Friday, June 22, 2007


Pikachu wrote something about annoying staff at pizzahut. Not to be outdone by her, something just crossed my mind and may as well blog it off.

Well pikachu, let me tell u one small encounter with the bus driver.
On thursday,I was exceptionally good, went early to the bus stop and sat quietly with my book and waited patiently. The bus is just further down and I know the driver is just getting his time out before the estimated arrival time. Tick tick tick...

Ah,time passed by,driver got himself ready,start the bus engine and drove towards the designated stop. Hang on....he then parks just one stop before the expected stop where we were all waiting.(there were about 3-5 px waiting with me at that time) So,we looked at him and, what did we do?we waited some more,thinking he would come over shortly.

Suddenly, this young boy comes running (he was late)....ran towards the bus and went in. Okay.... should we go there? Should we just wait where we were?...I decided to wait. (And so did everyone else). Slowly, the bus drives towards us.......

and then left without stopping- right before our eyes!

That meanie!!! He expected us to run panting towards his bus, despite the fact that he knows exactly, that he had parked at the wrong stop. Wat?? We were all stunned.

The mother passenger went ahead to lecture her daughter on how ignorant her daughter was and another called her fellow colleague to inform boss she will be late. Me? I was furious inside, scheming little conversations on what I should tell the next bus driver and how a complaint should be filed. In the end, I cowardly kept my mouth shut and let the anger dissolve away. The next driver? Almost the same case scenario further down the journey...asking young schoolkids why weren't they walking towards the bus instead having the bus go straight to them.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Constipated No more!!

Friday: Constipated...
Friday night: Ahhh...all good and relaxed now. ^-^ Phew! Am very relieved and much more inspired to move on to the next phase of the year. The second semester of the year. Ahh!!
Result?: Clear!!!!

Talking in riddles now.
Anyway, I had a great week.

Saturday 9th June- GOT MYSELF A GUITAR AT EXCELLENT BARGAIN PRICE!! To top that off - it's good quality, beautiful sound, nilon strings and patterned 'screws' - nilon string tighteners. Start of an excellent excellent week soon after.......

Sunday 10th June - Went to Wbton w MrK& family & Dlpa. Made a pack with Dlpa that we shall plan to go to Sydney in 2 wks' time. I'm not sure..been pretty lazy after this week of excitement.hehe.

Mon 11th June- Cuzzie d air stwdess came. Cuzzie Melb n Cuzzie Air and I went shopping @ DFO!!Got a nice looking work dress. Cuz Air got 2 pair of shoes. Sushi for lunch and Greek food for dinner..yummy!!! Also, helped Cuz Melb pack her stuffs and move it to her 'newplace' for sem2.

Tues 12th June- Cuz Air & Cus Melb went out for sight seeing. After work, I joined them for buffet and walk into d casino, and did - nothing. (Sorry,I don't gamble, drink, or was appropriately dressed for clubbing) So, instead, played bowling n a game of pool.

Wed 13th June- Cuz Melb went home to Msia for hol.Cuz Air went travelling on her own after meeting up with me for lunch. After lunch break@hongkie yumchar(had yong tau foo), we part ways and decided to meet up @ the city after work.After her haircut, she went n booked two seats for us to watch the ballet. After work, had jap meal and head off for the ballet..... :) :) :) Ladies in tutu and the men in leotards....After the ballet, short walk to Sofitel to have a glimpse of Melb city@night...from..the...toilet!! (Self note:Next time, shld bring visitors to CPA blding instead...much more presentable than au toilette..)

Thurs 14th June - Cuz Air came with me in the morning to workplace before travelling off to VicMart.Lunch break, she travelled back to workplace and we had lunch. After lunch, she headed off for more sight seeing.Gosh...she went to places I've never been to myself!!lol. For dinner, she met up with her friend.As for me, after music class, I bought pizza home to munch w NL.By then, I was already so so zombified, could crash any moment. Was pretty snappy by then.

Fri 15th June- Cuz Air and I parted ways as Nl sends her off to the train station and I, head off to catch the bus to work. At work, was nodding away.... and was pretty!! Came home w a headache...but then,Nl checked my results for me n soon after - constipated no more. :)

Sat 16th June -Date w P and we had such a wonderful time. Got many stuff done and went about with a smile. Got myself a kitchenware container @ bargain price and some chocolates to eat during winter. Came home at 6 and cooked a sumptuous meal consisting of baked potatoes marinated w mixed herbs,pepper n olive oil, spicy buttered garlic prawns, and boiled asparagus & carrots with a hint of butter n salt to taste. All these went well with rice.(Potatoes took too long to bake)....
After dinner- strumming me guitar and doing this spanish classical piece, Allegro by Aguada, Dionisio (1784-1849). Listen to the piece at:

Sun 17th June - Back to waking up, doing small cleanups and typing this 'travellogue'. Shall go to the gym soon...... been gaining weight....

Note: This is the good thing in having friends/relatives visiting....have good time. But the drawback is going to the same places over n over again and doing the same thing over n over again..... Imagine going to Genting, Langkawi, KLCC every other month to show ppl around...wahpiang..sien. Boh pien...^-^

lalalalallla!!!!!lalalal!! jeng jeng jeng my guitar.r.r.r.r.r.rr..r.

Sunday, June 10, 2007



1) Guitar
Got meself a guitar- yayyyyyyyyyyy. Ranting about it

Happily plucking away................... music I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pingpoing poing ping!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

About Me

Dearie Blog:

My thoughts have been travelling all over the place lately. Sometimes, I lose it and forget what I need to do or want to do. This is no good. :) Must be the lack of exercise and lack of enthusiasm in all the things I strive to do. Must be the holiday.

Sis gave me an assignment. To scout and buy her beads. She is making(& selling, I think) bracelets. With the price the beads I'm buying...I doubt that the net effect is a profit....oh well, it's good hobby anyway.

As for me: I'm on a mission. To buy a digital piano. Scared at the same time...coz I've never bought anything for myself which costs THIS much before. Finding it difficult to part with the hard earned money. THAT is why I have been delaying this purchase. Impermanence.... money is the PIANO is permanent!! (well, almost..!! haha!)

About me:
1) I need to learn to address myself as- an aspiring accountant. A passionate music enthusiast and a dedicated piano teacher. The roles may flip around sometime in the future when I'm older, an aspiring tutor and an accounting enthusiast. Whichever- this defines..ME. (for now)

2) My friends over here:
Nothing fancy but caring ppl. My closer friends are mostly above 50yrs old whilst my peers seem to be much more of acquaintances rather than friends. If not,I'd rather call em' eat-out friends, where we meet up, eat-out and talk about aspirations or the past.

P- darling lady.
Alx- d wonderful taxi driver
Alx- d funny man,colleague
MrK- my dear x boss
Cln- my music buddy, whom I met literally by -accident.

I've gotta go. Late for exercise....