Friday, April 29, 2005

Vaisakha Month

Sundays at Klang & Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)

1st May - 9.30am - Opening Ceremony
Dharma Talk "Follow the Practices of Bodhisatta"-Bro Wong Suk Chin

8th May-9.30am -"Rituals & Beliefs"-Dr Lim Xin Guang ,
10.30am- "Four Noble Truths"-Bro Ananda Fong
-Blood Donation

15th May-9.30am-"Universal Love Compassion"-Ven Qing Xu
-Charity Visit,distribution of gifts to charity organisations

16th May-(Monday),10.00am-Charity Visit and distribution of gifts to Children Ward Patients ,T.A.R Hospital,Klang,Retarded school children and Orphanage Klang.

21st May(Saturday)8.30pm(night) Buddha Day Eve Blessing Service

22nd May(Sunday)8.00am Buddha Day Celebration

29th May(Sunday)9.30am-"Do Good for Harmonious Co-existence" -KCBA Chairman
Closing ceremony

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meeting Ppl

Dearest Journal,

Been meeting up with ppl nowadays.Really good.*Hugz to you,dear Charissa & Joanne*I'm so glad to have made it a point to meet up and regardless of the time,still went ahead with it.Sometimes,we're just so busy,never is there the best time.Sometimes,just must squeeze out that extra time for one another.And,thanks for doing just that.

Jo,there's just so much to know of a person.Fantastic ppl that I know.And,every discovery is just so refreshing and interesting?lol!I have yet to meet many other ppl.Namely-MLeng,Elaine,Wsen,Annie,Jen....

Stayed in Damansara yesterday.Feeling bit groggy.Good meetup anyhow.
My feet has terrible blisters-how am I going to dance on monday??

Was into this topic about blogging with Joanne.How much can and cannot be revealed?
I don't know.Especially blogspot.I am not too comfortable with blogspot,actually.I would prefer knowing who reads my blog,or at least,know,how many.Nope,I'm not aiming for *hitz* or -most-visited-blogsite-ever- ranking.I just want to assess the viewer.Sometimes,I wonder if my students are reading?

It does take a lot of courage for one to blog thoughts.Not those who plucks and quotes from articles,books,etc etc.That is relatively easier.I think it helps if one reads the blog & probably drop a comment.At least,acknowledge reading.This is for the blogger's awareness?It's such a complicated I.T thing.hahaa.

Cool friends ALL OVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today's errand not very nicely done. :(

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


3 fruitful days of errand running.Very very glad about things going.Love working days where I don't have to work and do all my stuffs while everyone else works for me!haha!Got my dental thingy done,health thing done,banking on the way,studies on the way,enquiries on many many stuffs on the way,visiting,shopping-erm,look as i go.

No time to blog.Thought of dropping by to say something but now,nothing goes through my head except,all the errands to run!Yet to clean my room,haven't met kaimah(godmom)-mrs sivarajah-yet,next week,cut my hair!

The meditation retreat I wanted to go in Kota Tinggi,Johor has to be cancelled.Apparently,the resident monks have gone back to respective countries and they won't be running any sessions this year. :( Maybe the Penang one,but I'm not too keen.Sigh.Nvm. There's still a beginner's one day meditation retreat next Saturday which I'm going.(But it's only 1 day thing)And,ah,finally,can go donate blood next sunday!!!!!!Keep my once a year policy.

Now,I have time to read,read,browse,enquire,check check.Yay!
Okay,going to the bank now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005



alternatively,just click to "Artist"

