Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye Old Year2

Just came back from a day hang-out in SF&K's hse.Blessed am I,to have met them.Blessed am I,to have their care,concern and support.For taking care of me,for taking me under their wings and for encouraging me.Angels in disguise...

Had a great time spending the day,the hottest day today,42degrees at their place.Lucky thing,their place is equipt with airconditioner,along with scrumptuous lunch and teatime food and drinks,ice-cream,currypuffs&drinks.After that,game with PS2,a short movie and later on,they took me out for vietnamese dinner!!I'm home now, bellyfull of delicious food and for the mind as well.Thx K,for encouraging words of wisdom & all the laughter.I went home with a New Year GIFT as well?!Beautiful beautiful earrings!!How good is that??I feel so pampered.....

Deeply touched by their gesture.So uplifting&enriching for the soul(if there is one).No words can describe this couple,whom I owe my thanks to.There is countdown tonight,but I really need to take some rest.Tomorrow,I will join them to see.They are there for me not because of any intention,but because they really are my friends.True gems.I'm so so so lucky....

May I continue to do good and continue to meet good people.May I walk my path with confidence,courage and with determination.May the greater force,above,(or anywhere)continue to guide and bless,not only me,this beautiful couple and their friends,our families and our loved ones.

I'm so glad to have met you both,SF&K.Excellent!!!!
Tonight's agenda: puja session,reflection,meditation and aspiration.

GoodBye Old Year

190,just such a nice number to end the year.Mm...type,what to type?Okay,what happened this year?Jan to June,work and work all the way.Oh yea,had about 2 weeks in the middle to run errands,prepare this prepare that.Went to Kelantan with MY to visit Lini.Oh Oh!Had Iman come over to perform n had the gathering for all friends..tat was a good one!Friends ppl, ppl all around...

What else?There's ending work,tender resignation to all parties.Cleaning up all loose ends...making all necessary arrangements.Coming over and starting new,fresh and full of adventure.(Hell,wat an adventure tat is.. lol!)Met 2important ppl here..kept me going.Hope to meet more ppl in future.

2006 Aspiration
1)Get a good job which enables me to pay my rent and living expenses
2)Keep Striving and working hard,never never never never give up
3)Meet more ppl,make more friends,go out
4)Opportunity to inspire when I am able to,seek help when I am not able to. lol!

Beautiful life,challenging life,thank u for this blog.
Miracle happened on Christmas Eve,
went to church and met my ex-roommate(SF) and her husband(K).Today,I'm off for their New Year party/wedding party.SF will pick me up.In the evening,was invited to Csa's auntie's place (where I first stayed in,when I arrived)....but,don't think I'll go coz it will be late when I come home and I don't think I want to stay over.Partypooper!

Even Christian God & angels are helping me.Chewah.Thank you!
Optimism is essential for my survival-try it,it works!
Cant' wait till July...yay yay!Looking forward to-rotiplanta,cheese naan,teh tarik,chickenrice,e-mee,lohmee,koayteowgoreng,otak2,maggimeegoreng,
bkteh,crab,tofu,KFCHotnSpicy!!FriedChicken in GdWd,steamboat,yinyong,currymihun,OHchian,mihunke,loklok,Westernfood in BktRaja

I want to go to OneU to eat,I want to stay at home and play the piano,
I want to go out AFTER 8PM and come home at 1am as I always do..ahah!!
I don't want to cook ..hahaha!!MmmmMmm... I want to go with Ma to visit
3rd Auntie,go to Spore to visit 8th Auntie and Johor to visit uncle,auntie,niece,nephew..all thAT i Know and DOnt knwo.I want to go out with Pa to
eat satay or bkteh.....I want to stay overnight at MY's place, and Ko's place
I want to kacau LSH/sis and irritate her a bit......she needs some irritation..

HAhahaha..July..coming coming coming..yayyy!
Meanwhile,let me enjoy life here first..kekekakkakakakakakaak!!

Au Revoirr...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gonna blog everyday

30th December 2005
Waaa.....1 more day to the end of the year......
So many things going to happen :)

1)Meeting C later in the city,thx EK for u-know-wat
2)Met SKoon just now, usual,super hot babe!I wonder why I don't dress up?Don't feel!But as usual,SKoon always looks good.Good2see familiar face and just hanging out.Too bad I just couldn't stay for karaoke....
3)Getting along w M(my acctng student)...I really like her company!haha!Makes me laugh all the time!She is going to HK and she is just....sooo excited!
4)Tuesday-first day at work in AE.Gonna prove myself!!After such a long time searching for job.
5)End of the year,as usual,wrapup and forecast....

