Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dum dee dum

Casual blog again.Today off day for me and it is a much needed break.Then,I go back to my habit-Reading bout music.Been in the library since 5 and it's 8 now.Been quite some time since I have last spent good time in library reading bout music! ^_^

I really wanna teach music!

'What,indeed is more beautiful than to clothe one's feelings in sound?What a comfort in sad times, what a pleasure, what a wonderful feeling- to provide an hour of happiness to others' - Clara Wieck, letter to Robert Schumann (1836)

Beautiful day!AL haven't visited yet.Meeting her tomorrow afternoon after class. :)

Monday, September 26, 2005


On friday,I had an 'insight' from reflection.More like,an analogy and understanding of life.Funny,after figuring that,as I continued reading the book 'Understanding life',I came across a similar analogy a few pages after.Pleasantly surprising and reassuring.

Imagine a sticky tape or a ball of glue flowing down the stream.The stickyball can come in all shapes or sizes and as it goes along,it either sticks onto other things,or other things stick back onto this stickyball.How much dirt stuck to the ball depends on how sticky the ball is.What sticks on to the ball depends on what comes along and also what the ball attracts.How fast the ball flows depend on the weight of it carrying...maybe stuck to big branch ..maybe stuck to just small light rubbish..maybe stuck to flowers.

That's life,how I see it.(for now).I'm the stickyball.I get attached to whatever that comes along.At the start,I'm not stucked to anything but as I go along the stream,I stick to papercertificates,stick to fashion,stick to etc etc.Like,a namecard stuck to a HUGE branch(the company)and if I'm stuck to it and probably hold a strong position,I wonder what leads,the stickyball or the branch,Y'see...

Then,the stickyball has many other stickyballs flowing down the same stream.Depending on how sticky the ball is,they stick.LOL.So,it continues to flow down the stream with many many other stickyballs.

That's starting a family.I imagine the stickyball being like magnet,so,it 'attracts',most times,the opposite.But then again,the substance must be in such a way that when it attracts,it must produce some chemical reaction that merges and 'froth up' to more stickyballs.Hhaha..cannot think of such substance.So,that is starting a family.

The stickyball is one thing.The stream is another.Some stickyballs are in clear crystal water.Some,murky,dirty and muddy.The speed of the stream is also different.Some fast,some slow.What about the rocks along the way??Some,huge ones,some small pebbles here and there.

This is the environment and the challenges along the way in life. The key to living is,not be sticky.

The end?It's a waterfall in the end.Need not comment on this??
Although it is a waterfall in the end...imagine the stickyball.The stickyball can change substance in such a way that,the less sticky it is,the more likely it will dissolve in the water.Now,this:is end of suffering.We either dissolve or just flow towards the waterfall.

Hhaha..Somehow,for me, I keep thinking that the stickyball must be bright yellow in colour.Dunno why.

Heheh..very excited over this.Wanted to key it in from Friday.I'm so crazy!lol!

Good camp

Too tired to say anything else. My camper, he is fantastic!I made new friends too,and tat's also a good thing.Now,I've got someone to eat with in the city anytime when she is free,that is.

Went to the beach.Mm..feels so good.
What else to say about camp?Despite loads of hiccups;ie. leader-on-probation, volunteer and camper problem,etc etc,on a personal side,I'm just glad I happen to be able to handle the situation pretty allright. ^-^ Probably due to the fact that,after some time going for so many camps,all these 'issues' seems petty and I wasn't worked up over it.Not necessary I think.Not bothered,is another.

The BEACH. camper will just stare away,merzmerised by the sight of,I'm lucky as well coz everytime he runs off to look at the scenery,I get to tag along as well.haha!

Wat else?The volunteers,well,it's amusing coz we have a NewZealander who speaks Japanese,and Australian who speaks mandarin(GOOD mandarin man),a French who speaks french(duh!)and also a Singaporean who lived in the Phillipines and speaks Spanish.LOl!!! I had a pretty good time with language exchange.Best thing is:I get along well with them all(not sure about them with each other)...

