Sunday, February 27, 2005


^-^ Nice weekend.Lovely weekend for me.Although,I had to work in between weekend,but,somehow,this weekend is nice.

Have been working late for the past 2 weeks.Yesterday(saturday),I had work up to 1am and actually,I still have unfinished work due tomorrow(monday).Somehow,things are stepping up a little at work and I'm beginning to feel the expectations from my work if I am going to stay in this field.That will mean late hours from now onwards & probably be 'on call' any weekend.

Mm.Does work have to be like this?

Why nice weekend?Mm.To start off with,well, I have not seen my students for more than 2 weeks.So,I miss them a little. :) And,lesson went really well because I think I made a breakthrough,both for myself and for some of them.I think,this weeks' lesson,their interest 'revived' & the sense of curiosity improved.Why?They're expected to "create" their song & not read from the book.So,a challenge for them & breakthrough for me,because I was able to demonstrate.I look forward to next week,to see their completed "homework"-tat is: to create a song of their own but relying on the fundamentals of yesterday's lesson.

Another thing.Made an effort to go for the cybercare thingy again-the orphanage -Rumah HOPE.Real effort but paid off.I learn,too from them.Really sleepy now,so, not typing any more.

Ahh...student's exam is March 12!!!Some are ready,some are just NOT!aGH!This is my second round of students going for exam. :) Not feeling as pressured as the first time,so,it's good.

going to sleep.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Cyber care

Launching of this programme,which, I think,sounds good for children from orphanages & all.Thx to Ad for giving me an opportunity to get introduced to such a programme.

Visit :

The 'articles' section doesn't
Today,this evening's session in the orphanage is,well,light hearted.Feels good.Reminds me of all the times I chat with children,teenagers,etc etc.Reminds me of People Outdoors...boy,I miss Liz.Then, I remember the campers whom have taught me a bit of loads of things.They generously shared with me,talked to me & I miss them so.Especially Rose.I hope that things are okay for her.She do not ask for much in life,just a small bakery,in which she can run on her own & help her mom(foster) ease the financial burden they both share.I wish her well & that no one bullies her again.

This evening's session reminded me of how important it is to go back to "being there for someone".Personal touch is the deepest.Spending time with someone is important.May I remind myself not to be selfish with my time for someone who needs me to be there.May I remind myself to take time off for someone else.(including myself).

I keep on thinking of People Outdoors!
To all carers in the world.....may they have breaks in between caring for another!!!It is definitely not easy being a caretaker-even harder for someone who has to care for another who is physically disabled!I'll join PO soon and aspire to take up challenging camps some more.Agh-personal care...tat word is tough!Let's hope I'm still up to it.

Back to CYBERCARE. :) Good programme to start off in Msia.I'm impressed & happy.Thankfully,finally,there is a structured programme-ppl are trying to reach out(Not just merely helping out in terms of financial assistance & goodies).Mm..,I secretly wish for those disabled kids.But,tat's asking for too much.One-at-a-time.Soon,I hope it will be like PO.Then, the kids all can go for weekly camps all over the country subsidized/sponsored by the govt & the volunteers get subsidized,too.And we will have camp sites (not only YMCA)but govt sites.....wooh!!TAT- will be my dream come true.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


It's like peak period now.Even worse?
Yesterday night,one of my car tyres punctured.Thank my lucky stars that it only occured upon reaching home(didn't survive back to home,though).Lucky thing,too, I filled air into tyres before driving up to KL.

The car survived the journey there & back.Phew!Thanks to Ma & Pa,for getting it fixed today and I may use it tomorrow.So,today, I drove MY's car to work in KL.

My work will be a 12 hr thing for the days?Deadline is Wed(hmph..I have loads of OTHER work after tat lined up already).I'm so sleepy already.

MY is so 'tahan lasak'.She is darn cool.She just gets the work done,nothing mentioned.Future accountant.

Okay,written what I wanted.oFF to Bed.

*I'm so blessed & 'taken care' of.Gods& goddesses?

Monday, February 14, 2005


will be working loads next 2 weeks. Probably include weekends. (yikes. there goes my teaching plan.....all disturbed.)

Went KLIA today. Went to send of FW with Ad & MJ.*sniff* Happy,excited & loads of best wishes from me,FW.U're actually going for it,man......*waves banner & pom pom*
(it's my weekly thing man.Been to KLIA 4x in the last 3 weeks!)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Got*cewah*..haha..but actually,everyone also gets one la.HAHAHAH!!
Oh oH..since it's angpow also..... er.. *cewah?* ..hahah..cewah..

:) (thinks of work = :( )

Friday, February 11, 2005


Pagoh-Bkt Pasir-Tangkak-Melaka trip.Superb.Fantastic.Bravo.Excellent.Beautiful.Memorable.

Brings me back to my roots.Reminds me of where I come from.My relationship with so so many ppl around me and also,those not with me 'physically' on earth anymore.How interconnected I am to so many ppl.

