Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sungguh tak tersangka......

= Unsangkareable!!!!!

AHAHAHA..thx Lini!unsangkareable.....hahahh..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thesis Proposal

My thesis proposal at:

Yesterday's Agenda:Listening test on 20th and 21st century composers, 2hr test
Today's Agenda: To submit 1000 word introduction on ethnomusicology-Bela Bartok(Total 11,000 word)

Songie strikes back!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Dearest Blog,

Sunday morning.I've gotta get my steerings right again.Been slacking a lot.Heaps lot.Not as focused as before.I like Bela Bartok but not reading it.

*went for a 3 round walk* (well,at least a start!-then came back and gorged in ricebubbles n milk--slaps forehead)

NL-My hsemate
He brought me to the hospital school to have a look after grocery shopping.Wow.How does it feel like to be put under pressure-to save lives-and do that for a living?*Shudders at the thought*Total respect man. *Sadhu!*There,in the library-Chinese doctors wanting to practice here in Aus,studying and discussing-whoh.Deeply inspiring- to see someone diligently studying and learning-to serve and help others.I think,it's a privilege to be given the opportunity to study medicine.(Actually,I don't 'think',it's a fact.)So,to stay w someone who studies all the time-most times,I feel really guilty if I don't do something useful! lol!!! :)
Great motivation,huh?(undue influence)

IMN boy!

I gtg- Mr K's place
Oh yea:Got me thinking-I nearly killed NL n myself on sat.Left the gas on-how serious is that??U won't see me blogging anymore if it wasn't for him-to go to the kitchen for a snack.Where is/was my mind??

Friday, April 21, 2006


Listening to:David Foster

1)Cl's visit fr Adld.Talktalktalk...he says I talked non-stop.nyek!But I am so happy2b able to see a familiar face I know from Home. :) :) That kind of familiarity makes me wanna dance n sing!I really appreciate ----your thoughtfulness---

yknow, u don't know how important familiar ppl means to you until u don't see em' for a long long time. ie,family,siblings, friends,familiar food,familiar roads...nostalgic me? yea,perhaps. But,I can't help it. All things new don't excite me that much anymore.....

2)My last day of work will be on the 15th May.I have mixed emotions towards this.Partly happy,partly sad.Probably coz I'm really attached to all the lovely ppl I have met at work and they truely truely care for me.(not all,but those few..enough to move me to tears)4 months I've been in 15thMay-5 months!!wow.almost half a year. :) Today,the CEO wrote me a personal thank-u note for the 'small research' I did for him.But with this,I know my capabilities n I know I can do so much more for a's just the change that wears me down....but who can stop change?

3)fATter.I'm really fat now.Whenever I'm upset or anything,I just down it with food.Upsetting.Need to do something about this.

4)Pa's really happy,I'm really proud.He got GRAND PRIZE for karaoke!!!! waliao!He sings michael learns to rock even better than ' ..better than...those ppl in!

My mind is always jumping from one place to another.Worries about this n that n this n that.....I'm sometimes frustrated coz I cannot tone/tame it down.Lucky thing for blog.


Changes changes changes -okAY! I'll blog today- Ms Ho's idea.

Okay,what I miss in Msia ya
I miss- my parents but mom n dad are doing really well,so,it's good that I'm not around too.

I miss-my friends. To be able to go out anytime-in the car that I drive at home(thx to dad)and go out anytime

I miss-Rmh Hope,well,not really,but the kids I fondly remember. :)

I miss-all ALL MY STUDENTS from Tchncs n Ymh.Miss them all.I realize,communication is so so much easier at home(as compared to my students here)...and they are simply adorable.PKPTPJ-The 3 sisters..I wonder how are a yr have passed.I hope the kids are smiling again.***loads of hugz(n kisses) to them***

I miss-koayteow.Speaking of koay- n ms quay2!!lol!n ml,n jo, hlini..aiyah..all my close buddies.

Monday, April 17, 2006


:) Had a gathering of steamboat yesterday. Groupies again!!Finally!

ALX,SF,KW,NL,SH :) Thanks for coming and I had a really good time, don't know about you!

This is a lovely 4 day holiday for me.All I can think of is AMEB,ABRSM,Bela Bartok,Essay essay essay!!! whoh!! My thesis proposal will be posted in songiemusic blog.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Blog oh Blog!My Refuge!

Rant away..type away....think away! I dont' care what you think anymore!

Many things in my head right now.Not in particular order but am in the postgrad room,with own printer(there's only me n another lady)..and I love mondays!This is the day when I am comfortably ME!Reorganize myself-dwelve into the world of music and plan for the week ahead. :)

What does it take to be in a relationship?Is it all happiness?Confusion and attachment is more likely.How pessimistic to think of it that way but I believe,to some extent,there is some truth in that statement.Do I really want to be single all my life?Do I really want to get myself into one?Why am I occupying my thoughts on such crappy thoughts?I guess such questions may pop up once in a while in my head and I am,after all, a person, too.