Ahh..excellent camp.The beach...ah.. ^-^

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Reading: Understanding LIFE (Boss2's book)
Will quote next time not today.
wat if?how?when? why?
I think too much? Do I see anyone nodding head? :)
Search within yourself and you will know.
Like 'No Doubt' songs.
I need to find someone?who?
Quote Ad's chat:
Adrian wong: hey. how are you doing?
lsongie: hie adrian!!
lsongie: how r u doing?
Adrian wong: tired. but doing fine thanks
Adrian wong: u know. i just noticedthat u left a comment on my blog
lsongie: good good!!! long time since i have last heard of any news from u
Adrian wong: how things with u?
lsongie: i'm okay also. things are more or less 'settled' per say
Adrian wong: hehe
Adrian wong: haven't been going to hope as well
lsongie: ah
lsongie: bzbz
Adrian wong: settled is good
Adrian wong: hehe
Adrian wong: yeah.
Adrian wong: did i tell u that i got promoted?
lsongie: congratulations!!!!!!!!! yippee for u!!!!!
Adrian wong: thx
Adrian wong: to senior exec only lah
Adrian wong: nothing to shout aboutu
lsongie: AWWWWWWWWWWWW cmon1!
lsongie: just say 'thank u'
Adrian wong: well thx
lsongie: hehe good
Adrian wong: Thankkiuuu
Adrian wong: How about you?
Adrian wong: finished ur thesis already?
lsongie: no
Adrian wong: why? what's the issue?
lsongie: just redo redo redo
lsongie: even now, i'm redo-ing it
Adrian wong: sigh. why so perfectionist lah
lsongie: not me la!
lsongie: my supervisor la
lsongie: hahaha
Adrian wong: hehe. what's with him?
Adrian wong:
lsongie: i mean, sometimes i don't get the 'aim', he has to steer me back
Adrian wong: poke his eyes
Adrian wong: hahah
Adrian wong: that's good
Adrian wong: at least a supervisor that cares
lsongie: supervisor tat cares??
Adrian wong: hehe
Adrian wong: serious
lsongie: huh. he is just being critical
lsongie: extremely critical
lsongie: well..which is good
Adrian wong: my thesis. i only saw my supervisor twice
Adrian wong: once when i submit topic, the other to hand up
Adrian wong: that's good lah. at least u learn
lsongie: since he is not marking my paper, if with his critic, maybe his colleagues mark my paper better
lsongie: ya.
lsongie: walio.
Adrian wong: hahaha
Adrian wong: well never know
Adrian wong: it's concern shown in a critical way kua
lsongie: ya
lsongie: now, i'm forced to read up the mechanics of the piano
lsongie: from the early 17th century (maybe earlier) till late 19th...mind boggling
Adrian wong: mechanics. WOW! So technical
lsongie: n it's only 1 chapter of my research?! i have like 5 chapters!
lsongie: see..
Adrian wong: oh btw, i will "try" to blog daily - like u
lsongie: n when i present him the 'facts' , he says half is crap because it doesn't link to my topic -which is how the composer made advantage of the advancement
Adrian wong: hehe. well, where are u gonna start searching for info?
lsongie: do i blog so often? i shld stop.
Adrian wong: hehhe
lsongie: i've got books all lying around -sourcing is a habit now. it's reading and writing.
Adrian wong: why lah? Interesting ur blogs
lsongie: but i get insecure
lsongie: duno who reading it.
Adrian wong: it's tough
Adrian wong: i understand
Adrian wong: i guess it builds character
Adrian wong: nvm lah. just try ur best lah
lsongie: n sometimes, builds character? it does??
Adrian wong: don't give up!
Adrian wong: never do!
lsongie: okies. thx.... ^_^
lsongie: U should update ur blog
Adrian wong: i have lah
Adrian wong: refering / sourcing books builds characters mah
Adrian wong: don't u think so
lsongie: er....
lsongie: pls explain
Adrian wong: huh?
Adrian wong: well, it's working towards something mah
Adrian wong: and u not being sure it's the right thing
lsongie: huh?!? really kah?!
lsongie: wao. never tot of it tat way...coz i'm always feeling lost..amongst all the books
lsongie: u're in kl area now?
lsongie: not in klg?
Adrian wong: well, it's meant to get u lost
Adrian wong: but figuring out what to input / type builds character
Adrian wong: yup, in ampang office
Adrian wong: nope. not in klang
lsongie: wahh..u're very reassuring u know!!! tankiu so much
lsongie: hahahahahaha
Adrian wong: well, searching thru tons of text and figuring out what to type requires tot and a lot of predicting what u wanna see
Adrian wong: like an artist
lsongie: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Adrian wong: today so deep ah i
Adrian wong: hehe
lsongie: where did u come up with this tot?
lsongie: yaaa...
Adrian wong: well, it just flowed from my head to my fingers
lsongie: wanna steal tat idea to put in blog..AHAHAHAH..
lsongie: just joking .
Adrian wong: it's true isn't it
lsongie: all i know , is it's not easy
Adrian wong: go ahead. it's not Trademarked
lsongie: i mean, blogging is , freeflow..freestyle
lsongie: but this kind of essay, it is quotation from other authors, then make use of the information to mould it and apply it to own self recipeed hypothesis
Adrian wong: yeah it is
lsongie: headache.
Adrian wong: well... unless u can reinvent the piano lah
lsongie: and he is quite demanding in the sense that literature review must be extensive
lsongie: ranging from text to manuscripts..
Adrian wong: well, then it's a good headache don't u think
lsongie: thx a lot dude
lsongie: serious.
Adrian wong: sure man
Adrian wong: it's at least my point of view lah
lsongie: quote u
Adrian wong: sure man
Adrian wong: go ahead


