Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happiness -True Happiness
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Thank you-

Thank you for this learning period.
Thank you for the strength, patience, guidance and support.

May all be well and happy. May those having difficult period, be patient,for it will be over. May those having good times, appreciate it, because it is rare and not something to be taken lightly. May my loved ones feel peace and happiness from within. May all beings be peaceful.

:) :) :D :D :D
At this very moment, at 2am, I am feeling v grateful,peaceful and at peace. This feeling, not much as I have been more turbulent internally, this year. I'm glad to have experienced turbulent times, as it was a great learning experience. Have grown and learnt, corrected and still learning.

Sadhu sadhu sadhu. May my friends be well and happy. May my teachers be well and happy. May my relatives be well and happy. May my family ,dearest , be well and happy. I wish all well, as well as I am now!!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy day!!

Dear Blig,

Special event:
Bro's registration day today.15 Nov 08.
So weird, I was feeling really really good this morning,maybe due to post "hangover" from gettogether yesterday.First one in agess!!Meeting & talking to new ppl,ppl I've already met.... very fresh! haha,hangover from orange!
Then there's today- thought I wld sms Ma coz I was just feeling good, somewhat-
Lunch "steamboat" with old uni friends & cool friends I have "picked up" after the yrs here. Then it was laughter n laughter... all ze way.
After that, rush for dinner invite w group of friends easily 10 yrs older than me,if not more.Cln himself is 2.5 times older than I am!But I had more in common with them than

Now I'm dead tired! Been an amazing day 15th Nov 08. CONGRATULATIONS KO!! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY CHEA!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Patience is Virtue


For the rest of the weeks, to practice patience.

Good things will come, bad things will go. The cycle goes up and down, up n down.
Take it easy gal, don't rush.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Short Post- NOT! Welcome back Songie

Listening to: La Creation Du Monde,Darius Milhaud
Mood: Confident, happy, determined, Sure -Balanced.

Horoscope for the day

"A role reversal takes place when a friend intercdes on your behalf. You usually occupy the chief diplomat position but a new contact helps you revisit old ideas. Putting your heads together, you make sense of the past and have an "a-ha" moment. The Libra new moon tomorrow signals a reboot of your priorities- attitude, appearance and overall message. If you lean towards accountrements, it's worth fishing around for deals. Deferred gratification shows your class and makes a financial coup a solid possibility"

Weekend recharge:
Good food in the making, new recipes to be learnt
Good/great friends in the making and to be renewed
Learn a new skill and polish existing ones
- Gardening, tomatoes,broad beans, chilli,capsicum,spring onion in the making
- Investment, purchasing,planning, budgeting, financial decision in the making
- Job responsibility, new role in the making, be in new job or in existing co
- Overall appearance, had haircut, new clothes, new sense of style
- Music,new music materials,new music research, music opportunities to be sought out - in the making
- Sports, win Dec 7 Docklands Cup, dragon boating.GO SEADRAGONS!!
- Social, social?what social? lol... I'm the lil anti social hermit. :D :D
- Hands on skill to be learnt- ie,painting, DIY etc etc. maybe craftmanship? (knitting, cross stitch or something)
- Knowledge, determined to learn about the history of China, (still scouting for a good book on this) improve Geography & world history, tired of Msian politics-v.immature, BUDDHISM
- Hands on skill -meditation, the art of getting nowhere, wanting nothing.
- Relationship? Cynical about this, perhaps, learn to be loved & love? In the making,slow progress, who cares? It's all about me anyway. LOL! tsk tsk,most unfortunate, eh?

That's all, Songie, welcome back!!!! 2009 IS MINE to claim.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gym Junkie

Nope, ain't a gym junkie although I did go to the gym just now. Actually, am fitness junkieee.... really good for the overall mood.

Thoughts at the moment, perhaps pre New Year resolution
1) Need to work hard to turn my mood around. End of the year arriving,this tough 2008 yr will be over soon. Toast to the future!!!Next year, year of celebration, hope & love
2) New job! Higher aspiration, greater responsibility, harder work.
3) Loving kindness to self, more attention to family, friends and loved ones
4) Receive and give MORE - generosity, be it kind words, actions, gifts... this year is all about getting me up and going and I'm tired of it.
5) Smile, smile, SMILE, ok, occassional Laughter, more laughter, LOL... ^-^

Practical TOdO
1) Continue with dragonboating, exercise, swimming, gym
2) Tutor music again!!!! I miss this....!!!!
3) Catch up with friends - both Melb&Msia.
4) Smile, laugh, smile again....