Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bubble Burst!

nice,bubbly huh?
beautiful :)
confused? you should be coz I am too!

Yellow stickyball flows down the stream................

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Ah Blog!!!

Great jog-1 hr plus man!The longest jog I've ever done.With music in my ears,fast ones,...keeps me going.Tat's the best.Result:3x more than what I was jogging before this.

So-out-of-place today.Mostly worries.But no point worrying over things.

1)If you can deal with the issue,WHY WORRY?
2)If you cannot deal with the issue, WHY WORRY?

Head spinning,spinning,spinning......
dumm deeedumm..dee...
May I be well n Happy :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last part

The last part of my essay is the hardest part of the essay.
How am I going to pull through?
-Score Analysis
(need to listen,read,detect changes & writeup)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Music Appreciation

What I wrote made sense!!
Refering to:Terence Dwyer 'Teaching Musical Appreciation'

In his Chapter8(The Philosophy of Music)

'The teacher should regard himself(herself?) in the nature of an interpreter: that is,by virtue of his knowledge of music he directs his pupils' attention to the most important aspects of a piece of music, or offers them an interpretation which he(she?) considers a true one'.

Musical experience divided into 4 pleasures: 1)Sensuous pleasure 2)Kinaesthetic pleasure 3)Intellectual pleasure 4)Aesthetic pleasure

Will not write anymore.Details in Music@Songie.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Time to talk about student.

Phew!2 weeks of INTENSIVE accounting.Try to juggle between work,essay,studying,revising,discussing,relating,explaining and absorbing.This is really intense.I'm so glad.She will sit for exam on Monday.It has been a great time working with you.You're just amazing,hardworking and good student to work with.Just now,we worked through macroeconomics as well.I was be able to remember the monetary policy....hehe..given time,should be able to tutor econs next time.I enjoyed this student assisting me in so many ways.she is good student!!

So tiring 2weeks but OH-so-worth it!I've still got my own battle to fight.For now,I'm gonna take a 1-2hr break before I focus on my essay again.My own work is also pretty draining.Everyone is just studying!!(and I hope to be able to get more opportunity to teach some more please!!)

Few things to note:

1)Music essay demands abstract and factual thoughtflow at the same time.How do you explain colours,moods,sound,texture,tone,feel,effect,touch??Then,there's history,instrument,influences,technical and physical capacity of the performer,musical understanding??Sometimes I think,music is a really difficult subject to learn.It not only requires physical endurance and mental focus/concentration but also intellectual understanding/exceptionally good music 'reader' per-say.(and a dash of 'feel' to it-depending on the piece). For me, I kinda 'gaveup' on the physical endurance because it's too demanding and not satisfying for me (for now).It's the second part that keeps me curious,keeps me asking for more.

One day,I was chatting with a friend,and I mention that I have to go off-to study.The response was 'music?What do you have to study in music?' (dush!falls flat)The general perception of music is 'close your eyes,put your mind somewhere else and let your fingers speak'.(And act like you know something but it's air-up-in-the-head).lol.I laugh as I type this.If this is your perception of music,do more reading please.

Now,if music is a form of expression,then, it must be something to do with relating this expression to someone/others. If yes,then,I'm composing as I type this,aren't I?Because I'm relating an expression to someone/others TOO.That makes me a musician?LOL..... this paragraph...I'm just crapping.But the ones above,I mean it.

I enjoy relating. :)

I wish you all the best,dearie student.You'll do well,I somehow know bcoz u worked hard.Next assignment:work through an accounting PROGRAM with her-MYOB.Gee!! ^-^ SeE you neXt week!
(now...back to essayyyyyy)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kah Yau!!!!!

Kah yauuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

Boss's garden

Yesterday, I was sitting in boss's garden lying down and enjoying the sun among the roses near the Buddha's statue.The thoughts that came to me were: "I'm in heaven.Now,this is what it feels like to be in that state of bliss".

