Saturday, January 26, 2008

African Drumming at the Park

heehhehe!! :) hehehehe!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Something just crossed my mind just now.

One of my student I'm tutoring,took me by surprise when I gave her homework,only to see her hand in her homework with pages of internet downloads, and her typewritten homework on her "school laptop". Now,it all seems just-so-average, but for me, I'm simply amazed to find out that every student in her class,is required to rent a laptop from school for $1k p.a. And she has no ordinary looking laptop.It looks seriously crash-proof,the screen which turns 360 degrees and when closed,takes on as a tablet where she can just write onto the screen with the special "pen".Just like a palm pilot..just that it's much bigger.

I just looked at awe.In disbelief. Mouth agape, jaws, nearly dropping to the floor. LOL! Anyway- deep down,I wish the children in Msia are given such opportunity. Perhaps,this student of mine studies in an 'above-average' school, or a privileged school.... but $1k p.a, isn't much. It's equivalent to paying for mm....monthly tution fee ($80p.mth) Enroll one less tution, stay home with the internet and learn-it-yourself.(So,lacking nowadays..) LOL.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blissful State

Ahh, I feel so happy today. :) From a warm saturday, to a magnificent sunday. Thanks to Lsa, for taking me out to the beach. Yayy!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!!

We just spent the time,sun bathing, swimming, sun bath again, swimming again.... and sun bath again. Chat chat. It was warm,and I was really worried that I would get I kept on putting sun block, again and again and again. Luckily,so far, I feel ok. Only my cheeks, slightly reddish-forgot my face.But, still not too bad. :)

Then, now, I lighted candles in the living room, it's so wonderful. :0
We had some music on in the evening,did a bit of yoga,had vietnamese noodles....

Sometimes, the simplest things are just the most amazing things.
I thank you,Lsa, this is simply- beautiful day for me.
(I can still "feel" the waves..)

To end the day with some meditation? Perfect.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Everyday Thoughts

Dear Blig,

Firstly, it's such a warm day today. It has been such a warm start of the year.New Years' eve at 42degrees, New Years day at 40 degrees, and today,just the 5th day of the new year, it's at 38 degrees. At now, at 10.20pm, I am still feeling warm!!

Tips on cooling down:
1)Drink a bottle of water every hour
2)Soak a bath towel,spread a sleeping bag on the coolest area of the house,bring heaps of pillow, lie there with the bath towel covered like a blanket.While you're at it,it doesn't hurt to have a face mask over! lol! (or cucumber for the eyes lol!!)
3)Swith fan on, close to where you're lying down.

Try to breath normally.
If all fails, just head down to the nearest shopping centre and go for some retail therapy!Expensive hobby this one. (Or a cheaper version, comes with a tan: the beach...)

Back to blogging fever now!!!!!!!.......................