Sunday, July 30, 2006



:) Beautiful & calm life for me now.Sadhu!What else to say?Nothing much.Life is good to me-or rather,I'm leading a good life(chewah!)What will be,will be.Don't feel like blogging that much anymore-not here at least.Too exposed,probably.Too transparent,maybe.Used to say,who cares?Now,yea,I do care.

Involved in a fundraising charity dinner.Half involved..actually.I feel like a disposable tissue paper.Needed but not important,kinda.

What else to rant?Work is great.Work is good.Work brings in kachings.I just want to lead an honest life whereby I work,I earn and I spend my own money.It is interesting to know that there are those who prefer not to live this way,and it is possible not to,too!Inheritance,stealing,etc etc.All so possible.

Went for PO training yest with NL n Shg.After half a year MIA.As usual,always in need of volunteers.Maybe one fine day when I'm free-er,I'll join camps again.For now,it's priority on I,Me and Myself.

Boy,I'm so-calm n at peace now.All thx to work.Changes a person's wellbeing.Or maybe coz,I feel that I have gone through a rough wave/thunderstorm and I am looking at the shore...just slowly paddling towards it,that's all.Finally,I have located the shore!!Haven't reached there yet..but I am not keeping my eyes off that shore now. :)

Lo n Behold!I still do like blogging.
Ah,coincidently,winter in nearing its end,spring is coming soon.And,I was presented a pot of chilli tree a few weeks back.It produces really cute chillis,fat and short in length(and...surprisingly REALLY spicy!!)

I wonder how my friends are doing?Oh yea,next few weeks to come,am gonna daydream of ticket buying and choosing the day to fly-on-for curry laksa,Ma &Pa!!!!November sounds like a pretty good time. :) PUSA,PLS GRANT THIS HUMBLE ASPIRATION OF MINE!

Am so proud of myself-even if no one on earth tells me that. ^-^

Note:thx & grateful also to NL who has helped me see through this journey of mine

Wandering thoughts

Mmm... Super sunday.
Dearest Journal,

Mood: Calm,organized,peaceful,pondering planning planning and scheming again!
ToDo:Messy room,to clean toilet,clean kitchen,vacuum room and hallway,iron clothes
Done: Washed clothes
Thinking about: Fundraising charity dinner-how to sell tickets?
Going to: Do my groceries with Neel
Outstanding for v.long time: My records of spending-for past few mths

News:I've got a good job which is a 3 mth contract. :) Will update about it soon.
Thank you,Lord.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

How rude

Recently,I have gotten myself into some kind of 'trouble' with someone I hardly know.The neighbour 'upstairs'.He came with his wife n kid and seeking help to settle down.I would be more than happy to assist whenever I can,but if the other party:

1) Speaks rudely and 'expects' help
2) Stubborn
3) Thinks highly of oneself
4) Neglects the BASIC Ps n Qs
You can forget it.I'm embarassed to admit that he is my fellow countrymen.It's not culture problem-it's his personal problem on mannerism.Tsk,tsk.


Proud to say that my music students are ready for exam.I could see that my boss is happy with my performance,and my students' parents too.I'll pray they do well.
I'm now an English tutor as well.This student is a recent graduate,and she is happy with my 'sharing/teaching' method.Excellent!
My ex-accounting student met up with me few days' back.She got 90% in her accounting!!Not my effort,though coz,when I taught her last sem,she failed the paper.Long story.Cut story short,we went out to CELEBRATE!!I love this student to bits-we get along v.v.well.I feel so so happy for her.She went through quite a bit.

Did well in my own exam.Boasting time!!!2 distinctions(this sem) and 1 credit(last sem).Next sem,too bad for me,I have to halt my studies for 6 mths before I continue with my last paper next year. :( :( :( booh hohh..and this is one of my favourite paper- PEDAGOGY!!! agghghggh...

Nvm.No hurry.