Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sydney-Sunnataram & Santi

Santi & Sunnataram Sydney Trip 22-23rd Dec

Dearest Blig-

Sunnataram Pictures
I shall let the pictures talk. It's a pity, we had no camera, we had to borrow/pinjam from visitors! So, I dared not take too many pics. I am sorry, I did not take a picture of Phra Mana.

Santi Pictures-
N/A - As mentioned above, we went to Sydney without camera. :( We used Dlpa's mobile phone to take pictures of the waterfall and pics with Ayya, but... she has trouble getting it onto comp. So, most unfortunate, unable to take pics with Ajahn Sujato and Ayya (Bhikkuni Jagariya)

Thanks to Ayya, she brought us to the caves, waterfall, magnificent view.We went with the intention of meeting a Sri Lankan recently ordained nun, but we bumped into Ayya Jagariya, Malaysian nun. I just couldn't believe it. Theravadan practicing nun? Practicing the forest tradition? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Inspiring, Inspiring, Inspiring.

Warburton Pictures - (Kathina, Nov 07), with Cuzzie,Mch,Lsa

Offering of robes to the monk after completing exam peacefully and obtaining excellent results! Ahh..I miss Wabbie's vegie burger!

Tat's all for today. Tomorrow going up to Waburton. Casual visit. My happiness no.2 -Buddhism, oh-so-satisfying :) :)

Happiness no.1 - Music, Happiness no.2 - Buddhism, Happiness no.3 -Work and Teaching


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sydney-Sunnataram & Santi

Just Back from trip.



Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Dearie Blig,

I thought I shld write something in here today. Was a bit hesitant, but I guess, this is, afterall, my everyday thoughts and I just want to be true to myself.

I'm going to Sydney this weekend,taking a flight at 7am, arrive Syd at 830,drive for 2hrs to the forest monastery and meditate. (Ma, before you freak out, it's all safe, all organized, all planned and all paid for. And most importantly, this is a VISIT, not a one way ticket to the monastery) Thought I shld type this out too, just in case she is reading.

Anyway- to be honest, I feel that the stay shld be longer and am still quite agitated that it's not. But, it's bizarre, coz I get this opportunity to do something as crazy as this!In the past,I used to wonder if I shld visit a nunnery- especially the one in Perth, where Ajahn Brahm's place is. But, now, in reality, I'm going to Ajahn Sujato's place in Sydney.And, ladies gets ordained there as well. Awesome.

Now, this trip means a lot to me.(Although, my discipline in food intake and meditation practice this week, is disgraceful). I tried to eat more during lunchtime and reduce for dinner time. And intended to practice meditating...but fail terribly despite an excellent first attempt few days ago. It goes to show, my practice level/discipline is just embarassing.How can I call myself a practicing Buddhist, when I don't practice as often as I should?? Tat's why I call myself Buddhist wannabe....

Anyway- cut the crap.
May our journey be safe. May we be able to meditate and practice peacefully.May we be able to share merits with those in need, and inspire those who seeks inspiration. Hopefully, our trip brings fruitful returns.'s 2 days away now!! I can't belive it. I've been raving about this for almost 2 weeks.
Most important- be safe, stay safe and have a good trip. ;) (Visiting here) (Staying here)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Opera -Don Giovanni

Composer: Mozart, 1787, Age: 30

Quick entry:

Part one,very exciting and interesting. The cast played their role extremely well, voice is superb, the storyline, upbeat. ^-^ Love it! Now I find, that operas keep one awake.....much more awake than orchestral works! But, I still find orchestral work more subtle and sensitive, resounds deep within. Whilst, operas are much more loud-in-your-face, like watching a movie. The plot, the facial expression, the costumes, backdrops, ..everything into play. Operas, much more demanding because the vocal work required, astounding. Simply no joke.

There. 3 hr experience. No wonder it's addictive these sort of things. No wonder it costs a bomb to listen to. Yet, I am drawn to the very concept of expression. Sound expression, much less visual. TV, Imax, Surround sound digital movies-they're all good....but somehow, these attract me more. Expensive hobby, this thing.

I wasn't as impressed with the ballet I went 5 mths ago. I had missed the chance to blog about that, but perhaps, it's BECAUSE I wasn't as impressed, I did not feel the urge to comment, then.

Anyway- time to zzz. Safe Journey Png.
Sign off.Over n out.


Saturday, December 08, 2007


Dearie Blig,

Firstly, ma took to heart the "wifes/husbands diary" entry,thinking it was mine!Gosh!No was a JOKE! This further proves how women put things into their head and makes it turn like a washing machine. Very unnecessary!!

My final exam result was sweet! :D Distinction never did occured to me whatsoever, considering the fact that the exam wasn't music oriented. However, it goes to show,hard work does pay off..and it also shows how much I had not studied last time when I was back home. Thinking and saying I've studied is merely bluffing oneself into "believing" one has studied.When actual fact, real blood and sweat needs to be involved to accomplish something. Oh well, now that it's over, I feel as though my 2007 mission has been accomplished.I'm sure I did my parents proud ;)

Ah, now, the topic which I enjoy! hehe! Yesterday,I took in another new assignment.My new student is a grade 6 theory gal and I am requested to get her ready within 8 mths!! That's very difficult,because,
1)I expect her to do v.well, considering the fact that she scored 90+ for her grade 5, which in turn,puts tremendous pressure on me because it wasn't me who taught her the works of grade 5.(it was my friend who taught her) In short, I've gotta BUCK UP asap.
2)She is only 11 yrs old - I wonder if she will be able to answer those Q&As??
3)She has A LOT of things going on for her- namely,she is a violin grade 8er,piano grade 8er, and she's got her exams chucked next year as well. Crazy huh? (She's got 3 music teachers,btw- piano,violin, theory!!)

Somehow,I think her parents are strict and firm.Only parents like hers would be able to have children like her. Whether it's for the best or not,it's a very difficult question to answer.

Nevertheless,now that I've got my own exams out of the way,I'm able to concentrate on my music and music teaching 2008. Oh,I do want to be a good music teacher,and I feel immensely responsible if I do not produce results my students deserve.

I find my time very limited these days. Work takes up the full day and there's very little time to play.HAHA! Am I complaining? lol..considering the fact that I'm already very lucky than most. December is a rewarding period-and I think 2008 as well.

Holiday plans and CELEBRATION plans!!
1) Don Giovanni Opera on Tuesday with Naoko
2) Orchestra w Jonni
3) Sydney forest monastery trip 22-23rd Dec
4) Co Xmas lunch
5) Feb trip + KK trip & Gold Coast day trip!!
6) Myin May trip to mel!!!

Let's Parttyy!!! :)