Sunday, October 31, 2004


Ahh...I have repeated the story so many times within these few days,I think it's not funny anymore.

It's about my student.
Anyway, there's something else I noticed these few days.As usual,I was teaching yesterday in Shah Alam and that area is densely populated with Malays Malaysians.And so, it's not surprising that the shopping complex has loads of baju kurungs, authentic malay food (mm..yum,I always eat roti jala every saturday) and etc. Well,ah, as usual, I finish at around 7pm and was walking around,doing some small grocery shopping before I head home.Then, I just thought to myself and realized that this month is,well, puasa month, of course. The nice thing about it is that,at 7.05pm, I felt the hint of it called 'ramadhan'.....the spirit of togetherness.It's just intense and, ...touching. The whole complex became ,erm, empty! And the restaurants FULL HOUSE! LOL.And, they have families gathered around with food on the table but no one touches it until,yknow, the fateful time. And,I just thought to myself, ...tat's nice....dinner...but not only the family is involved...the whole community as well. Everyone just ate together. Beautiful.

And..haha...of course, nice moment for me, too coz I quickly head off towards the car to drive home.Knowing for a full fact that, hehe...the roads will be empty. Yayyy...

Another thing that happened yesterday - just for laugh. :) One of my more mischevious student was in class and as usual, did not do his homework and was really really naughty.He is,yknow,the sort of boy who, just monkeys around,crap,talk,talk and talk all sorts. Really hyperactive boy.Then he pops this question , "cikgu,..cikgu org apa?..orang cina ke, org melayu ke, org india?" So, I just looked at him and,initially was quite frustrated coz he was not paying attention to his work,but still said,"cuba teka la."" ingat,org india la.Cikgu lahir dr India ye?" Geez. I ignored him .....and just pointed at his work..... I think he wasn't really going to give up....... and finally he said "AAAAHHHH.. cikgu, saya tauuuu......cikgu orang apa....." ....Sigh. So, I just looked at him and he blurted "Cikgu niee....orangg.....yang berjerawat.KAKAKAKA........."

There goes my good mood.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My new 'home'

Ahh.....another blog site.Testing testing, 1, 2, 3. Just checking for anything .....

Apart from that, welcome! Make yourself at home.
So, anyone wishing to say hi, pls send me a message.

Meantime,I've gotta run..some errands to complete. So, will do this later and must not forget to catch up on my studies.

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