What crossed my mind is also this:'I work hard,served and always do whatever I could, I try my very very very best not to be lazy. And,to be able to taste this moment: it is all so worth it'. :) :) :) :)

I'm so tired now but it has been a productive day.I'm glad. I hope I have this kind of concentration again tomorrow. Love this entry(and that moment)-so much.



ML & FW ......?!
okay: ML & FW just wrote me the most EXTRAORDINARY testimonial,which: ........a???!?!
ML wrote it 2 days ago,which,for the past 2 days, I have been contemplating whether to approve it or not.As usual, ML always exaggerate compliments and this time,lolll....agh!TOO MUCH LA!! Then,just now,FW just wrote one for me.Both so darn flattering......hahahahahahahhahhhahaha!!!

I'm flyinggggggggggggggggggg...hahahahahaha!!
In due time,I'll approve it.For la..*blushhhh* kekekekekekk...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Palden Gyatso,1805,0,0,1,0

Full story: Email me or check it out urself-worth the read.ThkUMH for sourcing it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Have you ever seen roses the size of your palm??
I've got one from boss's place.
Springtime,new set of flowers everywhere.


Things I want to change:

Start and end the day with puja.To remind myself not to SLACK!If possible,try meditating.Yesterday,I sat down,nodded my head off,then went to bed.LOl!But,with that,I woke up today determined for a change. :) Sadhu!

MY will know wat I'm talking about. :) Gonna pick up again-esp now,when weather is so much better and I wld love to go out for jog.Springtime,not too hot,not too cold.Just nice for jogs.

Eating habit
Been eating lots of chocolates.Will cut down.My junkfood storage must reduce as well.More fruits and more vege.This is not a prob.Just the junkfood&chocolates....hehe...tempting ler.

This week,will wake up early to work on essay.My ESSAY MUST BE DONE!Actually deadline is 24th(for both).I've got a week.I'm gonna think of Accounting exam and Essay!!It feels like I'm sitting for exam,too,coz I'm much more pressured than my student.(And she knows it!)Been studying like mad for past week-gulping 12 chapters,from lecture slides to exercises to exam questions and in between,discussion,trying to make her understand the concept.We spend about 4-5hrs everyday.Now,I'm going to put my focus on essay as well.Cannot just think accounting,must think essay!

Cooking & Hygeine
Improve repertoire!haha!Been cleaning,as usual,but,there's always room for improvement.Somewhere,someplace will always need scrubbing,wiping,mopping,washing. :)

Essential for my change of mindset,steering of life's perspective&goals.Will blog often again-AND FREEFLOW again.I-DON'T-CARE-WHAT-YOU-THINK blogs.Coz I need this blog to be a better person.And to set my heart straight.

I need to start taking care of myself(my wellbeing)seriously again.Then,I am able to blog healthily again.Eppy burpday Fadz,Eppy Weddingday,Ginni,EppyWeddingday&Starting of new life,Iman@Ade,YShun,Eppy Engagement,GWFC,KS,hopefullySY,Fdz,AnE&so many others,Eppy Part-of-Mrlene's-life again,BestWishesMLHX-tx forcard!Bestwishes-BK&many others.Thx4bdaywish-EK.Eppydearhsemate-NL,Cgrtsgdnews-FM!Luv2All.



Listening to:Pachelbel(thinks of CY)

Realized that I have gotten unhealthy due to lack of exercise ever since I have arrived.Woke up early to go for a jog.Will try to work this plan consistently again.Always thought my daily bicycle ride to the busstop and groceries are adequate,but realized,I was kidding myself.In addition to good food & experimenting new recipes,I must definitely exercise again.

New recipe-cremebrulee,will post it up soon
Was curious over western soup last week.So,tried Celery soup.It worked!Taste good!Hsemate don't like the whole pot,I think it's gonna be me n me alone drinking it.I've added mushrooms,so,it tastes like the campbell soups I buy from supermarket.Yay!Next assignment-mushroom soup.If this one works,I'm not gonna buy campbell anymore-will cook my own western soup!yay!

Next curious recipe-bread@croissant@roticanai@chappati.Will figure it out in due time.Meanwhile,the next best thing that happened-I can cook curry chicken!(Although I used the laksa paste,but,curry!!wow.So,next thing will be:curry fish)Ultimately-prawns.