Monday, April 25, 2005

Rumah HOpe

This place where I spend my 2 hrs every sunday,well,after about,2 months,it's already a consistent thing.*wat am i talking?!*lol!
Great name to call an orphanage.The kids,mm,they're very sharp,alert & attentive,I would say.Fast thinkers.I need time to catch up,sometimes.^-^ What else to say about them? Well,they have things to say(personal ones) but during such short period of time,just don't know where to start.How to,anyway?Although I feel,that,there's no way to get to that level of assistance with that short period of time each week,however, I think that it is still comforting for the kids to know that there are attention given to them on a constant basis.
One more thing I noticed.I took out my *newly bought* drumsticks to show-off a few weeks ago to the kids.Soon after,another took out his drumsticks as well & played a few short rhythms to me!LOL!Tat was just amazing!He became my teacher,instead!hahah!And,wat is more interesting is that I deeply admire those who takes the initiative to pick up an instrument and learn it on his/her own.This boy,Joel,learnt the percussions by hearing.
It goes to show,how much a teacher can spoon feed students and how depended we are,sometimes.I'm a perfect example of such a student.I cannot live without a teacher.hahahahaha!!!

My students-the sisters,haven't been attending class for past 2 weeks.But,good news......!!PK,PT AND Pei Jinl will be coming for replacement class this wed!Looking forward.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


:) to Harlini,for bringing me smiles,joy & laughter.Giggles & ticklish moments.Relaxation,and just the fact that we're sitting together chatting doing something or nothing.There were 4 of us,me & MY,Harlini & WLing.

It's really to my surprise how this place is like.It's like where I live!Nope,the gals don't queue up on one lane and the guys another.Nope,they're not really conservative...cmon,in KB Mall,there's always occassional someone wearing spagetti,halter tops.(so far,in 2 days,didn't see anyone in tubes,though!lol!)

Mm.The "pantai cinta berahi"?! also known as "pantai cahaya bulan" now,...nice view.I've always liked the beach.Just like the penang trip,just to go to the beach.kekeek.
The fried prawns(huge!)& fried crabs looks really really delicious.Sigh!I tried to restrict myself from eating outside food (due to the typhoid outbreak in this place,causing my mom to worry like anything!!)...but..hehehe...the cold honeydew+carrot is -wow-.And,the mihun something something.

Anyway,the best is being in Harlinie's hse,eating kuaci,marking her students' papers..*hahah!*learnt bit of english-noun,adverb,adjectives,verb-so unheard of for so long!Read some informative books as well! *wink!* :)

To be honest,I was pretty restless,coz I have never stayed home for such a long time.So,sitting down,watching TV and chatting is something I have not done for quite some time.(omit the FREQUENT outings for mamak!lol!)

Okay,no time now.Time to teach.Looking forward to meeting the sisters later on.I wonder how LPJ is progressing in the hospital.Today?Teach,percussions practice,later on,the orphanage.Tomorrow's a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keke.

I'm such lazy person. ^_^
*hugz to you*

Monday, April 18, 2005

Emergency ward

I remember when I was in my teens,there was an incident which happened during camp where I was one of the committee.An incident which I will never forget.
Being one of the eldest in the camp,it was only right to oversee whatever activities held in camp.
One fine morning,a participant fell and hit his lower left side of his body(below the stomach)onto the water meter when he was running down a pretty steep slope.The cut was so deep,he was bleeding and one could see the whitish(probably bone)wound after the flesh.
I could remember the whole scene of the day.It was only me,him and the committee-in-charge of the activity to bring him to the clinic.From the clinic,the nurses took tests and found blood in his urine.The staff then,immediately wrote an urgent report and soon after instructed us to rush him into the emergency ward.There I was,in the ICU of the General Hospital for more than 5 hrs before the others arrrived.
From the clinic to-the tests to-the wheeling in into the x-ray room & later to-the ICU,it was a pretty eye-opening event.

Events which makes me value someone's life.Everyone's life.
This friend of mine,I'm sure it's deeply embedded in him the incident which happened so long ago.The chat that we had,as if there was no tomorrow. :)

I'm no good at handling deaths ah.
lollll/////bizzarrreeee entry.


Claude Debussy composes his pieces and do not title them.His standing?Well,he lets the player decide what the title of the piece should be.Only at the back page of the masterpiece,he writes the title in which he will "suggest" to the player if the player has no ideas.Learnt this from my ex-piano teacher.

