Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dear Blig2

Mm..while I'm still here-waiting,I may as well blig another blog.Corny.


I made a new friend last weekend.She is a wonderful person.Quiet,knowledgeable,intelligent and polite in her conduct.We share one common thing- interest in the Dhamma. I s'pose,she practices dana like breathing,at least,that's the perception she has given me! lol. Me?I talk about it(the Dhamma) and nothing more-unfortunately.

The only thing is,her quietness.Oh NO!Another one?Sigh.Having ML n MY to deal with is enough already!lol.. hehe.I guess,my mission in life is to 'break the silence'! Not really good. Not good at all. Awww, I want to have a turn to be the quiet one..HAHAHA!

Well, the deal is,I will have a friend who wants to go to Wbton once a while for meditation/dana/dhamma talk.Kewl! Dlpa,thx. After settling all my errands,that is.Cuzzie coming,cuzzie coming....yay yay.

Dear Blig

Dear Blig-

Sitting here-waiting.Waiting for what?Oh,numerous things- waiting for something 'big' to happen.Waiting for her(cuzzie) to arrive.Waiting for him(Nl) to return.Waiting for the next event.Waiting for me to finish eating my brekkie.

Now,I do find some little truth in the saying-the less you have to do,the more you discover.And,I realize that,the growing need for meditation and to calm the mind.This mind in me surely monkeys around too much.Even as I type,I'm just 'creating' something to say.In fact,actually-I've got none.

I'm so glad I brought that thick Dhamma book home with me.Heavy-but,my precious gem.If my house were to plunder/flood/burnt/watever disaster that may happen,I will-take with me,a puja book.

"I looked at my brother with the Microscope of Criticism.And I said 'How coarse my brother is!" "I looked at my him through the Telescopeof Scorn.And I said 'How small my brother is!" "Then I looked in the Mirror of Truth. And I said, 'How like me my brother is!"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What is Love?

Dearest Journal,

I have just watched a German love story- which is very thought provoking. Sorry-in advance,I did not catch the title of the movie but aired on SBS approx 930pm -11.50pm 17th Jan 2007. Google the channel guideline and I'm sure the title will be there.

At the beginning,it started off by introducing one loving young couple,of course, madly in love. Cecilia & Joachim. The following scene showed Joachim kissing Cecilia in the car before departing to -work,i think. (Then,came the rude shock-which got me watching the whole movie thereafter). As Joachim opened the door and walked out, from nowhere, came this fast car which hit him. It was Marie and her daughter, Sphine in the other car.

It goes like this, in short, Marie's husband, .......

Filmmaker Susanne Bier, working with the Dogma rules of filmmaking, explores the human condition when faced with a tragic accident. Cecilie (Sonja Richter) and Joachim (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) are desperately in love with each other. However, a tragic accident occurs and Cecilie is left devastated when Joachim is seriously injured in a car accident and is paralysed from the waist down. Grief stricken and lonely, she begins an affair with Niels (Mads Mikkelsen, Unit One), a doctor at the hospital where Joachim is being treated. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Niels' wife Marie (Paprika Steen) was the driver that caused the accident in the first place. This film was a festival hit and it received several awards at the 2003 Robert Festival. It also won the International Critics' Award at the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival. Also stars Stine Bjerregaard. (From Denmark, in Danish, English subtitles) (Drama) (2002) MA (L,S,A) WS
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1)First correction - not german movie- but a danish movie
2)Second correction - Joachim wasn't injured waist down in the movie- but neck down

The most unfortunate thing is that- neither party is wrong. There isn't such thing call right or wrong. Human emotions can play one out - unknowingly. That's damn scary...

U think you love me.............but when reality and circumstances kick in, love is not that straightforward anymore.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Home Alone

Home alone- not exactly home alone either. Got myself socializing the weekend and before you know it - it's time to sleep!

Lalalala ....
I like the sri lankan senior citizen's gathering. They can really dance and sing! Such lively group of oldies..yet, dance, laugh, enjoy the morning and simply having a great time. Excellent. Sadhu.

Mrs K, may you be well n happy.
Idam me natinam hotu, sukhita hontu natayo
Idam me natinam hotu, sukhita hontu natayo
Idam me natinam hotu, sukhita hontu natayo

May all who sends merits to you, be blessed as well, for their kindness and compassion,namely -Mr K.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ahhh.... comfortable home no.2?

Home no.1? or Home no.2? Now, I don't know how to rate it.
But- in short- it's good to be back.(Referring to both places!hahah!)

I need to sleep. Tomorrow- back to being busy busy busy. Although it's 1am here- it's actually '10pm'!!No wonder I cannot sleep.Oh boy-tomorrow is an early thing for me.Hope it turned out well.Work -BRING IT ON!

Dear Blig (and friends)

From the bottom of my heart,I wld like to say thank you and sorry to all my friends.They have been so accommodating,enthusiastic and excited over my presence but as for me,I reiterate with a warm,bland,smile. How wrong! I have been truly touched by the gestures- and realized that I have missed the feeling so much, that I have even forgotten how it felt like to be the Songie a year and a half ago. But all good fun. ^-^

I'm also sorry for the friends whom I wasn't able to meet or meet 'more than once'. There's always someone for a day/couple of hrs but I can only spare that much. Nothing more. Because I- by the end of the day, need time for my family and the time spent for them is never enough.

Of course, a large parcel of the time is spent for myself.Me, I and myself. Greedy me. Doing what? Nothing. LOL. Absolutely nothing. Sleeping in, watching tv and bumming around. LUXURY!!

Okay- shall have more blogs to come these few days. The evenings will be longer and quieter without NL n ppl ard.