!^-^

Yippeee..Back to blogging more n more soon.

What the?!

Dearest Journal,

I am such a football fan now!!Especially yesterday's heart nearly jumped out of my skin.That wasn't a fair end!!!I still feel really really sad for Aus.What kind of penalty is that?!

I have never thought of myself as a person who appreciates this game(or any sports of any kind).Yet,yesterday,I was so up for it!Talk about a change in me-in this aspect?definitely!.Anyway,back to game:Watched it at Lygn,an Italian dominated place.However,the ratio of Italian supporters to Aus supporters?50:50.I was cheering my heart out when the decision was made.(red card for Italy-causing the second half of the game a 10:11men.Whooh!!)Standing btw NL n Arv,in front of me were Italian supporters.So,we had alternate jumping sessions!

It was a sad end because Aus played well..and I enjoyed this game so much more than their previous games(with Jpn and Brazil,respectively -did not watch the qualifying,with Croatia).It was an undeserving penalty!!! :( :( boohhohhhohh!!We all went home feeling so defeated-As the aussie supporters squeeze pass the Italians after that fateful penalty kick, we all quietly went home. (No riot nor gangfight-as I had nightmarishly thought it would be!)

Anyway,apart from Aus,I have also watched Argentina,England and Brazil played,etc etc.For me,I'm a Brazil (2nd-Argentina) fan now-Why?Because they played a spectacular performance (the ones I have watched).I really enjoyed it-the skills,and their tactfulness...wan dai fu(wonderful)!!I like Ronaldhino(skills) & Kaka(damn super damn leng chai ahhh!!).....

Now,Italians...u better watch out- Brazil will kick ur Ass!! hahaha! :)

*pst: I still wish for world peace...sure..*

Friday, June 23, 2006

Weighing the Scale

Ah!Breath of fresh air!!Finally completed my essay!!Now,officially,I'm on a holiday.I've got another paper/semester to go - and then,graduate with a 'Postgraduate Diploma in Music Studies'!! yippee!! :)

What happened to my Masters,u say?
Well,siaran tergendala..harap maaf....sekian terima kasih.(Translated as: Due to unforeseen circumstances,pls bear with me,I apologize for any misconception.Thank u.)In other words...on-hold.

Meantime,let's weigh the scale.What scale?Pros n Cons being in Aus for ie,more than 6mths.

1)Social friends increasing-and they're those who will be here for at least the next 3-5 years.So,it's good.Not friends who stick around for 6mths and u'll never ever see them again,those sort.I'm not picky-but these are the friends whom I have met for the past yr.
2)If I stick around long enough,I wld be able to find a decent job,which,in turn,enables me to pay my rent,groceries,my studies.And;subsequently,a car,a house...
3)Multiply by 2.7
4)Less commitment,more time for myself,get more done in a day-efficient use of time.
5)Msia lacks education opportunity-meaning,I won't be able to study wat I'm studying back home.(either due to $$,time,etc etc)
6)The kind of peacefulness and serenity,less action going is actually a good thing yknow.

1)Miss my Ma and Pa
2)Everything familiar,from familiar house,wide space,familiar ppl, all the kecoh,all the phonecalls,all the nights out,all the food.
3)The activities:Rmh Hope,Incvr,KCBA,Teaching,teaching teaching
4)My students
5)Aus lacks the warmth and job opportunity & comfort
6)Teaching in Aus ain't easy,as stds are pretty diverse in talents n exposure

Oraite,enuff weighing.Need to sleep on it.(literally)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Essay-Kambateh again!!

The level of expectation(of myself)

"It should be stated at the outset that no analysis of musical discourse can be considered complete without consideration of social, psychological, visual, gestural, ritual, technical, historical, economic and linguistic aspects relevant to the genre, function, style, (re)-performance situation and listening attitude connected with the sound event being studied".
-Author:Kay,Kaufman Shelemay
-Book : Ethnomusicology: History, Definitions and Scope

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Dear Journal,

After writing so much over there,I think I need to concentrate on my essay.Can't write anymore here.But,during the performance,I kinda,thought of my life and 'what-if's'. What if I were to live a life my as a professional pianist when I was at that point of time-choosing between the 'safe accounting degree' or 'the passionate pianist?I'm not too sure.

Seeing other ppl play is not as 'oOomph' as playing it urself.That-is what makes me envious. :( Of course! I would love to be a performance student (then,not now)(what Q is that!)...but,this is as close as I can get-Music Studies student.So,pls don't ask me why am I doing Music Studies and not Performance-don't ask me that anymore.

Yesterday,I went to Federation Square to watch football 2-4AM (with the boys).Great game-good play.Now I understand the game.Interesting.Oh no,my curiosity level has hit 'football'...geez, gonna work on this after my essay.

Learning everyday-I'm learning everyday.When and where do I stop?Would love to type more..but I need to go now. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Finished my first essay due tomorrow.One week of hard work!

Spent almost 7hrs of intense essay writing today.
Now,it's just editing,proof reading,amend grammar mistakes and Voilah!
In braiding terms, it's -putting ribbons,hair gel, sparkling stuffs,and pretty accessories.

(On the right side of the hair)

Left I come!(due 23rd.)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Short Whingeing Session

Just short one:

Writing essay is like braiding hair

Even before the first step,it's always essential to introduce yourself to the person's hair whom you want to braid.
First, you compile all the hair you want to braid.
Then, you have an estimation of how thick you want the braid to be,and also have an idea on how long the braid will be,as well.
After that, you divide the hair into 3 sections (you can have more if you want-but I stick to 3sections)And I call them chapters.
The thickness of the section - normally, I keep it at same thickness (to be fair and I feel that, all sections play important part)
Then, you start to braid, and braid and braid.
When it comes out satisfactory,you then use a rubber band,tie it and then conclude your findings.

I am at the 'braiding' section- patience required.
(I have to braid 2-one of left side,the other on right side.For now,I'm only working on the first side....yikes.)

Monday, June 05, 2006



Holiday is over!!!Get back to re-organizing my life again.

1) BSV -maybe make it a point to go there for meditation now. Sparked interest lately.
2) Essay -need I say more?
3) Keep in touch -with friends n family. Family seems like they're in EXCELLENT state.
4) Job
5) CLEAN MY UNIT!! all my unwashed clothes,unvacuumed carpet....
5) Teaching syllabus- pulled through last week, not prepared this week.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... :)

Buat apa? Nak makan.

Practicing BM.
Cis bedebah--- one of my script when I played 'king' in Std 3-4 (Age9-10)



Okay,240th Entry-This one shall be an honest open pour-my-heart-out blog.Just bcoz of the number 240.

I failed an interview today as a management accountant in a diamond company bcoz of a math question.(Maybe there r other reasons but this was what I have been told.)Interesting coz I really wld like to know the calculation to this.
20 diamond 0.85 carat $1.16 each ,at $1000 per carat.Pls calculate the cost.
Sigh..there's more to it.- personality test (Hogan assessment)

Other interview?
Awaiting for a bank-asst manager position, lol..don't bet on it coz I'm competing with other 600 applicants. :) :)

Dear angel's visit
ML is here!!(W HX,n b4,Her Parents).Soothing to the soul...having such a great friend to be around. :)

Other happenings which is not convenient for me to disclose.

Life oooOOOH life...
Beautiful life, still. :) I wish all well, I wish myself well too.

I made a new friend-Cln, 60+ year old ex-lecturer of my uni in Econs. He is a dear fellow and I visited his house.(His wife is also lecturer and super genius,that's what I have been told).Cln is a dear man...and I feel v.comfortable having a 'grandpa/papa' around who can help me.

Okay.. nice blog :)