Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A step closer ....

"Dreams never hurt anybody if one keeps working right behind the dreams to make as much of them become real as one can" - Frank W Woolworth do you rotate the pic?!! Help~
:D :D :D


Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Vegie Garden 3

WIP - Watermelon, long beans, carrots

And, my vegie patch #2 (potted plants including leafies - parsley, silverbeet, lettuce)


My Vegie Garden 2

My chillis, cucumber, corn, eggplant, capsicum - vegie patch


My Vegie Garden 1

My tomato + snow pea patch + Strawberry pots


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making a house a home

Dearest Blig,

My little refuge. Happy New Year 2010! Looking at plants grow is definitely a satisfying feeling! I have a large bowlful of cherry tomatoes and cupful of strawberries (which I don't eat, never into strawberries anyway?!?) and the bowl cherry tomatoes keeps topping up everyday! Ahh! This year, my plants are doing quite well. I love summertime. Had a couple of longish eggplants already and will harvest my first cucumber later on. (There are two sitting out there ready for harvest and many more mini ones. However, the mini watermelon failed to fruit, despite having many flowers and my long beans aren't growing any taller everytime I see em'. :)

Corns, smallish but growing. Chillis, hot and we like it! There are many more growing and we're just waiting for them to turn red hot chillis!! Peppers, had a couple of em, the rest are still teeny...! Patience, gal, patience!!

Oo o oo OOh... Summertime~~~~

This is also a year of change. The year where I will try to make my life a shared life. Change of environment, in terms of work (in the process of working it out)....and living. Hopefully, this year, I finally sit head down, butt up, getting my music studio up and going. Am working on the logo,signboard, website and name card. I have the place, the instrument, the skill, the books, what am I waiting for?? Can't wait for my signboard to go up! Yippeee!! I'm excited to find out what the response will be, since this place has lotsa children and lack of music education around.....hopefully, right place, right time!

I should go now. Sumo and Rolly needs the walk and I need the walk too. After this, more stuffs coming onboard..... am happy with this office corner I have set-up here! Whoohhhohh!! It's all happening.....whether I am aware of it or not :D :D