Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Met this Chinese gal(from china) and we get along very well.(We converse in English)Too bad she is leaving for good in 2 weeks' time.Will cook together this sunday and she will accompany me to the temple. :) Today,we spent the day chatting & playing the piano.She wants to introduce me to her friends.....we'll see.

Tomorrow...tomorrow tomorrow!yay!Fingers crossed.

Gonna continue up-n-going.
December and January.2 months of change...lots of things will be new.I'm looking forward to new things.Going to get myself involved in temple activities,and many other stuffs.Choir-hang on-think,I will skip this semester,I joined in too late...will participate next semester.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home of a Migrant

Displacement of humanity occur both,willingly and unwillingly.Migrants search for a better future.They search for comfort,peace of mind and somewhere one can call 'home'.Whether it is because of political issues,personal aspiration,career advancement,country instability....the whole place(the world)is a melting pot and always changing.

No matter where a migrant sets his/her foot on,whichever path it leads to,the heart always lingers at birthplace.He/she fondly recalls the familiar sound,smell,touch,taste.I've spoken to a number of migrants,all calls the new place 'home' but one thing is for certain,they will always remember their roots.Whether it is for the better or for the worse,life becomes simpler;which is: change always happen.In a migrant's perspective,there is only forward,never backward.For a local,forward and backward intertwine;savouring on the taste of the past,like good wine,the longer the better.Sometimes,it's beyond one's control,like it or not.

I think of my ancestors.The hardship they had to go through to come to a country so foreign and different in all aspects.It is always the first generation that feels it the most.The children,grateful or not,either knows it or couldn't care less.History perishes,lost in time.Change and evolution... not exactly knowing my Mandarin that well is a disgrace to my ancestors.A laughing stock to all.But,it's always change and again,something beyond one's control.I'm the new generation--

There's so much to think and realise.By the end of the day,the real 'home' of a migrant is in himself/herself,regardless of the place.

That is the perfect home-in the heart.

I'm running late ....maybe will continue,maybe not :)


Everyday is a learning day. Everything is a new thing.There are so many things to know,there are so many possible actions to every situation,life is so full of possibilities!!

I'm up and going already.Jumping,skipping,hopping already.Planning,scheming,in action again.Kambateh,march forward.....

Journey (1997?1998?)
By,Songie Loong

Looking out through the window
Let my thoughts fill the room
I have no answers to many questions
I search in vain

I close my eyes
and I hear,
the Buddha's words whispering clear
Telling me not to worry,
Not to fear...

He says:
When the times are rough trying,trying!
Look up high!Strive on!Steadfast!
Go on!
Have the courage and the strength,
You shall walk your journey brave,
I will show you- come along!

So I walk my journey safe
Calm and peaceful I hear Him say
Coz I know,
I can face it
Day by day (Day-by-day...)


Friday, November 25, 2005


Sorry,I called bluff.

Parliament thing got cancelled.Boss decided not to go,coz he is busy with other stuff.So,I didn't go ler!(nyek nyek)

Instead: went SHOPPING!!
So up-n-going already ^-^ (still bad cough though)

Yippee yay yay....yippee yaii yiee..yippeee doo dah! *all smiles*
I've got michief back my sleeve this week.............

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Listening to:BelaBartok(20thCentury)&AulisSallinen(Concertoforflute&Orchestra;20thCentry)

Was reading ML's blog.Today is another day for me to,might as well get to the library to do some reading/listening on music.In between,blogging again.Get back to 'normal' life....and work on my music again!