I have a presentation coming up soon-in a couple of hours' time.All prepared actually.Spent the whole day on this-500 word essay,listening to the 4 movements of his Piano Sonata #2 and work on the 3 slides presentation on Darius Milhaud.(pronounced as Darius-mee-oh).Now,moving on to my 300word essay(critical annotation) on Schubert-'Piano four hands:Schubert and the performance of gay male desire'.Don't ask.After this essay,should work on my thesis proposal (500word) and my Bela Bartok essay-(don't ask,how many words...) many words....... *gulp*

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Day in Day out Day in Day out

Slept 9 hrs yesterday-sure was lazy.I'm like tat sometimes-when there are just TOO many things to do,I just sleep.Especially during exam period...even worse.I guess it's just overwhelming to think that I have things to do day in day out.But-all is good.Always say:Work is good,work is good, eh my? :) Like wat MY's grandma's wise word yea:no work,no money.hahaha! Hit straight to the heart man.

I've got an extension for my essay-which means it is only due 23rd June.Which also means-can I go home by then?Maybe not?The more important question is;how much can I save without going home...mind u,I have been talking about going back since December.So,juggling this question-

I also realize that my form of writing ought to change.Although I was able to express myself as best I could,earlier, but it was in a Msian way and my lecturers simply couldn't understand my manglish.Now,I need to form my words in a much more proper manner-but yet,maintain originality of thought?This semester is tough...pondering...

Sri Lankan Cultural Dance

Went for a Sri Lankan cultural performance on Sunday in the Hall in Uni(organized by the SriLankan Cultural Society of Vic s'thing like tat).Mr&MrsK got me complimentary tickets and little did I know,I was one of the VIPs there as well.Lucky thing I wore my punjabi suit(light yellow one).So,during the intermission,there was this part where we went on stage(backstage actually) to have some sort of 'refreshments'.The whole dance lasted 3 hrs.Pretty lengthy.My hsemate,NL,went for the cultural dance thingy as well.Geez,talk about coincidence.On top of that,he went with a gang of friends.

I had to rush from my day trip to Bodhivana(forest monastery)earlier that morning.Not rush actually,but,I spent a great amount of time getting to the monastery and the journey back,stop over the creek,which was simply-breathtaking. think back,yea,I had a pretty interesting SUndAY. :) :)

It's getting colder this week-weather change-probably moodchange as well.Somehow or rather,I'm a bit lazy to get out of bed-to work's only Thursday!And blogging to -whinge!lol!


Saturday, April 01, 2006


Okay.I'll finally blog.Not exactly sure wat I wanna say,no topic in particular.(Mm.I wonder if there are any suggestions)....

Actually,nowadays,I just do my thang and move on.I don't 'think' that much no more.So,result?Don't know what to say!For example: I wake up early to work.At work,I am a very kiasu person,which means,I don't have time to have 'conversations' and stuff,because I just work,work and work!Being in the position where I am right now,I feel privileged for the opportunity to learn-tremendous.And when I say opportunity,no kidding.Snapshot:I am allowed to work my way like an 'auditor',asking ppl's job scope to draw out the work process for the firm(and identify area of improvement).Given the access to the system to do analytical work on inventory level(on the broadest scope to its very downright nitty gritty) and reporting.In the coming week,involved in purchasing,implementation of their structural change as well.Many more.I just feel that I cannot ask for more.This is a heavenly workplace for me to learn--and deeply inspire me to be a management accountant in the future.I am just -SADHU!!for this la!hahha!Gives me a sense of dignity and that my work is valued-- so.... aww..finally.How long will this enjoyment last?

Mm-- My mobile phone is almost dead now.I can only send sms.Chat?if it' only one way conversation yes---I think the mobile phone realized that I talk too much.So,must train me to listen more.^-^

Next: my grammar is bad.I'm getting fatter.I'm enjoying music!!Freaky musicology class-but am learning learning and learning.Now,I'm getting the hang of music theorists and the IMPORTANCE of music analysis.Cool-adrenalin rush,heart pumping hard.Keywords:Postmodernism,research methods,musicology,neo-classicism,serialism,modernism,decentralization,tonality,
atonality...fuih.Bombastic bombastic mr bOmBAStic!

Music: I was given new group theory class grade 4 the other day and had a teacher 'sit in' to listen to my class.Flattery..haha!For now,Grade 1-4,I'm OKAY OKAY.Grade 5-6,ON THE WAY.Grade 7-8,NO WAY!
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY. :) Huggies to all.