Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quote: Mae Chee Kaew

"If you neglect to cultivate your inherent mindfulness and wisdom,striving only half-heartedly, the obstacles in your path will multiply until they block all sight of the way,leaving the end of the road forever in darkness" (Part2 -Renunciation)

A mind simplified and unified by samadhi becomes very deep,clear and powerful. Only by directing this focus to the practice of contemplation can true transcendent wisdom be attained. A profoundly insightful investigation of the body, feelings and the mind can uproot afflictions of craving, hatred and delusion, thus realizing the ephemeral and empty nature of all phenomena, eliminating craving and achieving freedom from the cycle of repeated birth and death. Concentration and wisdom must work together, propelling meditation towards its goal like the two wheels of a cart. The calm and concentration of samadhi enables wisdom to reach and remove deep-seated defilements through the use of specialized contemplative techniques. By uprooting these perversions, wisdom, in turn, deepens meditative calm. Thus concentration and wisdom work in tandem to guide the meditator along the Buddha's path to enlightenment. (MCK,pp.124)


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Note: To understand Dhammacakka & Dhammakuta further (to memorize and remember)

Current Musings: Mae Chee Kaew: Her Journey to Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment

Perhaps, this blog should be put to end?


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spring Clean Thinking

ARlooww ha! yee hah! (Means I'm better now)

Thanks M&FM for well wishes comment. I'm much better now thx. Pleasant surprise and thank you very much. I was bit surprised M, that I had given you my bloggie. Thanks for dropping by!

Current Amusement: Book entitled 'Tommy Tycho Story: Music, Maestro Please'
Quote of the day:
One branch of Zen Buddhism asserted that 'To do is to be'
Another branch replied, 'To be is to do'
Sinatra Buddhism says, 'Do Be Do Be Doo'

Teeheehee! ^-^

Recently, I have become a bit jaded with everything. I am not exactly sure if I can pinpoint the exact cause. "Everything" sounds about it. Perhaps, it's the accumulated experience, making everything feels bland and blase. Quote from Tommy Tycho: A lot of times this can happen when there is a sophisticated,bland,blase audience sitting there who have seen a million concerts and even more musicals. They come in,they've paid their money and they sit down with their arms folded; and their attitude implies,'Okay,you bas$%%#s;entertain me'.You see the boredom on their faces and that's when there is no buzz. It's not about the wealth of knowledge, but more about the lack of enthusiasm.

It's all the accumulation- we spend most of our lives accummulating, thinking we know more now, own more now, and we strive for better, life. Also, always doing things 'with value' and 'returns'. I've had a gutful of that.And when there are just the lack of enthusiasm to keep striving and achieving these stuff of so-called value, then what? Besides,what is a better life?!?!

It's a no wonder -Contentment is the highest blessing. It's like, I have to keep emptying the cup over and over. Mental cup. I'd like to "not know" so that I can learn again. I'd like to "not assume" so I can feel again.

Oh my!What a blog!