She is one fantastic gal.Nobody can dislike her-EVER.Smart,brilliant,humble,pretty,patient,caring,positive,diligient....sure glad I adopted her as my guardian angel way long time ago!We started becoming friends when I so-happen to join the KCBA camp after SPM.(but I know her in high school as a junior)She was VP then wei...from an extremely quiet gal to...erm...a quiet gal.LOL!(nola,she can talk)well,somehow,our friendship blossommed.(yala,who else do talking,me la!).Oh,oh!She is v.bright!Ask her how many A's she got for SPM.(and subsequent studies)Her outdoor activities..fuiyoh!Her extracurricular activities..outstanding.Her optimism,...where I draw em sustain myself!lol!Amazing huh?HX is a lucky guy!And I think,it's both ways yea, ML? :)

As I was blogging,wah,I got an agenda for tomorrow already!
Boss called,ask me to go to the Parliament House for a talk tomorrow:8.30am-4.40pm?Fuiyoh!Scary man.The topic is 'Assessing the Skills of Migrants'.I am to wear formal.If they don't let me in,I'm supposed to say I'm his secretary.HAHAH!!I'm scared man....Council from Canberra coming n all?!
I'm not feeling too well now....somehow,recurring headache again......

Vietnamese Family
Last Sunday,I visited Luong family.Finally!!They are like,my family here.Without uncle's and auntie's advice,I wouldn't be here.I met them during a family camp with PO last time.I was in charge of their family then.Now,they became family to me-they became in-charge of me!Auntie is so OooO LIKE mA.Uncle is a little bit like Pa.Think I'll barge their place again during CNY.I played Playstation with T&C.haha...!!

20th century music giving me headache!!
Change to:Chopin;PianoConcerto No.1(2ndMvtRomance-Larghetto)lol!

Thank you for this blog.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for a meaningful life.
Thank you for optimism, preserverance, diligence and humour to get me through the day.

PO Camp 11/11-13/11
So long ago.I did abseiling 90degree downwards from a huge tree.Tat's an achievement.And,this round,the giant swing,I started from 90degree as well.The kids could do it-no sweat,and me?Screamed my way down giant swing!How embarassing!My gal,she's the competitive one,yknow,being 13yr old with her brother along at camp,she must do everything first,the most times,the fastest,the highest,the best!As for me?knuckles shivering.LOL!

Okay,ENuf.And get theory books to work on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



After 1 week plus .......ONgie PongIe Monnggiee IS BACK!quirky buirky...wacky...
Phew.....been a long week plus of draining mood.
so farnee, up down up down, high rise, low deep dungeon, up cloud fly high again..

Listening: Spanish music/Latin?/Mexican? Don't know the difference..(yet)
wah..not easy to be sick.....just for precaution,I will still stay in my room for another 12 hrs;not gonna take anymore risk this time coz for the pastweek,everytime I feel up and going,I go out then come back plop!again!not-good.

pa;u not coming ah???


it's's 11am.i'm're!we're both wasting time.

cough rest.blow my nose.drink water.clear my throat.what are you doing?

Listening to:Tina Arena;Sugarbabes;Joan Osborne;James Ingram&Sally Yeh;Emil Chau

End of November coming soon.December is round the corner!!End of 2005 start of 2006 already!As usual,my planning mischief starting again.My wrap-up,forecast and reflection will be at its peak,I'm typing and thinking of all the readers of this blog.....scary.

Recently,I have an issue with an acquaintance:
I shall be open about things and just type it all out.LOL!
Just because I am here in another country.Tsk tsk!
Someone with mom,wants to stay in my place for 2 months.2 months???It's a long story but it still amuses me/tires me (a lot).

Thoughts are pretty jumbled up today but at least flowing.
Conversation.Recently I had a conversation with a fellow friend.The closer the friendship or the dissipation of a relationship depends v.much on conversations.Each party decides whether there's a second meetup or follow-up.If the conversation is sour,why would I allow myself to go through another round of sour-ness?

One negative thought can cause mass destruction!!!!!I'm trying to look for my optimistic side.Have you seen it lately?

1)Reinforce my theory grade 1-8;and prepare lesson plan;more reading;
2)Accounting 1 and Year 2 Company Accounting;consolidation-to read up.(for tutoring)
3)Songs to write -Sinhalese songs for accompaniment
4)Summer holiday planning to do.Reorganize my goals for 2006.Get myself ready for socialising-buddhist activity,etc etc.

