Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dearest Journal,

Would like to say something today.About my life.I am 26 this year.Not too young,neither am I too old.A reflection of the past would be just nice to blog about.Then I thought of the topic:spouse.

FAQ:AM I SINGLE?And at this age,it doesn't stop there anymore...it goes on to the next question (the harder one). WHY? *snickers*

Suitors?Yes,I am human,I've got suitors.Steady boyfriend?Nope-never an official one.Weird.Am I a flirt?Don't think so.In fact,quite the opposite.Boring?Yea.Full Stop.That's me.lol!

I have had flings,definitely,crushes-tat's another similar term.By the way,what defines a steady?boyfriend?Fiance?Husband?At what point of time does one stage elevates to another?Is it PURELY ceremonial???(And oh,yea,and also, the 3-letter-word--if ppl still value/respect the custom as much as I do)Is there THE one?Everyone seems to be an expert in passing me their point of view.As-though-they-know.

Reasons why I'm single:

1)Before,never did wanted to go steady with a person (my life is too occupied for things others deemed insignificant)
2)At one stage of time, I wanted to be a nun/social worker
3)No one ever did ask me seriously

Comments (to me) which tickles me whenever I think about it:
1)U'll never find someone if u keep having that short hair (LOL!!just too bad)
2)Stop being so boyish (LOL!!just too bad)
3)You're just too busy,gal....the guy's gotta fit into ur schedule (LOL!!just too bad)
4)Would you like to meet my son? (AAAAAA....)
5)In due time (how long?)
6)You're the perfect wife (hay..can I at least get myself started at stage 1?)
7)I would love to get someone like u as my wife. (but not me?)

I have always had good/excellent guy friends----wherever I go (so far).I make/meet really great guy friends(who tells me weird things like the above!!lol!)...but.full stop.

BoRiNG~~~~ ^-^ LOL!

For me,I think it's just a matter of right time,right place,no? AnD if someone comes along,we'll see.Well,journal, my pact is:if I'm still single by the age of 30, I will have my own family. Shall adopt a kid by then and in a few more years after that,another one. :) And -it-is-possible!

No Worries,Mate!
SIgn off:-

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thought Flow

Gotta get myself blogging again.Thoughts pretty jammed up lately.Need to sort myself up again.

Phew,feel bit worn out after aerobics this morning.Seeing the fats jingle around my belly and butt aint' a pretty sight.I've got a great ticket deal-a 10x pass,and I can choose from pilate,yoga,aerobics,taeboxing,endurance,spinning(bicycle),gym..etc etc tat runs everyday.My 2nd Sunday.Great price too!!I think in a mths' time, I have to step up my workout regime to twice a week.Maybe 1aerobics & 1slower paced one.When I look at myself jump up n down in front of the mirror,I notice that I am very gentle on myself,always making smaller hops,lighter skips.Not FIT!!

Work is good.Work is heavenly.Work is the best.... ^-^

Dearest Journal,
May I remind myself that health is important.May I constantly cultivate&nurture positive mental states of mind as well.Worrying is STUPID!!!WASTE OF TIME!!!USELESS!!! Just do it. (and shutup) :)

Been working on tax return.Incredible idea.I like tax-coz it's(the concept) so intelligent.It's like baking/cooking-working on the available ingredients to come up with an excellent result!I like playing with possibilities...like,say,if I claim for this this this,if I do this this this,..wat happens.Tarahhh...being a tax agent aint' that bad afterall.Mm..will consider.

Being a housekeeper really could be a full-time job.I wait for the weekend to clean up my mess but it's not enough!There's cooking, ironing, washing, vacuuming, cleaning, scrubbing, wiping, grocery shopping.Am so glad I don't stay in a large place.On top of that,I like baking as well.Domesticated?Boring?No Life??One's gotta live,One's gotta do it.If a person doesn't do the above,someone else must be doing it for em.Enjoy it while I'm doing my housekeeping!! :) Better head off for grocery shopping now....

cheerzz...journal. I had a wonderful time yesterday evening. Well done!
Don't forget-next blog on spouse.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Tribute To my Bro

It is on very rare occassions when I actually do speak of my brother.He is almost non-existent in my conversations about family.Yea, I have an older brother.

