Thursday, April 15, 2010


Being on vacation is:

Being with great company
Doing something beneficial & meaningful while you're there
Sight seeing only when the travel company agrees as well,to what you're all(both)doing
Enjoy with no worries in the world :)
Relaxing, sipping cuppa in the balcony, enjoying the hours pass by (and not be rushed to do anything else!!)
Late mornings, late nights..hehe
Learn-to-spend (more than usual)and be glad of it because it is worth it

Eating popTaRts! yumm
Away from the usual....sometimes, the body cannot cope,but, ah, that's the unusual. haha.

oopss..time to head off.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Viva Las Vegas~~


I think the title itself tells the whole story. Ah, wonderful, interesting, thought provoking place. Mm. In the middle of the dessert, 2 million people stucked in this place. I wonder why. Again, like what they say, they don't call this place Sin-city for nothing. :) Well, that's according to my sis.

Anyway, after such a long, gruesome journey,I'm finally here and mouth agape, I see everything at a multiple of 100 in size. So different from what I am accustomed to. Pretty eye-opening. The extravaganza extraordinaire. Each hotel is the size of Chadstone and there are so many of them. Casinos after casinos, shows galore -surely, the entertainment industry at its very best.

I'm glad the weekend of dazzling lights and heights of 4000ft above water level in a shaky,shaky helicopter, is over. Fun, it was! But also glad I have my much needed rest. Most importantly, I have managed to find my balance once again.haha! The Libran speaking.I was tipped over, I must say.The Grand Canyon, we did it. Such a wondrous place, no wonder it is one of the Wonders of the World. I particularly enjoyed the view of the Hoover Dam. Breathtaking, not to mention, neausea filled experience.

That's all for now. Signing off. And where is that fortune teller who says that I will be travelling quite a fair bit... lil does she know, I could never have imagined it myself!


Sunday, April 04, 2010


Dear Blig,

I managed to walk the dogs today-on my own! The 27kg on my right and the 42kg on my left.Not to mention, trying relentlessly to pull back a whole mass of muscles!But I think I did well, got them off right at the start, firmly pulling the leash tightly next to me, side by side. Nope,I did not let them overpower me... I must say, it was a struggle in the beginning but, Sumo knows who's boss (but unfortunately,he also knows that he can pull me off the ground!) and I managed to hold the reins as firmly as I could! We did a full lap, and thank goodness, there weren't any other dogs in sight and the three of us,did a brisk walk and back home again. :) Their mood seems better now after the walk- uplifted and happy. :)

My next challenge would be on Tuesday. Still undecided, if I should take 2 dogs for a swim or just the big boy.I think I will take the two.

Yknow, the beautiful thing is, I feel very secure with the dogs around. :) They guard me with their life,so to speak. The sweet thing is,they are very loving....and for a person who has never truly been acquainted with dogs at such an level,it is quite heartwarming. Now I can understand why J finds it hard to leave the dogs for a period of time.....

Also, I have been doing a lot of cleaning.:) More cleaning to come!