Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sporttttty Song(?!)

Bike Ride 30km 15.6.08
Fun Run/Walk 7.5km 26.6.08
Dragon Boating 24.8.08


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Andrea Bocelli

Thank you for the concert,JT. Am still at awe - cannot believe that one would be so generous to spend -of all person, ME to a concert. Have never liked the idea of being a receiving end, but this is just too hard to say no to. lol! Weakness. Haha.

How was it? Well, I can critique and praise as much as I like, but by the end of the day, I suppose, it's best to keep the memories/thoughts as it is, untainted. Take in, both the good and the bad- as I used to say 'it all comes in a package'.

Jt got me tongue tied. Watz my opinion on this? on that? Erm, No opinion lah Like the book I'm reading (or try to read) - "Being nobody, going nowhere"-Ayya Khema.

Thinking somehow becomes a tiring activity for me now. Observation, on the other hand, is something I'd like to cultivate. Observe the change in environment, in myself, the people around me, the timeline,....... and just be aware. One can become addicted to it and prefer such a world than the thinking world. Isn't thinking a prejudiced opinion to start with? I'm right, everyone else is ignorant perspective?
Mm, not sure. Perhaps,that's why I blog- where I keep my opinions to myself.

But my take home from such a wonderful event, conversation, company and dinner, is- a new found friend. (yeah, another one. HAHAHAH)

I'm really sleepy. Slept at 1.30 am yesterday and it's 12.30 am now. But, why is my blogging mood suddenly reappearing?

Yellow sticky ball needs a rest.