Saturday, February 21, 2009



Just came home.

Carl Orff's Carmina Burana & Bela Bartok's Bluebeard
I gave a standing ovation... .right after Carmina Burana ended. It was one of THE BEST orchestral work I have ever listened to. Apparently, this is the second most played piece next to Handel's Messiah. It was breathtaking, it was enchanting, it was superb, it was mersmerizing, it was just beautiful. Love the choir, love the sop, love the baritone, love the orchestra, ....the music, the music.....the music! Still ringing in my ears...!!

Bela Bartok's eerie spooky piece, lol...I am sure not many of the audience liked it!hahahah! But, of course, me being a biased, I love Bartok's ANY piece anytime. So,this, I shall have something nice to say about it too. Firstly, what a bold move, to put Bartok's Bluebeard to show. Most would think it should be buried and kept in a corner and never to be heard again. Why? Simply because it was dark, it was terrifying, it was -not pretty. Dark.

Love it? Love it love it love it!!!!

After that, as I head home, out played- Listz's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 WWWWOOOOWWWWWOWOWOWOOWOWOWWWW!~! Heard it over 3MBS radio. The performance was recorded 10 yrs ago at MLC,cannot remember the pianist's name,unfortunately. Sigh...I love it. It made me remember the time when I saw the DVD on Hoffman, Vladmir, and saw them play the piano. Sheer insanity.

Ah, I'm on a high right now. Let's hope I will settle down.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Carmina Burana -Carl Orff
Bluebeard - Bela Bartok

Somewhere over the rainbow,.... way up high......
Melbourne- a place of culture, music, taste.
Where else can you find a place which allows you to talk and discuss about a classical piece in depth?Every passage, every note, every phrase... Find like minded community (although most, a generation or two apart...sigh) and the friendly support.

Bela Bartok- still, in my mind, my hero.
Bluebeard- the eerie spooky opera, I truly look forward to seeing next weekend!!!!!
And, since Carl Orff was a friend of Bartok, ah, I shall like him too! :D

What drives me to stay here?
I'm pondering, right this moment. I don't really know.
My family and friends are all not here. Yet, I feel home.
I've had my fair share of heartache but have I had enough? :P
What will be will be.