I wonder what lies ahead?? :) Feels like I'm 'opening a present' feeling.
oh!I found my optimism's been here all these while..why didn't I see it earlier?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Untitled again

(physically and mentally),It says,'stay in bed'.So,I'll just follow orders.
Coincidently,ML-FM from different continents,get well soon too!
FM eppybday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Boss tells story,unknowingly,answered my question.
Once there was a cobra meditating on metta(loving kindness) alongside with a practitioner in the woods.Along came a lady to the woods wanting to collect firewood.Once done,she tied the woods to bring it home.Little did she know that,instead of using the string,she mistakenly tied the woods using the snake/cobra.

It hurt the cobra badly,but since the cobra was meditating on metta,the snake endured the journey.The cobra tried not to sting or react to whatever happened.However,this occurred several times.
So,the cobra told the practitioner to seek for advice.

The practitioner said:
Well,it's good that you practice metta and did not hurt the lady.But at times,you just have to show that you are a cobra as well, just to protect yourself.The next time it happen,do not sting,but open ur hood,show the lady u're a cobra,but with the intention,not to hurt,but to protect urself.

This: is what it means by being upright in the metta sutta.
Metta sutta (first stanza):

Karaniya matthakusalena,Yantam santam padam abhisamecca,Sakko uju ca,suju ca,Suvaco c'assa mudu anatimani

One skilled in good,wishing to attain that state of peace should act thus:
he should be able,straight,upright,obedient, gentle, and humble.

I sting sometimes,just to give that extra 'kick'.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

MY-I'm feeling much better now. :) thx.U take care too.U have my best wishes ALWAYS.


I'm going to talk about sensitive issue now.

It bugs me when ppl ask about salary.It bugs me when ppl wanna know how much another person spends/spent.It bugs me when questions like these pops up.It bugs me even more when one tries to be subtle about it.

My opinion on this:

What I earn and what you earn is an entirely distinctly separate issue.My Pa says something before,'why do u want to compare how much XYZ earns more than you?U never tot of those earning lesser than u?Even better,why compare the earnings?Why don't u just compare the EXPENSES for then u realize everyone has different obligations?'

Look: by the end of the day,everyone is just earning income to spend for themselves and loved ones.SIMPLE!Knowing another person's salary doesn't make things any better but probably worse!

I was an auditor before.I dislike the mentality if it becomes personal.Work is work,and personal is personal.Don't try to be my finance manager and ask me how much I earn perhour/permonth/peryear.Or try to work it out 'backwards' by estimating my expenses or approximating how much I could have saved/earned.I-know-what-you-are-thinking!What do you think I learnt accounting for?

Previously,it was the'oh,she's such a money-holic, by teaching and working'.Little did anyone know that I was saving to come here?Or that teaching,for me,is not work??Now that I'm here, 'oh,she's earning big bucks'...little did you know the expenses that comes with it?Now,I don't bother about how much you earn,kindly keep your mind off mine!

These are the things I find 'funny' about ppl.So-n-so is earning ABC,did u know that?Well,I don't deny the importance of money-as I am barely scraping it through as well,like everyone else.Sometimes,I get lucky,I earn quite an amount of money,sometimes I don't.Sometimes, I just happen to have an extra skill/hobby which enables me to earn a bit extra.But do consider the pains my parents had to pay for such a skill?Those were paid for in advance.Now,how do you compare that?

Now,why get all so green-eyed over another person's wealth??Or even bother to find out??(just to get all so green-eyed??)Where's the logic behind that??

General knowledge u say.Know-the-market,u say.Do u do ur research on friends/family/ppl you care about?

My understanding about $$:
Just work what u can,when u can,the best way u deem correct.Put in ethics and values in it just to keep sane.

Just yesterday,I overheard 2 gals' conversation about them earning $1,000 a night.(I think they think I don't understand the language,probably that's why?)Just feel sad about how low one can stoop down to.Now U wanna be better than the rest in terms of money just for comparison's sake?Go ahead,$1,000 a night.I'm sure there's avenue for both genders.

I'm snappy in this entry but something tells me to write this down. WAKE UP!


walking here walking there,not sure whether to blog or not.Having OneStat(thx to BK)...well,surprise surprise,I have 31 viewers for last thursday's entry.See my worry?