That's the thing if you stay on your own(of coz w hsemate),I think of dinner,wat to buy,wat to cook.Which is great coz,firstly,it's $$saving,secondly,I get better at cooking.Of course,sometimes,I'm really lazy and just wanna get away with plain beans and beetroot.That's when hsemate(NL) comes in,tat's when HE cooks.Yay!

I like where I'm staying right now.But bad part is,it makes me slack.Would come back early about 7-8pm,and then,fuss about cooking,eating & chatting, then blur after that(tat's when I get sleepy!!).If I am not as comfortable,I would be in the library till 9-10pm studying,fussing over my essay,getting worried,getting things done.

A change.Will make some amendments in my lifestyle.Next blog.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber

Lyrics for : Learn to be lonely

Child of the wilderness
Born into emptiness
Learn to be lonely
Learn to find your way in darkness
Who will be there for you
Comfort and care for you
Learn to be lonely
Learn to be your one companion
Ever dreamed out in the world
There were arms to hold you?
You've always known
Your heart was on its own
So laugh in your loneliness
Child of the wilderness
Learn to be lonely
Learn how to love life that is lived alone
Learn to be lonely
Life can be lived
Life can be loved

-The oboe sounds so melancholly.

Ah so lehzie

Not exactly up-n-going mood these days.2 weeks have passed with eppiness.Holiday feeling still around.Need to pick up again.Got not much observations going around,just because I'm too immersed with,bumming around and moving mechanically.

Wed night,one of the best dinner ever!NL wld agree w me.We had chappati,lamb,lentils(which I so often mistaken as dhal).The best is chappati!I had 3 of em!He had 4?-5?-6?lol!Lamb is so good... I must learn to cook this dish.For me,chappati HAVE to go with potatoes,n the lamb has some.AAHH..yum!
Reminds me of mamak session.I'm gonna buy some!

Second best dish
Since I'm in this topic,might as well continue.Mm..second best-mee goreng!Also good.Coz everyday eat rice,sien leh.

Mm.maybe today I should tapau.Sometimes,I skip dinner altogether esp when I have had heavy lunch or have thoughts that I have eaten far too much chocolates for the week.
I eat chocolates everyday.Mars bar,Snickers,U name it,I eat it.For bday,I got more chocolates-not helping!!!!

mMm..maybe buy KFC/Subway/McD today since I will be in the city.
It's exam month this month,everyone is just studying.I've got my essay due too.Yikes.Not doing anything.Lucky thing weekend.It feels like I have 2 exams coming up-Accounting n Essay.And as usual,I'm slacking.

Okies,time to go for work.
Ginni-CONGRATULATIONS,wedding tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


9th October-My birthday. ^-^ Felt really weird the whole day.But,enjoyed it nevertheless.Just chatting,teaching@discussing,eating,laughing and smiling.How good is that?Discovered Russell Peters-he is HILARIOUS!Recommended!(thx2NL)

It's hard to let go of my boss.
The thesis is nearing completion(on my part,what needs to be done have already been done) and I miss my boss.I enjoyed my time,1 whole month plus of bliss and good work.Everything that starts must end.I wonder what my next assignment would be?My boss treats me SOO well...moved me to tears(so many times).He gave me a parker pen for my birthday yesterday.A v.expensive pen,he forgot to take the price tag out.(or purposely?haha!)hugz again to you MrKru.Fatherfigure(or rather,grandfatherfigure?).No more vegetarian lunch@dhal.Sigh!
May u b wellnhappy.May Mrs Kru feel better day by day..may u have the strength,optimism and courage to pass through this difficult ordeal with ease and love.
Back to accounting.
And listening to Enya is not helping!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Fuzzy Warm Cuddly

Listening to: Enya

How do I put into words?Words cannot describe.
What I can describe:
I've got white calla lilies-6 of em!Freshly cut from boss's garden.So beautiful.
Thesis came up to 180-190pages.Looks like a textbook.Good stuff.The impact the thesis will have on the society,economy and education system=will be enormous.Boss have my name in the acknowledgement!haha!HEHE..hehehe.. I'll be famous!