Meanwhile,I better get ready,gonna be late.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another One!

Writing mood today.When I write,it means,I'm in good mood...if I don't post anything,it means days are not so good....hehe.Or,that I'm bz.I pray next year is a year of advancement.I found my watch!yay!

2005 Challenge
1)Buy ticket and fly away
3)Buy,buy,then think of how to earn back,at least,don't go until deficit...
4)Study music,study watever...look for job/jobs
5)Deal with difficult ppl,esp those who tries to bully me

I thank MY,ML,NL,Jo,Mr&MrsK,Alx for being there4me in times of need.I really cld not have passed through this yr without you all.How can I express my gratitude?Just mere words here... (n those who supports me too-BK,FM,EK,WLi,Elaine,..etc etc)Esp MY-*hugz2u* at least emails every week/every 1-2 days.And Jo,who CALLS me...*esp touched* NL&MrK-supports & cares so much,words cannot describe.

My life is filled with beautiful ppl around me.
Another blog!


Dearest Journal(& friends)

Should do some justice and type something.Well,piccies only show a day trip to one happening place in melb,the!Somehow indicates that I should go out more often.End of 2005!2006 coming soon!Like I said before, 2005,transition year for me.Hopefully 2006,time to hit the oil and zoom forward!

I have learnt:
1)to cook few new dishes.(pancake,cakes,chicken curry,fish,brinjals,soup,pasta,etc)
2)to fix my umbrella
3)to attach vacuum cleaner bag,took a whole day to figure it out
4)to clean the unit at least once a week,clear the bins,mop the kitchen floor make friends with ants, spiders(i catch em and release it outside) and moths.As for flies,I can't catch em,so,they die eventually in the unit.
5)to feed the wild birds as often as I can (learn fr MrK)
6)to care for people and be cared;my hsemate;my exboss(MrK);my family friends;friends
7)to be a dedicated teacher (music,accts,now econs~)
8)to be patient and attentive (take it good and bad as it comes with much more ease)
9)to budget my expenses and spend v.v.v. wisely
10)to stand firm on my principles and not let others take advantage of me(have learnt to say no,no,no NOOOO!!!!and shout if I have to)

May the triple gems continue to guide and bless.......

Monday, December 26, 2005

Day Photo Taking last part


Pondering pondering Songie at the parliament

Botanical Garden

look!Big red christmas tree!!

Victorian Arts Centre

Federation Square

I am a supporter for 'Save the Children'organization!!!!On a personal level and on a global scale....

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Day Photo Taking Part 3

Walking about aimlessly...

This picture happens to my my favourite of all.Wonder if Connie thinks the same..

Connie's fav picture

The church organist-...wannabe..hhaha!

More pictures with flowers..
The secret garden below....

ee?? apa nie? terbalik pulak...

flies EVERYWHEREEEEEE...FLIES ATTACK!!! Taken in Hyatt Hotel.

Day Photo taking Part 2

Journey -Transportation to the City

I spend most of my time last semester waiting in the train station when it comes to travelling to the city.45 mins from Uni (include bus and cycling time from home).Tiring...but necessary.

City photo taking

See!! The roses are HUGE!Some as big as the size of my palm!

Day photo taking in City Part1

Monash Uni waiting for the bus..
Day: Saturday, Christmas eve...

Check out the swimsuit....and the pretty!

Connie and I...

In front of Law Faculty, with some 'wannabe' aboriginal 'art?'

I just love this pic!Connie in her horizontal stretched out hand pose, with the boxed layout...

Japanese 'cultural' house in Monash...where I met Connie (during a band performance)

Wat u looking at...haha!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

TempleHunt in Melb,Australia



Mr&MrsK brought me to a SriLankan temple(Location:Dandenong) which,in short,it's like Nalanda/BGF concept.Or Nalanda/BGF Concept is like their concept?Hmm..watever..)A housing area(2hses I think)made into a hall.As I pay respect to the resident monks,then the Buddha,and offered flowers,I can't help it but notice that all eyes were on me.I feel like a foreigner,but speaking the same language,prostrating and paying respect the same way they do.The attention was made even more obvious because I was wearing a pink shirt with black pants when all of them(except the two monks of course)...were wearing WHITE.(including those offering food))(Just imagine a group of Uncle Vijaya's around!hhahha!)

