Friday, March 30, 2007

Thoughts at the moment

Dearie journal,

Good morning! Had a good sleep yesterday, slept at 1030pm. Long day yesterday too. I took a sickie and went for class to study instead. The outcome of class? Well, feel fair bit more confident with where I'm heading at the moment. So, it's good. Just the other subject that is killing. I just realized that I have been pretty consistent...chasing for time. But my studying is still very very way behind.

Put that aside, (coz I just realize also, that I have turned into a zombie...thinking nothing but work and study..) as a 'refresher', I will be going to the countryside (Wbton), spend the night with friends. It's time I put in some social life in me for a weekend. It took me a while to arrive at this conclusion..because until now, I am still hesitating. WHy? Because of my studies. I hope, after this short break, when I return tomorrow, I shall zoom into focus and fly awayyyy...

Sigh. This is life for me. All work/study and no fun makes Song a dull gal. And, seriously, getting more n more dull by the day. But, yknow, I really really want to finish this. I told myself, as a reward, if I pass through this hurdle, I will buy myself a digital piano (although, of course, I wish for a real is all I can afford) by June. All I can think of is -EXAM.

Somehow, I like this year. Boring as it may sound. (Yea, I'm quite a contradictory person) I know for sure, this is a serious work year. And, I came into this year 'mentally prepared' (or rather, mentally challenged...haha!) NL is amazing. I'm trying to learn the consistency, dilligence and hardworkingness out of him..but ...HAHAH...sorry dude....I need time to breathe. :) But, truly, inspiring.

I wish I have that mental fortitude(did i say this right?). Lalala.... Pray,I have the energy to keep on moving onwards!!!!!! KAMBATEHHHH..


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dearie mie!

Hi bloggie,

I've been in a crazy mood this week. It's a wednesday, my third crazy day. Guess wat, I'm into politics now. Left wing. GeeEz. To be absolutely honest, have been following home news v.v.frequently. I'm even beginning to think whehter I should start a blog and join in the fun.-Bloggers United. Although, it really spark lots of unhappiness in me. Makes me feel moody, outcast, discriminated ..... negative negative thoughts.

But, have been contributing my two cents' worth at:

I'm slack these few days. BUCK UP! SHOWER! AND HEAD BACK TO UR BOOKS...countdown................... down down down....

quick quick quick!!!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Dearest Journal,'s 11.30pm,Friday- a start to a very long weekend. Why? Because Monday, the 12th March 2007 is a public holiday! It's labour day. Yes,labour day- not May the first yet..but 12th the March. :) Who cares may or march- as long as it's a non-working day,I'm glad.

It has been a long week this week.And seeing the friday come,is a big relief. What a good thing- to end the week with a blessings/sharing of merits session at Mrs/Mr K's place. Sadhu! hehe. Peace of mind. Just too bad, I don't understand Sinhalese, if not,I would have benefited from the talk even more.

Mrs K, Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo,Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo, Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo.

There were so many ppl. I made a few more new friends. They are very friendly, Mr&MrsD gave me their(his) namecard and tells me to contact them in case of anything-at all. And to keep in touch. :) Touched!!!

Feeling very light hearted now. Must be the sharing of merits.

This morning, real drama at work.Glad it has all been sorted out just before this long awaited weekend. Yayy. Thank you.

Feeling v. blessed, peaceful and serene. Must be the quietness too. MMm,time to buck up and speed up on my studying. KAMBATEH!!!!! I hope I keep up with the pace- actually, I need to speed up..not keep up. Oh well.

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my room is in a mess!!!! yikes.
Yawn. Sleep. :) Thank you for a productive and smooth journey.
Lil' sis has such great great, it's scary.