This morning-Boss1's place.I deeply respect B1,B2&family.MrsB1 just got an community award for most outstanding lecturer in whole of Aus;Sinhalese language.B1 just got another 'medal' from the AusGvt for his service in WW2.

His thesis will definitely help many;of course,especially engineers.They are so community involved,and truly leaders of the their motherland,SriLanka.This makes the whole community even stronger.They understand that it's a win-win situation.And,B1 is one of the leading 'leaders' of the community.I begin to appreciate the significance of his presence now.
And then,I wonder about the M'sian community tells me he can help if I have intentions to set one

This place,the competition is stiff amongst skilled countrymen from all over.The pride of birthplace,no longer defined within race.'Globalisation happens here',I overheard a postgrad lady discussing with another in uni.I don't deny patriotism,I'm proud to be called Malaysian and being here.

B1 place reliance on me with his thesis.From his research,I look at the Aus. job and labour market in an entirely different perspective taking into a/c many factors, both within and out of my control.My understanding is now backed by statistical analysis as well as government publications over this issue.His encouragement and support...ah,in short,he has a big heart. :)

B1 encourages me if I want to do my PHD. :) I can have the thesis as a reference,especially since,I have gone through the whole thing in and out,even drafted some comments for him and still continuing to do so.

I truly respect B1 and family.They are so 'up' there.It's my privilege and honour to be able to be working for them.They treat me extremely well.
I fold my palms together-Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Inspirational Quotes

Quotes my boss2 posts up in his place.His screensaver is "DISCIPLINE YOUR MIND"
Now,isn't that a jolt to me whenever I start to slack!