If everything goes well,this week,I hope my arrangements and worries can be settled.I hope that things will go smoothly for me..all that I need to do will be done.I hope I make necessary preparations,both mentally and whatever physical belongings & needs are updated to my best ability.I wish there are answers to everything!But,then,it will be no fun!haha!So much to think about,just let it be!!!!!! smooth..hahha!Challenging!I danced till I have feet cramp!geez~!

...'when i was just a little girl.....i ask my mother..what will i be?..will i be pretty?will i be rich?here's what she said to me...que sera sera..Whatever will be will be..the future's not ours to see..que sera sera'....

My thoughts?undisclosed at the moment.Not until the right time comes.
Meanwhile: *hugz to ma and hugz to pa* it will never be enough.
I have two more days to the 'near end' of this phase.(omit me serving the 1 mth)Put it simply:I'm anxious,excited,worried,scared,sad,cannot let-go.
Going to kelantan!!!!!!On Wed night-Fri night.What I want to do there?Anything.

Met new friend in dance class.Nice gal.But could see she was bit disappointed coz I will only be in groove class and not moving on to the others.Joining activities allows me to meet ppl.I've met many ppl.
Yay!Been accepted to join People Outdoors again.

This entry is so random!lol.I've got something in mind now.will blog another one.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

blog for fun

common sense
commercial sense
gut feeling
yin & yang
no answers?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lee Pei Jinl

Went to the ICU just now.Thank you,dear guards and nurses who were lenient to me despite me trying to lie between being her 'sister','relative','auntie'and almost blurted out 'friend'(?!).I feel much better after seeing her.Only then,her dad introduced me to the nurses as PJ's teacher. :)

There were only 3 ICU children patients.Tubes running from her left arm,right arm and nose.(nurse was taking blood test from her toes).Chest,the thing u see on TV.(the one attached to the monitor).She is heavily drugged,juggling between reality and sleep,but managed to open her little eyes when her dad tells her I have come to visit.She wanted to complain about the pain and wanting to go home.

*tears welling*

Then,her dad says,'yes,so,u must co-operate with us okay?' Then,she dozed off to sleep a little.Nurses were telling me about how bad it was before and it's getting better now.I'm glad her dad looks okay,smiling,calm,and somewhat-happy with her condition today.A sign of relief.

I was trying to understand what he(PJ's dad) was telling me.My mandarin 'private-limited-company'so,not really sure what the whole thing is about.But,another vague relief is tat,probably it was caused by the new medication PJ is taking dispensed by a clinic in which her body cannot withstand.A slight relief because,phew,it's not hereditry(spelling wrong?!).His dad checked,he has no diabetes.
This means the other sisters(i teach 3 siblings out of 4,youngest,being,newborn 1-2mths back)are okay!!(i presume her mom checked too...I hope!!)

On a separate note:a chat with mom and she just mentioned to me that although she admires and looks up to monks and nun,somehow,reminded me not to be a nun.She could sense?
maybe not now. :)

I'll see you for class soon,yah,Pei Jinl?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Can I c U?
*heart aches a little*
My student has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit since last sunday.She has somewhat,been diagnosed with diabetes.Still unconscious,with an oxygen mask on.Just a few hours ago,she has been declared stable and will remove the mask tomorrow.
Here I am typing and thinking;hospital;yea;so-n-so;diabetes;yea;normal.heard of all these before.
But,Lee Pei Jinl....she is only 6 yrs old.
She is my dear kid who tells me that she will beat me up if I no longer teach her.She is my dear kid whom I have just talked to last week.Diabetes,her?!no way.
Went to GH just now with my friend but we were not allowed into the children's ICU.
Maybe tomorrow.
Her mom sounds so depressed,her dad too.I pray they go through this period with a strong heart.If there's anything I can do to help...
Mrs Lee says there was at one time where the doctor mentioned that it could affect the gal's brain.

