Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cough Cough Sniff Sniff

Been quite a while now....
Every night, for the past few nights, it has been quite tiring and dreadful.
Too much coughing and heaving breathing (or lack of it).... from phlegm stucked in somewhere from the nose through to the throat and lungs.

Then, yesterday, I had enough.

For almost 3 hours, I took this bowl, filled it with hot water and inhaled and exhaled those precious moisture down my throat. With a towel over my head, I would sit for a good half and hour each time, and do it again. Lotsa thoughts went through my mind whilst undergoing the exercise. One of it, was 'now, why did't I do this any earlier??!' lol. Getting better takes so much trial and error, patience, and lots of liquid drink & rest. Patience. Patience. Patience.

I'm a terrible Patient. With little Patience. I transform into a miserable sulk.
And to make things a little bit more challenging, I lack the experience and immunity (after having grown up with bagfuls of goodie medication to takeaway). So,it is very much a learning experience for me every year, this time of the year. I'd like to believe that I'm learning to understand and be patient with myself at times of sickness much better than the year before!

Ah, being unwell has its values. It becomes particularly hard-er when we're all constantly on the move, doing things, planning, achieving... thinking. Especially me.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello! Again...oo Traveller

Dearie Blig,

Travel adventure continues. So, I had "not" expected. Anyway, just thought I drop in a word or two here. Am at a 'backpacker's. Mannn..I have not been in one in,say, 10 yrs! (Nor, do I expect to be in one). Great thing is, it has internet facilities, which is great... love it! Love the idea,that I can still be "connected" to things I am familiar with.

Blue Mountains is where I am right now. One place which I have come across to be superbly magnificent is this website:

That is just breathtaking. In the near future, if I have the chance to do it again, I will probably take a couple of days just for this place in Wentworth Falls. Of course, Katoomba, and places like Blackheath and Medlow Bath has magnificent views as well, but it is the falls and the "creek" (wonder if you call it creek, being so large) just took my breath away.

I have done a full circle.
1) The desert in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon
2) The river(?!), in Buffalo, the Niagara Falls
3) The ocean/reef, in Port Douglas, the Great Barrier Reef
4) The mountains, in Blue Mountains, the 3 Sisters/EchoPoint/ Wentworth Falls

There. My travel adventures. And, I need a years' break now. :D I think it's time to do something else apart from travel. Like,erm. The inward discover. Perhaps, that is my next agenda.