1)This will be my PLAQUE when I start teaching again:
" A bad pupil causes harm only to himself, a bad teacher ruins the career of thousands" -Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

2)The Price of Success
" To use all of your courage to force yourself to concentrate on the problems in hand, to think of it deeply and constantly, to study it from all angles and to plan accordingly. To have a high and stustained determination to put over what you plan to accomplish, but in spite of all adverse circumstances that will arise-and nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished without some obstacles having been overcome. Remember that the man who never makes mistakes never makes anything. To refuse to believe that there are any circumstances sufficiently strong to defeat you in the accomplishment of your purpose. "Hard?" Of course it is hard - that is why so many men never attempt to acquire success, they remain in the rut and thread the paths that are for beaten men. Nothing worth while has ever been achieved without constant endeavour, some pain and constant application of your talents to achieve your ambition. That is the price of success as I see it, and I believe every man should ask himself -am I willing to endure the pain of this struggle for the comforts and rewards and the glory that go with achievement, or shall I accept the way and inadequate contentment; that comes with mediocrity?
Will you pay the price of success?"

3)Currently reading: The Life of Buddha, Prajnaparamita Sutta.
4)Will find out about: A.R. Rahman ,Alka Yag Nik, Sivamani-percussionist

5)Book: A Pictorial Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha;published in China

A Path to True Happiness
True Sincerity towards others
Purify the Mind within
Equality in everything we see
Proper Understanding of ourselves and our environment
Compassion in helping others in a wise and unconditional way

See Through to the truth of impermanence
Let Go of all wandering thoughts and attachments
Freedom of mind and spirit
Accord with conditions go along with the environment
Be mindful of Amitabha Buddha wishing to reach the Pure Land and follow in His Teachings
With bad advisors forever left behind,
from paths of evil he departs for eternity,
Soon to see the Buddha of Limitless Light
And perfect Samantabhadra's Supreme Vows.

To Supreme and endless blessings
of Samantabhradra's deeds,
I now universally transfer
May every living being, drowing and adrift,
Soon return to the Land of Limitless Light!

I vow that when my life approaches its end,
All obstructions will be swept away;
I will see Amitabha Buddha, And be born in his Land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace.

When reborn in the Western Land,
I will perfect and completely fulfill
without exception these Great Vows,
To delight and benefit all beings.

-The Vows of Samantabhadra Avatamsaka Sutra

Sunday, September 11, 2005



This weekend is great.I had such a peaceful great time.Nothing exciting,nothing trendy or 'happening' but simply a great weekend at 'home'.Excellent!

I re-structured the living hall.Re arranged the furnitures,and now,I not only like my room,I have extended my fondness of the unit to the living hall already!Lucky thing,housemate,NL didn't say anything.He is allright bout' the change as long as the particular chair remains his.So,there's a compromise.He can have the chair,and I can have the living room.Fair and square!lol!!

Baked the 'rockbun' cookies.Came out GOOD!It tastes so good...better than the ones I have made before.Hsemate has some problems with the shape of the cookies...CMON,ROCKBUN,looks like rockla!

2 weeks from now,ex-colleague,AL visiting.Yay!I've got my extramattress ready,n pillow.Still need to get a quilt.My place is always open for 1person ya.She is only gonna stay for 1 day.Good enuff!

Allrite.Too late for blogging.I'm tired anyway-but don't really want the weekend to end. LOL..
Work tomorrow!

Friday, September 09, 2005


VERY BUSY WITH ESSAY WRITING AHH...and juggling with work and the most important aspect in life:Sleep!!

If I'm not working,I would be travelling,if not,eating,sleeping,reading or writing(and wash up).Isn't that the same for everyone?But this period is especially crucial in writing-DUE DUE DUE!

To blog?

Yea,tot of just crapping here a little.Everyone seems so bz with life.
I've got great boss&family.There were just so many times when I was moved to tears.Job satisfaction?I've got my dream job.(For myself,at least)Financially,still have to struggle,definitely.

Work-is where a group of ppl not liking one another but forced to share resources and time together for the same purpose?

Or a place where you don't want to be in but still be in it so that it can earn you somewhere ELSE(which you still have no clue)in future?If yes,then,if I'm in X so that I can get to Y,when I reach Y,I hope to get to Z.But everytime I'm in that current position and couldn't wait to get to the next part,where am I 'then'?Someone chasing for the future...someone chasing towards old age.

