Friday, September 19, 2008

Laughters Aloud Fr Songie

Blig Blog Bluggg...

LA LA LA... nothing,just la la la!

Not gonna turn philosophical anymore this time. Whopppeeee.....dooo dee....!!!
Counting down the hours, touch down tomororw at 7am!

It's weird, being so much older now, but greeting my parents like I'm a 5 yr old. hehe! But Ma and Pa treats me like at 5 yr old


One of the most bizarre friends I've made is by accident.
Literally banged into Ky's car,spoke to Cln and now, they are my family. :) :) Accident was 2 yrs ago, but family - for a long time coming.Huggzz- my guardian angels.

News news!
One of my secondary friend got married last weekend.Bro got himself registered last Monday.(Yay,it's official,I've adopted Sis-in-law into the family now). Whilst wedding bells and babies n watnot comes along,...I think I should start dating now. HAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!! About time? HAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!

One day, I told my cuz (was last week I think),
Me: woh,suddenly I realise that I have been studying for a v.long time now.'
Cuz: now only you know ah?
Me: mm..wat am I gonna do after I grad? .....
Me: maybe study some more.
Cuz: .....

Hay, books are so much more reliable than relationships,u know! (mm..maybe I shld do a course on dating....are there any out there????) wakkakakakakak!! more thing: I realise there ARE ppl reading my blogs....and I'm still so i-don't-care-wat-u-think posts. Hay! I'm only human! (using the blame-someone/something method)

Man, I'm talkative today. Effects parents have on their children...there's always side effect....... seriously.
It's about time I SMILE again. :D :D :D :D


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thoughts not worth mentioning in blog- deleted.

My pillars of strength will be visiting soon.
My pillars of strength.
My pillars of strength.

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary.
Loyalty, responsibility and commitment, is it already extinct nowadays? Nah, I shouldn't say that- most of my friends are engaged,getting married, married, starting their own family. And it's all about loyalty, responsibility and commitment.

I wanna pamper my parents- let's see what my little two hands can do. Magic?

My pillars of strength is coming to town!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

High Tide again....

Dear Bliggie,

This weekend is one of the highest tide of the year.But,I still cannot figure out what triggered this. Good dragonboat,high endorphin? Or just,the feeling of 'achievement',because I worked real hard on my assignment for a week and learnt a thing or two about music pedagogy?Or just the fact that,Ma and Pa will be coming soon for a visit?Or the fact that I just graduated in something and graduating soon in something else?Maybe it's all of that.Dream coming true after all!

I'm feeling good,should cherish this.
Feeling very lucky too.Ppl trusts me. Ppl would help me and assist me when I need assistance. I get invites to this and that and this and that (sometimes too full on)But when one is feeling oh-so-negative, everything seems the opposite,but in actual fact,the situation is the same.That I'm a v.lucky person.

Now that I'm feeling good,I have new aims for the year.
1) Exercise! I wanna tone it up!Be healthy and strong.
2) Meditate. Back to Buddhism again.....
3) Dust up my CV and see watz out there.Time to work hard-er?lol!
4) Work on my beans,tomatoes,lettuces,chillis.....sharpen my gardening skills!
5) Meet new ppl? Or catch up with d ppl I have already met? Either way...make time for others.

I hope this high tide lasts a bit longer this time....
Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Phases in Life

Dear Blig,

Hens' night
I have just returned from a friends hens' night party. Perhaps, not the best party to go to for a single person like me. Especially when it affects one so. However, the bride-to-be is such a gorgeous person, although I hardly know her (have only met her once) but I feel as though I have known her for a v.v.long time. It's almost as if, I really wanted the party to be a special event for her, and I really do love the look of excitement and her happy face light up. That is what it should be! That is how a heart should be taken cared of.

Everyone's heart is precious. Metta karuniya sutta. Why shld there be difficult conversations? I sometimes don't get sarcastic/cynical conversations. Or demeaning ones. Few years back, I wldn't mind being the centre of laughter. Being the 'funny' one out or telling just bloopies stories. But this time, I wonder, - if being an entertainer is as good as getting positive response, that shld be great. But, if it becomes a target of bemusement & mockery,now,something isn't right huh? I'm moody/sensitive right now, and blogging isn't the best/wisest thing to do.Hmm.

Ok, turn the wheel= think good thoughts. :D :D :D
Music Pedagogy
Yesterday, I had a 'high'. :D :D Just when I think life is such a bore, music lights up my life-saviour,once again. Sitting in for 4-5hrs observing the lecturer teach her masters/undergrad piano student was such an - - awe someeee experience.No words can describe. Makes my hair stand on ends, especially when one of her student, is extremely articulate.She played a breathtaking Chopin Etude Op 25 no.11. Tat's not what made my hair stand...what did? The fact that the lecturer knew the piece sooOOOOOOO thoroughly,and when lecturer played, student imitated, lecturer corrected, student tries to keep up,(in a way,defiantly) went on n on-ferociously... I stared & tried to learn, absorb...digest, the teaching work that goes behind the scenes.oh-just-so-WAAOOO.

The inspiration to teach even better grows more n more. The challenge awaits me- and it just kills me to know that I am NOT TEACHING GOOD ENOUGH!!! :( I've taken home heaps of books and dvds on music pedagogy to gulp in. Music- you're still my lifesaver.

Happiness could be, sunshine in the morning. Could be coffee before work. Or even, a hot bath during winter. Happiness,in my context, is the look on the student's face, when he/she 'gets' it, or the satisfaction the teacher feels, when the teacher knows, she has done all she can to pass-it-on. ahhhh..!!
A music teacher inspires, gives hope, opens up possibilities, brightens up ones' days, challenges, shows by example. A music teacher brings so much joy,hope & satisfaction.

I want to be this person.

Hay! I just made myself feel inspired again...... thanks to the thoughts of music ^_^

Ah, such a rant today..... lol.