It was also during the dana session(offering food)when we went.So, I get to dana to practicing nuns/novitiates observing the 8 precepts.I was TOO HAPPY to see so many ladies/nuns observing for the day(almost all) when at home,they're ALL FOR GUYS/monks!!SADHU!!!

During dana,everyone was just rushing to dana!The papadam which I had on my plate,had little to offer because everyone just had it on their plate already!!It was stressful because I wanted SO much to at least give ONE to each of them,in the end,I realize,all you had to do is,just politely insist on putting it on their plate.No choice!

When I reflect now...during dana,since I was bit embarassed with my clothing and feeling-out-of-place and with all the attention,I even FORGOT to dana to the MONKS!gee?!They are the most important ppl...!!AGH!HAHA!!**slaps my forehead**

Finally!!!!I have found a theravadan novitiate program for ladies.Now,all I have to do is enrol in one and request the Dhamma talk to be in English and not Sinhalese.Don't worry,I'm just going to aim for a day retreat,observing the 8 precepts...with a group of females(theravadan style) AND WEAR WHITE(robes?)!!!

Mr&MrsK will bring me to another one,where Dhamma talks will be conducted in English(due to many'foreigners' like me).After that,I still have 2 temples to visit(a Mahayanese one I came across a few days ago-on behalf of my parents, and another one by Ajahn Kalyano my friend(ML's BF-HX) was telling me about)

Just wanted to share this!SADHU!! YIPPEE!! HEHEE....

Think about it: The Theravadan Buddhist practice which we are accustomed to now,has its 'cultural' values borrowed from another country-SriLanka.Our resident monks in M'sia have a rich culture in Sri Lanka brought to nurture and spread across our country.Chief Reverend(Dr.K.Sri Dhammananda)-you come from a very beautiful country and a gentle community.SADHU!SADHU!SADHU!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


May I continue to propagate peace,harmony and understanding despite circumstances.
It is important for when everyone else wither in disappointments and frustrations......somehow somewhere,there will be a candle burning which will set everything brightly shining again.

Christmas is drawing near...I wish all a Merry Christmas.Peace be with you.

Find your source of Inspiration and be inspired by it.

Life is like playing the piano.Lay the foundations/fundamentals,work hard on the theory drills and principles.After that, live it and soon you'll understand.
Piano playing,I'm beginning to understand and embrace.A tad too slow learner...but at least I'm getting there.The keyboard compass is getting much easier to grasp,the harmonic relationship,still discovering-but with understanding.This is only just the beginning...boy, it gets better.

As for life? Boy,there are still so many things to learn.But,I'm working on it.Will work on it until my last breath(same for music),keep learning,keep experiencing,keep questioning,keep correcting,keep falling but getting up,eventually....

*Fingers crossed for all my aspirations*

save the children. save the innocent. save humanity. save morality. most importantly, save lives.

when one says 'ewW..tat's much does it take for one to have dared to say it and mean it whole heartedly?' (and do something about it?) -I've guessed as much.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


one eight ooo
wan aiht oh
wun egg ugh

smile frown tough tougher type support thank-you words readers listen speak express blog mine!

My first christmas tree decoration,on my own! :)
Touched by compassion and sincerity.My guardians,my devas,my angels.
Sail on by......
Happy over result,proud over essay!Hard work!6 months have passed??
I'm a survivor...and will take up this challenge anytime.
Kalyana Mitra,angelic friend/s
What lies ahead? Uncertainty.Sometimes,too much of certainty is unbearable,too much of uncertainty is not easy either. Equanimity pls! lol!
Typing mood but want to retain personal tots.

Want to listen to a story?I've got plenty. :)
Plenty of stories ...(positive,learning stories)
People,children,students,bosses,friends,unfriendly friends, Elderly,babies, mothers, relatives,family,unofficial families,camping,strangers, commercial ppl, colleagues,supervisor. Just pick one.

It's all about people and what can be learnt from it.
May I grow in wisdom and compassion......

Yknow,I don't have to fulfil my dream to be a nun....I have all the right conditions to live like one now. All I need now,is MORE discipline. The best thing is;I can opt NOT to be a nun,anytime. LOL!! :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Like a Bridge over Troubled Water

Simon & Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water

When you’re weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
I’m on your side. when times get rough
And friends just can’t be found,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

When you’re down and out,
When you’re on the street,
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
I’ll take your part.
When darkness comes
And pains is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

Sail on silvergirl,
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine.
If you need a friend
I’m sailing right behind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) ....... like a bridge over troubled water, like a surfboard over rough waves, like a raft over steady stream, like a pro ......