Pls pray for her.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Blank Page

First thing I see: Blank page.Mind blank?Itchy fingers.
Today,I have enrolled myself for GROOVE dance.Whippee.It's not easy.....and so much more challenging than line dance.The way your hands move,head,weight shift,bounce, etc.It's also somewhat,quite pressurizing coz the teacher is SOOOOOOO critical about movement,postures,etc etc!(and she screams!)And my peers...well,I feel old(er!).Hhaha!!They,also,have already gone for a course on hip hop!!
But,I'm enjoying everything about the dance.kekeke.Too bad I'll miss the assessment.Don't mind taking an exam.(boy,do i love exams)

Ahh.... i'll be janet jackson for a while.haahhaha!!!

Oh,someone(Ad) gave me an idea on wat I have been thinking about & to blog it in.

Well,ppl talk about grounding=settling=down-to-earth=real=practical (well,this is how I associate the words together.Not everyone sees it this way,I know).
Then,there's another group (my groupies..hahah) who talks about dream=thoughts=possibilities=abstract=intangibles=feelings

And,funny,it seems,coz as we grow older(not grow up),expectations of moving on from second category to first category increases.Why ah?I think,it's best to have balance from the two.Bit of both to make one sane.Ah, crappy.

I've got a questionaire to do(sorry la!!)..better hand up my assignment.kekekeke.
Will talk bout the questionnaire(can I?)later-relating to music.

What do u's not blank page anymore.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Just have this sudden urge to blog.Couldn't enter my stuffs into blogspot these few days,dunno why.
Thx,Ms Ho(ho Ho Ho!)for lovely dinner.Although,I was initially reluctant coz I was sleepy,but if not today,when,huh?:) Thx again.She talked about many things and gave me insight to how tough life is.Not tat I don't know,but,reminded me,somehow.
It's really not easy.
We all have to go though life,hard or easy.Some,will have better on this,but lack of tat.Some will have "extras" compared to another.I can and shouldn't ever EVER compare.But,again,everyone does.
She tells me things about diseases and how she & the ppl around her dies of such-n-such disease.How it all started and how quickly/lenghty it took before the final breath.I suddenly realize that I'm living as though I know no end.What if I died tomorrow?
I want to say,I love you & care.Everyone.
So many ppl I think about.But,I am only 1 person and like everyone else,just trying to make ends meet.It's not easy.Everyone is not taking it easy.Tough.
diabetes,parkinson,gout,hepatitis B,heart failure/attack,.....
which one I'll end up with?
while i'm living,may i continue to make this life 'not mine'.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


A week have passed since the last blog.Don't really know what to blog anymore.Actually,more of,selective typing.Non-free flow.Yesterday was,somewhat,a good meetup but definitely,a tiring one.Eppy BuRpDaY!

Smiles. smiles!Thought flow:thinking of percussion ensemble yesterday.kewl man!Thx so much for having me in the group despite me not being a teacher anymore by june.Thx Sandra!I'm gonna perform!!!! Drums-teacher's performance.I got the 'off/upbeat'part.So,it's scary....I miss cue sometimes.

Rumah Hope-it's like,I want to go but I'm leaving,so,it won't be nice to commit halfway?Children/teenagers need consistency of care.It's not like,one day,HI,then,next day,BYE.It takes me a year-two of weekly commitment with my music kids(^-^)to get them accustomed with me.But,I wanna go.LOL.

^-^.Coming week schedule.*Brrrr*I've gotta stop giving replacement classes & take a break.Think this is wat annoys other teachers.Students/Parents being irresponsible and the teacher has to overcommit his/her time.Not fair.AT ALL.

Yay.Finished my work-montkiara client.Been bugging me for past 3 weeks.I'M SO GLAD I DID IT!yay.Finishing touches tomorrow!April's here,2 ol' colleagues no more around.I'm learning at accellerated rate in this field.Excellent.Tough,but excellent.
(keke..i say this coz work is done..haha...and complain when i'm stucked..hahahah)

Sometimes, cannot believe I'm leading such a life.Me=accounting?!unbelievable sometimes.APRIL 22-I'LL SLEEP WHOLE