Blog: For those whom I have given my blog address to;well,these are the ppl whom I want them to know me better coz I'm never really good in saying what I want to say in person.(Well,I can,coz I'm talkative-but,most times,say things according to situation but not wat I really want to express?Like I mentioned-the entertainer!)Maybe?Maybe not?

This blog help me a lot.Helps me set my heart straight.Help some friends know me better.I believe that,if someone really cares for me,the first thing is;know how am I doing.And since I'm not around to explain,or seldom email,blogging is the next best thing.Of coz,but,looking at the 31 figure can set a panic attack.

Communication is always 2 way?I wld like to know about ppl around me too.If u cared enough to visit this blog,I care enough to know how ru doing as well.

I guess,I'm the lucky one this round....I guess,this communication-it's all about MEEE!!! hahaha...i get all the attention!

I have been in a crappy mood these days.
Growing up-growing up-growing up.

Seeing things in another perspective; the not-so-nice,life-is-not-a-bed-of-roses perspective.It's mainly about people communication.How ppl behave and tactful communication.I spent an amt of time in my life learning how to deal with ppl(and constantly teaching myself to keep meeting ppl/talking to ppl)Now,I'm learning to deal with other nationalities as well-aussies.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Every teachers worst nightmare: Student says:

"Hi Teacher!How ru going..etc etc.....Teacher,I heard you have a diary.Can you send me the address so I can visit?"


Short blog-gotta run,late for work.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Been very emotional lately.From upswing to downswing;I don't even know watz happening.

Should do justice,I wanna explain.

Yesterday,I played the piano for my ladyboss.While I was playing and entertaining,I realize how good it feels to be able to cheer someone up.I'm not a good performer,but it's not an exam anyway.Ppl just wanna hear music..and I was able to provide some smiles.
Explain: Ladyboss has cancer,undergoing treatment,staying in a 'home' (but her sister owns it).I know how much this means to boss.Boss's birthday was yesterday,too.So,playing not only for her,for everyone,boss,for all the old lonely folks there who crowds around to enjoy music. Sometimes,I just don't know how to describe what has been happening.

My role as a person seems more obvious-I'm an entertainer, I'm here to cheer and encourage,I'm here to inspire, I'm here to be a service to others.I'm here to help.I want to live life as a bodhisattva.This is my aspiration.

But it also saddens me when this is taken as an advantage by others.It pressures me when I am not able to provide,at the same time,juggle with my own personal stuff.'Songie-PRIORITISE!that's what ppl will tell me'.But,sometimes,I don't want to prioritise??
Explain:My essay is due tomorrow.(Plus 2 mini essays and here I am,blogging!lol!)

My student has her assignment due on Wed and I was trying to coach her these days in the evenings and we ended at 12am yesterday.Finally,I was able to say 'no,I cannot help you this time'.

My friend is here from Msia and wants to meet up today in the city.I did,reluctantly.Prioritise, you say??How can I say no?(But again,how can I say yes?!)

I will be going for camp tomorrow until sunday.(The PO camp,for the disabled-this round,I'm in charge of 2gals!)Mid this,I was invited to play for my boss's birthday this sunday-to encourage ladyboss to sing.But, I cannot?Prioritise you say?Which is more important?The verysickladyboss or 2gals whom I have committed myself to care the weekend?It's hard-I cannot decide.

In the midst of this,I also want to stay home to give encouragement and support for my housemate who will be sitting for his exam tomorrow(and next whole week) and am not able to do this because I have other obligations.I am seldom home,even if I am,have my student around,when I hope,the very least I can do is, help in terms of 'dinner cooking' shedule to relief the burden worrying what to eat,but failed.

This is why I have been in an emotional turmoil.Midst of playing,I worry about my own essay,my student's assignment,my job hunt.

I cannot be there for EVERYONE (including myself) all at the same time.(when I want to).I'm not Kuan Yin.But I want to be as compassionate as her.

This is why I get confused.
Tell me to drop everything and just concentrate on my essay?Never.

Please don't advice me on what to do or how to work this out else I won't type anything like this anymore.

I just want to explain why I am the way I am and my life this week.

The Juggler.The unfocused.The balancer-libra?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Do you understand?