This will be an interesting journey to remember.One challenge never to be forgotten.Always cherished and kept close to heart.Stories to tell my grandchildren.A journey I call my own.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Pls Spare some Time to Read

As you all know, I’m in Australia, studying musicology, financially self-supported. Recently,since funds are low, I came up with a thought. I would like to share my last research work so you know what I am doing here.

My essay title: “Development of the fortepiano in the mid 18th Century and its relation to Haydn’s Piano Trio in G Major, Hob XV: 25 (Gypsy Rondo), 1795”

“It sounds all so bombastic, but actually, in summary, the aim of my essay was to link the development of the piano (between years 1780s to 1796) with the composer’s (Hadyn) background, taking into account, political and social issues during that period. Then, I selected one of his piece (P.T. in G Major) written during that time to see whether there are any compositional change (analyze it) with reference to a more developed piano of 1795.

In the essay, one chapter will be on how the piano (fortepiano is the full name for piano) changes over time. Then, another chapter mentions about Haydn, a short biography of his life but focusing on what he was doing during 1795. (During this time, it was the Napolean war and Haydn was, pretty much, an old man by then). Finally, the last chapter will be the analytical side of music regarding his piece”.

All in all, maybe a good read? I would say, it is not so technical but more for general understanding except the last chapter. Besides, I also hope that it helps one to ‘read’ classical music better? Well, I hope this will get you interested!

The whole essay amounts to approximately 50 pages (includes the manuscript) but as for the CD, please ask me directly. To cover the cost of binding, printing and distributing, I have estimated the cost to be RM 18 (not in Aud). If you are interested, please email me at .

Thanks for all the support and encouragement!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005



Read someone's note:
Q: Why is it so hard to find a decent guy?
A: Because there are only two,and they are dating each other.

***laughs and rolls off from chair***

I was in the bus,overheard this high school girl explaining her location:
Girl: Uh,hi!Um,well,I'm just gonna tell u where I am so you'll know where to pick me yah?
Girl: *pause* Um..well, I'm in this street, yknow, just at the intersection of the other street? Yeah,there's where I am.

*miraculously, the person on the phone ACTUALLY understood her location* (Songie hands in white flag)

Auditory Perception Test

Psychology/Neurology student/medical research person..(Date:5/12/05)(Approximately 2hr session)

Anyway,this person requested for research participant and I volunteered.

1)She has a list of sounds (ie,woman, man, chicken, cello, piano, trumpet, siren)
2)She mixes the sound, (ie. 6 played simultaneously, 8 played simultaneously)
3)She plays the sounds at different part/location of the brain
4)Participant is required to identify a selected sound in the crowd of sounds.

The results tabulated is based on the number of accuracy and the timeliness/speed of response.Great chat with her. Her objective:research for stroke patients in utilising the left side of the brain(or the other part?I dunno)

What was learned out from the research? Imagine yourself being the composer,ie. Mozart.Your ability to discern and identify musical sounds within the MASS collection of sounds played simultaneously is astounding. What more,in an orchestra,the sounds are probably similar (ie,a group of violinists, a group of cello players)...and the job of the composer is to be able to identify the 'PARTICULAR player' when it sounds 'off pitch'.

Firstly,you must have the ability to listen at perfect pitch.
Secondly, you must have the ability to identify 'off pitch'(with no.1,u'll have!!)
Thirdly, you must have the ability to discern sounds accurately

This is only ONE aspect of a GREAT composer. What about COMPOSING?Now, that's a whole new story altogether......

Food for thought.Listening is very important.Listening with UNDERSTANDING is even more important.

Tots-Great Ppl

Gratefulness will get one very far in life.

I know this GREAT
- person, excellent in everything, from fishing,chessplaying, golfing, shooting,badminton, pingpong, ...all sorts of sports. He doesn't say much, but actions speaks volumes.

- person, takes care of everything at home, all kinds of issues, she is the family breadwinner along with her sibling. Patient, wise, attentive and supportive. Her listening skills and sensitivity shows no boundaries.