But I have served my time.I've had crappy bosses.I've had endurance and patience then.I've kept my mouth shut too.

Or work is a place where you'll wake up every morning and head towards the place with zest and enthusiasm,regardless of how mundane it feels because you know that you're needed and properly remunerated?

Or work is a status symbol?
Crappy crappy....carping carving.....clawing...huh??

I need sleep.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Topsy Turvy

Been a real roller coaster weekend and it spilled over to Monday as well.Phew,it's over!There are just days when I'm in total control of my life and there are just days when I'm not. Now, I got my steers back.Good.

Ppl around me(relatively)
Buddies Fadz and Harlini-lifelong friends.Childhood friends,bestfriends,no-conversations-needed-but-I-understand friends.We do not even have to send a single email/call for months/years but it we know we care.How ru words from ur side...

Finally met up with Linda tues afternoon!!Wow.finally.We all go through so much physical changes.Her dreadlocks no longer,now,full length.My full length hair no longer,now short ponytail.But chat like crazy!I needed a hug... and it feels so good,like meeting someone so familiar and could just be myself!Amazing.Nourishes the soul.(kind-of-thing) Her classmate interrupted and joined in the conversation midway...way after we have both updated one another with the happenings of 3 years in-a-nutshell.So,a new friend found too. I'm all smiles now.

She has travelled the,ok,a quarter.Look forward to the next meetup.^-^

Beautiful friends.
Always with me,KCBA friends.They have my best wishes all the time.They can have my smiles,my silliness(is there such a word?) and craziness,and my high-pitch laughters.And ALL of my jokes.Ppl whom I can just crap my way through and get away with it.hehe!My adopted family.

Individual Friends
From all stages of my life.Uniquely,there's at least ONE in every stage.And that particular person will stick around for quite a while.This bus life I'm in,it's FILLED with crazy,down-to-earth bunchies!!

Once,when I was,about 14 yrs,I made an attempt to list all the ppl I could think of whom I have met,spoken to,became 'friends'.It came up to a hundred or more.My metta list.Purpose?Just to remember them & wish all well.
Now?I can only classify and remember by groups.

Wrkplace-current-Mr.Kru,Rhn,MrsKru,Crm XColleagues-(YMH-Sdr,MHo,MSY,Sml,MrOng,Jlt,Aln) (Tech-Chg2),(Hwth-MY,BT,Srmh). Students&kids-YMH,Tech,Pvt,TblTts,Kindy(Aunti!!!),RMHHpe Hsemate-Current-NL,previousMelb-Eln,SJ-AnI,Grc. Roommates-SF,HW,JO,SH. Buddies to remember-YS,YS,FM,SY,CL,Wfrd,CY,ML. Brothers-Trce,KL,CL,JL,Ggn,WL. Unimate-Chrisa,Mlene,WS,CS,KV Unilife odd friends-Imn,Ggn,Ysko,Lda,PO,Joice,Dsy,EK. Unifamily-Luong Family(Tm&Chrstphr&M&Dad) College-ANd,YS,KCBA. School-Band-Mr.Znl,twins&all,Gang(inclds all-CY,SK,ST,SM,Nt,etc),Prefectbd-Brthi. Buddies4life-FADZ,LINI(&family). Godmom-MrsSvrjh. Teacher-MrKooi,MrsCh. Campfrinds-Incvr(cmmte&ptcpts)-FW,CK,Mbl,Ad. PO-Liz,Cmpers. Home-Kkk(Indon),of coz,family(MAPAKOBEEKAK)NeighbrGuArdn-JS. Otherhalfs of pplabove-. Netfriends-Rhl,Zhr,BK,Alx Busfriend,Itly-Dora

May all be well and happy.May all find health,happiness and peace.Abundance joy,preserverence,strength,patience n determination.Perseverere,Persevere,Persevere.Strength,loving kindness,loving loving loving kindness.

From this SONG who sings for you.