Busy-it means,I have no time to spare.Even if it means that I'm doing things on my own,it doesn't mean that I am free.Okay,fine.I don't like to be free.I like to have things to do.Is it wrong?One thing for sure is:I-am-not-on-a-holiday.I happen to have things to do?

Just trying to live my life to the fullest according to my own way.It bothers me if someone tries to tell me how to run my life or how it should be.
Honestly,if I had listened,I won't be here.Now,how sad would tat be?

Please don't impose an opinion on how to lead life the way 'it should be'.Because you don't know as much as the other person.I may be skewed coz I always tell ppl how to run their lives.....

that is what blogs are for.To the author's advantage and,if you don't agree with me,go start a blog on your own.

Upsetting day/week

Saturday, November 05, 2005


whooottt..pheeetttt...wheeeettt!!! hurraaahhh!!
Listening to:Faye Wong
Books read: apart from music books,it's still music books.

Thoughts- none atm
Joke: If you boil milk, it evaporates, u get evaporated milk! hahahah!!

Thoughts- If ppl see someone happy, they tend to want a 'piece' of that happiness or hope it will brush some to them. It's okay if I'm a lightbulb.It's okay if u want to share the warmth.But,don't try to steal or drain the current away.........(no one in particular,just observation of ppl)That's how ppl behave.It's the latter type of ppl to be aware of.Those who tests the 'happy' people how far they can stretch or just try to make them unhappy-to be-like them.These,are the difficulties of being a happy person/optimistic person.Happy ppl creates curiosity.

RMM..wat else to typeleh??Talk about ppl around me??nope.duwan.Crap?? jokes.
Eyes can get tired from strenous computer screen or something.What about ears?Ears get tired listening??I did whole day listening today-getting familiar with Haydn's musical style.He is soOooO prim and proper.And a genius,too,no doubt-with a bit of sense of humour(Surprise Symphony) :)
Doesn't anybody compose songs like these GREAT musicians of the 17th-18th-19th Century anymore??

day in day out day in day out sunrise sunset sunrise sunset eat jog eat jog fat thin fat thin hahahhah..yoghurt is good for health.

I need to be serious in life...but then again,too many OTHER things which are serious already....nah. dum dee dumm dumm...

Crappy entry-but-I still want to type la.This year second half is a really different one.Unpredictable.Exciting.Boring.Fun.Unexpected.Colourful.Moving.Relaxing.Bliss!

Sometimes,being away from ppl is a good thing.Ppl think that I have and need loads of ppl around all the time.But,I need time out from ppl around as well.The 'oh,she-will-be so-lonely' is actually not true.Just because I have loads of ppl around me all the time doesn't mean that I don't like being with myself.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Today,suddenly I'm feeling oh-so-grateful.

1)Realize that I laugh so much more here.Although worry,nevertheless,but I am not as restrained and restriced as before.Am very comfortable in my own skin :) I'm DOING MUSIC!!!

2)Have this lovely blog.Whether I have readers or not is secondary.But,think it helps ppl to know this SongiePongieMongie much better.Okay,I'm always happy-is there something wrong with me??Well,I'll TRY to be serious.

-mm..question: if I'm mostly always happy,does that mean I'm DUMB?!LOL!(oh pls tell me I'm not!hahahahahahahhaah!!!)Imagine me dyeing my hair blonde,jumping around-laughylaughy dumbdumb,I'll fit into the most common stereotype!


4)Joined choir 2 times now.(last week n this week)Will consider the camp they're having in 2 weeks' time.(and their carolling session for christmas and performance)

5)Aspiration: Next year,join more societies-Buddhist society(will take up committee-presidency?Maybe.)Keep with Choir and maybe continue West African Drums(Level2).IF FINANCE can handle it,FULL TIME STUDENT next semester!!!May I get a comfortable,steady stream of income soon.I wanna tap into the accounting sector but if cannot,any learning job will do as long as they treat me well and pay me well.NYEK!

6)If finance can handle it,yea,finish up my CPA damnit!(pls excuse my language)

Enufff...back to work-PTrioPTrioPTrioPTrio.....agahsdlfajsdlfjk