Explanation: I get to meet up with mom's side of ppl whom I have fondly missed for so many years.Minimum 5 yrs.I haven't been back to Johor since I was in my teens.Mom's side is a big one.This time,I drove & it's just me n mom.So much have changed but so many things I'm familiar as well.For one,the 'ching chiek kan' ;) from all.The closeness,the laughter,the family issues...hahaha!

3rd Uncle,4th Uncle,2nd(late)Uncle-in-law,1st,3rd,7th & 8th auntie,my cousins(average 5 a family),cousin's children (new!) hahahah!!& latest- cousin's children's children!!!!!!!!!! agh!wow. (note:mom has 14 siblings)

Moms side is always the one with loads of laughter & loads of noise!Everyone fusses over everyone.One of my cousin,whom I am extremely close with when I was younger,came back from Taiwan.Both her kids are older now.... :) I think I'm about to take them like my own kids/siblings.Already 13 & 11yrs old!*hugz & kisses*

I think I have visited newborns(2px),1 mth old(2px),11 mths old(1px),loads of -between 1-5 yr olds-etc etc all the way..hahaha!I'm no longer the 'young generation' but have been upgraded a level higher.Now,I no longer have the energy to run up & down the house,play with pillows,blankets & watever there is.I can no longer gang up with my cousins,tell secrets(whisper nothings & somethings),play cards(or stones,sticks)or feed chickens(or ducks),or even boycott any cousin whom I'm unhappy with(or just for the fun of it).

Instead,I sit in the living room,eat cookies & stare at the kids.Most of the time,trying to match the kid to the parents.It is also interesting to see that these group don't play the things we play.They have the computer & other games which I cannot comprehend.My 'upgraded' status is not awarded-it is forced upon. must really be ready to meet loads of ppl when visiting mom's side.Maybe this is where I picked up my social skills?

When is next time I will visit here again?

Thursday, February 03, 2005


I guess,in some ironic way,wat i hoped for yesterday,really came true.
Couldn't get up from bed this morning.
Head spinning as I stood up.
No choice but to sink back to bed,and knocked out until noon.Now,I'm recuperating.(2pm)
I ought to keep myself back to bed but then,I'm thinking of errands,I think I'll go to the bank,do the dishes,grocery shopping..etc,etc.HAHAHAh!!maybe later.
Must be due to all the late nights I've been putting up with for so long.

News 2

Okay.I'm bit more sober now.

Things happening-
Been going home pretty late.Not much time to catch up with family.Mom feels neglected,dad too,I know.No time to fuss over sis.Sorry,but I have no time to catch up with my own life too.Things happening.

Workplace happening-
Mentioned this before.Workload increasing by the day.I'm trying to catch up.It's a vault at work.I've been thrown loads of work everyday.This time,it's definitely more than we can ALL take.3 person resigned-1 manager,1 senior,1 semi senior.All levels man.hahaha!I'm pretty cool about it-still.

Friends happening-
Meeting friends,catching up.Happenings on their side too.Overwhelming.
Happy news-babies,1 mth babies,1 yr babies,engagement,future plans,optimism,job opportunities,awards,wedding-to-come,meeting right guy/gal.
Tough times-family issues,more family issues,bf/gf issues,NO bf/gf issues,work politics,uncertain future,work problems.

Firstly,I need sleep.
Will do my other stuffs later.If I have 30 hrs a day,I would still say it's not enough!So much to do!!So many places to be.So many ppl to! :) :) :) :)

News all around

In such few days...I get news all around.Good news and bad news happening to ppl all around me.Significant news ....really significant news.Also happening to me.Also happening to all....

Everyone is just going through changes ...big changes in life.It's so overwhelming.I cannot keep track and 'feel' for all,including myself.
It's like, I have someone telling me good news and I feel elated,happy and beaming with joy for that person.Then,I have another friend,telling me all the unhappy things happening, the dilemma, the not-so-good happenings and I am saddened to hear about it and hope everything works well and that time will make things better.

All these happening one after another.Here I meet someone happy,then,I meet another,going rough times,then, I meet another,so-so,another,etc,etc.

Then,there's myself, and the things happening to me & the environment around me changes too.Woh....2005 ,year of happenings. And it's just the beginning!!! Wow.
=happening= .....

How do I even follow up?Everyday is just something new tat I find.I'm getting thinner too.Don't know whether this is a good thing anymore.LOL!I hardly have time to rest but I don't want rest anyway coz I've got loads of things to catch up on.I'm running out of time.*wink*

If anyone is reading and don't understand a thing about wat I'm talking.It's intentional.It's meant to be general & vague.In due time,in due time.

Riding the waves of change.Learning to stand on my board now-not keep on paddling with my hands.I hope ppl around me ride their boards safely,too.I wish all well.I wish myself well too.Corny statement,maybe mooshy,maybe,not the right thing to say....but sometimes,this is the only thing I want to say.Take it or leave it.

I'll blog another one.Typing mood.