Saturday, December 19, 2009


Dear Blig,

I'm at Gold Coast now and I've got 15 mins to blog. I'm really enjoying myself here and have two really wonderful people with me all the time. Did fun things like swimming, sauna, gym, beach swimming, shopping, eating, games.

Feels really good. It seems like this is a real holiday and being pampered with laughter and get away from all the usual stuff and being busy. The people travelling together also makes a whole lot of difference. Milo & MC are really lovely people to travel with. Milo is just a caring person who really takes care of me. Sometimes, it touches my heart the gestures he portrays. MC is just fun loving and a good sport.

Tomorrow, I will be having my second facial in Australia. I hope it is good. Have always stinge on this and have it done back in Msia but this time, I will see if they are good or not. Am spending quite moderately, mostly food, had Hog's Breath yesterday, and some Malaysian seafood.

Oh, I really have to say that I also have been working the beginning, it really feels as though I'm in a boot camp, trying to lose weight. Well, that is also one of my aim for this holiday= which is to lose weight, work out, take good care of my physical health and move a lot more than I used to. Dragonboating once a week or twice a week certainly isn't enough.

Hopefully, I get a nice glowing tan, healthy body and happy mind when I get back. I think it is coming true as I type. :) :) I have been laughing heaps and smiling a lot.