This blog is dedicated to Ko.

Without my brother's fierceness, I would not have grown up.
Without my brother's mad attacks of sarcasm, I would not know how to be gentle/patient.
Without my brother's sensible statements, I would not have been responsible over my actions, most importantly, my life.
Without my brother's silence,I would not have learnt social interaction
Without my brother's act of kindness and love,I would not have learnt to care,respect and love my parents.
Without my brother, I would have lost my personality and goal in life.

He is the kind of brother who will not say things I would like to hear,but he would say things I needed to hear.

Thank You Ko.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Am I getting quieter and quieter by the day?I've got nothing much to say anymore.

Oh yea.About people.
I've lost all zest talking to ppl if it's 'hay, what are you doing now ah?' Er,today's blog will be crappy. Am bit tired after dinner...feeling so full and yet,am sleepy.Had favourite-Vietnamese noodles..yummy...had a big bowl too. ^-^ Bye Km,safe journey to Korea.

I find it amusing when I get 'friends/acquaintances' from long long time ago-suddenly popping up and saying hi to me only to find out after a couple of chats/emails later,that the person intends to come to this country where I am and try to bunk in with me.Now,do you think it is justifiable? I'm not trying to be mean or anything,but, where I'm staying, it's not a tourist spot, secondly, it's not really big, thirdly, I pay for where I'm staying as well..and it's not my house. Most importantly, you don't even care about me. It goes to show how many types of people I know.

I may be friendly, but I'm not to be taken advantaged of.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


1.07am Wednesday Morning.

Work later. Going to the city after that.Don't really feel like it,though.Have become a hermit.

Next time will blog about people.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Sunday Post?

Wao,another week have passed!Lurvely.Means I'm doing something worthwhile with my time here on earth.Not idling away like noww....bloggin?lol.Going off soon to ARV's plc for our weekly meeting on resume writing/editing/job hunting.Sometimes,it gets pretty draggy but it keeps me focused.Resume on the way to a major reconstruction process.

Experiment:Instead of buying real durian,bought durian wafers to offer NL & colleagues.
Outcome:Immediate dislike,nausea & the looks of disgust!The whole packet is for me alone now.Not only that,I am only allowed to eat it when I am far away from any human beings.These weird ppl... lol!

Daily bus ride to work-v.nice!Able to exercise(cycle away while scolding myself for being LATE-again),sleep in the bus,daydream,listen to those schoolchildren's conversation(v.amusing),listen to the songs in my sis/dad's ipod,look at ppl & imagine their lifestyle,look at my own lifestyle(which occupies 90% of the journey)& the things I need to do.Bus ride home:hoping it wouldn't be the old bus,and that I won't have to sit 'backwards' because,I will end up feeling nausea & then,reach home with a headache. :(

About the comment on LORD

Lord,I pray to thee for the strength in me.Familiar?Hay!It rhymes.Lord,Lord Buddha,Lord=God(in the Christian context),Lord Krishna,Lord Vishnu(?),Allah(All thx to my bestfriends who instilled it in me since young),Kuan Yin Pusa,Meditators-ie,Ajahn Chah,Venereable YiFa,Venerable K.Sri Dhamananda,Mother Theresa,Said Baba,Laughing Buddha.I see qualities instead of names.And,I revere? respect & 'pray', if not, have special connection to all mentioned above.

On many occassions,I just think that they are the 'same'.(Apologize in advance for such ignorant statement)For me,it is just technical terms in different 'languages' but the same meaning.Definitely,I think of the Lord(don't ask me which one)-for strength & for the qualities which I lack so much in.

I've got friends who are 'actively' asking me to convert to Christianity because they see a 'potential' in me.Huh?Me? :) I appreciate the kind gestures and the nobleness in the request. And yes,I have had 'encounters' with The great power.Thing is;how do I know which one?

Thank you LORD.
:) End coment.