- person, bubbly, beautiful heart, laughs with me (not at me!), sees life as it is, all pretty and pinky, in the midst of blurnes, shows that, it is important to maintain originality and walks though 'ppl-attack' so at ease.

- person, always so 'up' there, all the time in big companies in different countries, big positions, yet, still humbly cares and remembers. His concern and support ever so encouraging.

- person, tough as he may seem, but gentle as a cuddly teddy. Appreciates old pals, grateful to ppl dear to him and writes well. Stick to his goal and works really hard to achieve it. Has travelled the world but still stay grounded to his roots.

-person, naggy as he is,grouchy and spiteful, but, deep down, appreciates just even a short chat, a simple hello. He is a caring person actually...

-person, mischevious and quick minded. Teases a lot and jokes a lot. Couldn't just go straight to the point, don't know where the point is....just so casually ignore the point. lol! The Social, the limelight. :)

-person, (i'm tired typing...)

So, for now, these few ppl mentioned, (and probably many others who falls in this category...sekaligusla)....... I greatly respect and salute you. You deserve a STANDING OVATION.

Category = Sangha gp 8 types of ppl?(Buddha's category of the sangha gp) I wonder...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Planning ,Scheming!!!

Agh..there are so manythings in my mind right now,I just can't wait to blog!Pls wait for the next few blogs.I'm gonna have a few in this week.Lots to say n type.

In Summary:
Piano Teacher
I went for an interview on Friday as a piano teacher.Think I got it.I may teach Chinese-Australians from China,coz I demonstrated teaching on this Aussi-chinese kid.I'm pretty excited coz,1)These kids have reputation of being extremely dilligent,will be a challenge for me. 2)I may be required to teach group theoryclass,prepare my own lesson plan in this(which I have always wanted to do). 3)Teach AMEB syllabus,so,able to compare with ABRSM syllabus-which is OVERLY publicised in M'sia.
I may not get many students.....yet.....but it's a start.Waiting for response 2wks from now.

Visit .It lists the buddhist temples around.This will help one to understand,not only Mahayanese/Theravadan buddhist temples around..CMON..STOP being discriminatory!There's vietnamese,thai,non-sectarian,blablabla... I will shop around to check 'em out.

Auditory Perception Study
Research participant for a listening test on Monday.Mm..interesting!

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis
Thx Alx, for painstakingly tabulate,explain and run through this analysis for me.It helps me understand my 'character' better and will mend loopholes.Everyday is a learning day,rite?In short-I'm an ADVISOR!chewah...I hope I continue to do so-be a good advisor.

Great ppl blog is still not up yet,work on it!(something I will DO.)

Sis got her professional website up.I'm so proud of her.
It's not easy being an artist/musician. I will show my greatest support.

I'm so proud of my Pa!He is teaching music!!(see..u don't need Masters to do good teaching...hahahahah!!)

Confession:the last few weeks of Nov,it was a pretty rough time for me.But,result in many ideas and planning.....I hope it works out.Watch for next few blogs to come.Then,I'll freeflow type and take back my blog to call my own.Now,it's readerfriendly.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Blog: 2/11/05, 10.00 am. Friday.


May my Pa be well and happy.
May my Ma be well and happy.
I want them to be proud of me. I hope to make it through and graduate in my Masters in Music Studies on my own.
I want to open my music school and continue teaching, inspiring, supporting, assisting.
I hope my friends back home are able to spare some time to visit my Ma and Pa once in a while, like the way I spend some time visiting other families over here. (MLMY, or anyone, can u pls see how my parents are doing? ML, once a while, ask JS out too, let’s be good Klangites.)
May I always immerse myself in a supporting community, where all aspire to work together to assist one another reach his/her own goals.
May I be able to steer myself back to perspective when times are blurry.

Thank you

Thank you for GREAT people around me all the time, wherever I go, whatever I do. (I cannot stop thinking of all these GREAT GREAT great great ppl….next blog:Great Ppl)
Thank you for the emotional support and great philosophy of life to help me deal with issues. (especially the Dhamma).
Thank you for wisdom and compassion, for which, I lack so much from what I should be able to give. But, thank you for allowing me to grow in wisdom and compassion, little by little, as I go along. It gets better.
Thank you for peace of mind and optimism most times as I move along and the ability to spread it around. 
Thank you for thunderbolt sarcasm. For which I know how to kick ass when I need to!
Thank you for having me as a girl, so that I can show chauvinistic guys that girls are (can be)powerful too.