Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Blig,

Today,I just want to type something,I know I have something 'deep' to say.

Today,I just felt inner confidence and peace within, despite 'turbulent' times.
If I think about it, turbulent isn't so much - just the fact that I expect a pay rise instead, I got greater workload. Today, I feel good because I made a point,irrespective of the consequences, I made a stand for myself. Although I did not win the fight,I made a point. The fact that I am paid lesser than my colleagues just because they can, doesn't mean that I agree to it. That is only because I had allowed the circumstance to happen by keeping quiet. It's also the reassurance I normally feel,just before I make another change in my life. That- this- is the cue, this is the cue saying: it's time for me to move on. :D That I have given my best, and the moment one crosses the line,and takes me for granted, it's time for me to move on-with no regrets.

I was horrified at first.Devastated,confused and miserable. But,then I look at Ajahn Chah's pic smiling, laughing, almost as though he is laughing at my pettiness.How on earth did I let myself succumb to the dollar value as a benchmark to my worth?Just because someone else is paid higher than me doesn't mean he/she is smarter/prettier/greater/worthier than I am! Nor lesser. We're all equals! Besides, what has happened to me, reinforces my conviction that they were biased to start with! There's always favouritsm, can't avoid that. Shldn't let that affect one!!Goes to show how the human race works,that's all. Such a relief.

NL,thx too-for being there for me. Did not abandon me but listened and try ur best to be there me despite 'turbulent' times.

How does one love an 'enemy'? Seems impossible, but u know, life is so short, how can one make enemy with ppl you only get to meet after such a long time?? (I bliv in rebirth) Besides, having affinity w someone is unfinished biz, whether good or bad, u've got affinity w someone, treasure it!

I'm feeling zen today. Good to be Zen.. distance urself from man made 'reality'. And see things as they truly are...chewah. I love my old blogs -inspiration to myself.

As for me, I've got seriously lots of affinity with many ppl....better not offend anybody..... too many unfinished business!! lol!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Newfound Happy Hepi

1) To buy a hi-fi set & to stack up collection of CDs..any suggestions?
2) Listening to Alicia MM!
3) Personal time :D
4) Cleaning, gardening, sweeping, washing, wiping- - -whilst listening to great music!
5) To buy a vacuum cleaner
5) Get a haircut/ new hairdo? New clothes
6) Read good books - currently reading: A class divided-Then and now, William Peters

Student's result:

Grade 6,Theory, AMEB
Q1 8/25 Fourpart Harmony
A v.sparce working,w many weak progressions & some incorrect order grping. Many faults in part writing & a bar that is often xxx & lacking in shape. Poor chord flow.Not up to std.

Q2 15/20 Two Part writing
Some suitable points of imitation in the opening & closing sections,though bars 5-7 failed off in rhythmic incorrect.The harmonic basis was mostly basis was mostly secure. Avoid the aug.2nd leap (5xxx) some incorrect xx stems

Q3 12/15 Creative
Mostly balanced.The Bb Major modulation in phrase 2 needs a clear cadence to xxx the key.Weak final cadence & some incorrect xx stems.

Q4 16/18 Set Work-Schubert 8th Symphony Bminor
A-tick B-i)tick ii)mostly accurate iii)horn in E(not D) iv-tick v-tick

Q5 11/14 Form
A- tick, B-tick C-i)confused,incorrect example ii)no example

Q6 8/8 Instruments
Total: 70/100 -PASS. (65-75pass, 75-85credit, >85honours)

Dear Ms/Mr examiner,
Thank you for your comment,however, it was short,sharp and not v.friendly.Bear in mind,this student is only 12 yrs of age.I cannot bliv she hardly scrap through 1st question,but did u notice that she breezes through the rest~ For a gal who got honours for her Gd8 piano exam, Credit for her Gd8 violin and on top of that,passes her Gd6 theory exam-all in a year,I consider that,v.impressive don't u think? Mind u,she also represents her school team in some competition. Unbelievable!

This is for you, Ms Anjie Wang! Well done.I'm v.proud of u

Whether kids shld be subjected to such kind of strict regime,I rather not comment.



Another year has passed. Another birthday had passed.

Oct 9 2008 - one day before the Black Friday,a day after Msia PM announced that he will not contest UMNO march election. The week the States suffered fallen share prices and created domino effect worldwide. The day I stood up in front of my manager and demanded for more responsibility,higher pay. The day I first received flowers at the start of work-at work,and after work-and a beautiful dinner to end with.A day where I felt so loved and remembered by so many friends, once more, never fails to warm my heart. Coz I'm such a terrible person when it comes to remembering bdays. A day when nothing else matters except just a personal goal to be happy-

Thank you Ma and Pa. For seeing me through all these years. Happy Birthday-ma and pa.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Graduation 25th Sept 08


Friday, October 03, 2008

Greener Pasture2

Blig again,

Am in such an uplifted mood,thought I will put in GP2.

1) Quilt exhibition w Cln and G/daughter

2) Pretty artistic pictures- excellent artist


Greener Pasture


I adopted Ms Ho's blog title as the title of my entry today. "Greener Pasture" because,it gives a really positive feel. A mix of hope and optimism. A pretty title. And if I immerse myself if this title, perhaps, I will grow into such a person (again).

Also, I thought I would post 3 blogs today, as I have 3 separate topics to talk about.
Maybe pictures will tell 'stories' all on it's own.

1) That's me on a red Korean costume

Someone actually thought I was Korean.I just thought I was a tomato. :D

2) Andrea Bocelli concert w JT

3) The Flying Dutchman - Wagner Opera, proudly sponsored by KPMG

Well, this aren't the three topics I wanted to talk about.haha! But stumbled across those pictures.May as well.... part of a greener pasture..... perhaps greener pasture2 will be coming soon...