Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chi Kek!!

Hahahah!! Yesterday night's dinner was 4 spicy dishes...and now,more than 12 hrs later, stomach feeling so so funny.

SzeChuan/SiChuan Dinner@CorrsLane Melb City
This is NOT the dish..this is actually the garnish,mountainful of chillies-it's chicken pieces hiding beneath it which we ought to eating.In the beginning,I took the chillies out into a bowl so that we could find the chicken pieces..then I realize,it's better to just take the chicken out instead.

I had a great time!BY,VRN,MBL,ALX!!!
Now..back to the loo..HAHHAHA...

Monday, October 23, 2006


Dear dear,

What have I done? What have I said? What should I do?

I have now become somewhat a writer mode rather than blogger mode. Irritating. What happened to my .. well, what happened to me? Perhaps, I have somewhat wanting some kind of 'privacy'..but what is there to hide anyway? My life 'used to be' an open book.

Mmm. .maybe this means growing up? Maybe this means growing old? Maybe this means, I need something else to occupy my mind before I bore myself out.

This goes to show that my thoughtflow is pretty crap right now. Totally. How to sort this out? Okay, lets just relax. ANd: Count my blessings.

1) People around me...all the time, all my life.
2) Healthy body.- Able to dance, bend, stretch, accommodate my frequent cravings for food...
3) The place where I am - activities waiting for me to participate in; people waiting for me to meet. ie, latin jazz last sat,friends coming friday.
4) Wonderful wonderful, excellent housemate that I have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.... one who is able to tolerate my behaviour, mood swings, incessant chatters.... bouts of temporary insanity. Thanks for being my best friend and family.
5) My healthy family...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To blog or not to blog?

Staring at this site,then said, ah, why not?
Nothing much to say actually. Not much observation,unfortunately. Just plain,living-breathing-eating-day-dreaming.

Got a really hectic week at work this week.I like!Hopefully,it increases in the future.
Another thing,if I were to take up this 'new' assignment,I would then have had the opportunity to tutor accounting students uni year 2. *Gulp* Not too sure yet.Need to study.Can't wait for next year so that I can get myself enrolled in studying again.My brains are starting to rot at the moment.

These few days,been thinking about ppl back home,especially friends.How lucky I have been,to be able to know so so SO SO many friends-close at heart.How lucky,now,too,that I have the opportunity to detach myself from familiar faces & be able to think-outside-the-box.That things can be different & not the norm.

1) Hike,hike,hike then breathe in the fresh air,and then take things slow.
2) Just DO it.
3) Ahhh!! *while extending both arms out with a contented feeling*
4) Re-charging battery for 2007

I guess-after gathering info,digest and waiting for the 'excretion' process...I realize there's nothing to excrete.All info were good stuff,absorbed into the body and up to the brain/heart(whichever you think is more important).So, enough about observation,analysis and finding-I learn to just plainly -chew and eat. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Weeklong of events.Just too much. But,I survived it.Work responsibilities increasing...good for me,supposed to be good for others.Don't know how others are taking it...if I say I don't care,it's not true.I do care.Sometimes,it's very interesting to watch ppl's behaviour.At work,some do compete with work load.I admit,me too...because I don't like to sit on the same ol thing for too long without moving on and given larger responsibilities.Unfortunately,others look with envy...and if I were in the other person's shoe..I would react the same.

Interesting huh? Some,compete for job title, some compete for salary package and I,compete for workload.

On a separate note:
May I go through today peacefully and confidently.May everything go smoothly and that I learn to be more attentive,careful and sensitive. Sometimes, I wonder,why do I get myself into this..but...I'm sure there's a reason to this and I am about to find out when I get home.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Listening to: Nick Mancuso;Night Magic
Eating: Lindt in my mouthhh..
Blog sthing.Think hard.Think real hard.

Okay. Miscellaneous piccies then.
1) Tulip Farm:Go on!drown amongst these sea of tulips..

2) Heasville Sanctuary: Animal's sanctuary.What are we doing there then?lol

Saturday, October 07, 2006

No title


Been reading lots of blogs today and surfed the friendster website.Gosh,long lost friends-unbelievable changes.Didn't surf much actually,just caught up with 2 friends.Wow.Amazing changes.Age >22-current;significant changes in ones' life.Or am I just saying this coz it's current for me?Perhaps,when I reach 40,I would say that,steep changes continue on as well.

I have always been amazed with different types of ppl and lives.Patkua?Mm.I like to observe and then analyze.Scary huh.Who likes to be an object of scrutinised investigation?Except maybe for,celebreties-(mm,have never gotten the spelling of this word..watz the noun,the verb?the spelling itself?)Too lazy to google it out.

Been lost for words lately.Absorbing information,and pulling it apart.Absorb,digest,excrete.It's the excretion part that has some problems...can't churn out.Indigestion,

Also,days of grey-ness.I wake up calm,go to work,yknow,circus around with the other exhibits,then come home and do what a normal person does..and this goes on the following day.Is this a good thing or a bad thing?That life is calm? :) *just smile.

Have got some errands to run but putting that aside to float amist the greyish pasteurs...being very poetic today.

To me,reading thoughts is so much more entertaining than tv.Much more challenging than pre-packaged information out from that square box.Questionable and ...haha..ponderable.(Being a good Msian,mangli-nise everything.)

Am aware of this change in me.Waiting for the -end product from the digestion.Before I go to the loo to obtain my findings.

Boy,this is a gross entry.Where did I get the inspiration from?!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sudden thoughts

I'm honest in this blog, am honest to myself, live up to my own expectation and have a clear conscience in my actions so far. *SADHU*

I love bus rides.A commendable culture over here...whereby the young give up their seats for the elderly,expectant mothers and disabled. *SADHU*

This morning,a lady came running towards the bus,panting away:
Lady: Mr Bus driver, can you please wait for a while,my mom cannot run that fast
Bus Driver: Uh huh. Sure do~
Lady: Thank you ^^^
Bus Driver: *looks at old lady*
Bus Driver: the only reason why I'm waiting for her is coz her long walking stick.
Lady: *huh?*
Bus Driver: I don't wanna get beatened up by that....

*LOL!!....most times, blokes here have a very sarcastic sense of humour!!!!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA..! Brightened up my day....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rant Away2

Dearest Journal,

I had such an exciting weekend.One of it was friday night when I went out with a ex-colleague who is such a gentleman!!He opens the door and closes the door for me..*blush!How sweet!Then,took me out for dinner at a chinese restaurant and had such a wonderful time chatting.Aww..sweet dear ol 60+-70+yr old friend. ^-^ hehe!Truly another father figure.Brought me my fav collection of classical music..listening to russian composers atm.Hugz to u tny.Thx for being such a pal.


Beautiful weather lately.For the past 2 weeks,it feels wonderful to be out in the sun and doing stuffs.