My student is pretty smart.

No words to churn today.Just colours,moods,feelings and songs.Understand that.
Hugz to NL,MrKru&MrsKru,Fadz,ML,MY,Wfrd,CY & Family.

Live kindness.Eat kindness.Breathe kindness.Be kindness.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! thank you.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Listening to: 'I saw happiness'-by,non other than,Ade@Iman(&his other songs-Little butterfly)

Dear Journal,
I have been meaning to write this for sometime already but just did not.
Filial Piety.
What does it mean to be filial?Everyone has their own ways.

I see myself as an ambassador,representing my parents in almost everyway.Whatever good deeds or merits I have accumulated,I dedicate them ALL to my parents.Whatever good things that I have said and done,it's all because of them.I take careful notice to how I project myself because I am a reflection of my parents.I am their representative,their ambassador.And I strive to be a better person for their sake.

But,whatever mistake or wrongful things I have made,I take FULL responsibility over it.It should not,in anyway, have any connection to them,for it's only sheer stupidity on my part to have been so ignorant and reckless.

Sometimes,when ppl think that I'm here for selfish means and have lack of understanding over my old aged parents,it hurts me so.I'm here for a purpose for only I know and probably will never be able to explain nor want to.When ppl fail to give benefit of doubt to the meaning of going away from home and assumes my lack of responsibility,it tears me apart.

I repeat: what does it mean to be filial?Everyone has their own ways.
It doesn't mean that,by being able to sit by their side every waking hour, makes one even more filial than one who doesn't.There is no need to compare for its different for everyone.

My parents:I place them on a pedestral@altar,I worship them.I deeply respect the both of them.I bow down low to them.I owe my life to them.I cannot make this statement any more clear.-

Good mood

Exceptionally good mood.Prolly coz 2 days holiday!!Yay!(Thurs,Fri)Essay going well,after meeting lecturer just now.
What has been happening?

Bible studies
A lady came one saturday to go through the bible with me.She is from Jehovah's Witnesses.Been busy weekends after that.So,don't think I can make time for more.

Language exchange
Had this Chinese girl(China),doing her Masters in Communication/mass comm/media studies or some sort.She tries to speak in english,while I try to learn to write in Chinese.Still,bz now,so,till next time when we have another round.

Salsa dance
Yap,didn't hear me wrong.I met up with this Phdguy from India and tried the salsa.He taught me a few steps.I like the dance but maybe next time,not this partner.He stood me up once and I dont' think we dance well together.

Wat else?Tutoring
I met up with this girl today,she needs help.Accounting tutor.She is so way behind her studies and it's exam soon.This is gonna be tough one but I look forward to a refresher in my accounts.Teaching,not music?But accounting.LOl!

I think I smell work for the weekend.Boss just called. awww. :/

Vietnamese family
Haven't met up with them yet. :( Due to work last weekend.Will meet them soon.

Think thats' it. I'm gonna bake today(muffin).Then, work on my essay,2k words in my pocket(lecturer approves chpt 1),I have 8K words still in reconstruction.Tomorrow work...??? ..... aww.. can I not?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ever since camp 2weeks back,been busy busy working and back.Then,there's ex-colleague's visit.Then,the weekend at work. :( When I'm out and when it's off work,I sooooo look forward to going back.Like,I just WANNA GO back!hahaha...lazy me.
Back,not home,back,to where I'm staying.I like where I'm staying right now.Sometimes,I think of the times when it's time to move out.Don't' really want that to happen.My housemate is too dear for me to say my goodbyes.

This blog is becoming more and more foreign to me.I don't know what to type anymore because I don't know who is reading.I don't wanna offend anybody nor do I want ppl to pass skewed judgements towards me as well.(at the same time,wonder if I bore ppl to death with wat blabbers I make)Honestly,I only think that my dear friend,Joanne will read this blog.One who holds a special place in my tiny heart,who grows with me,knows me well and cheers me up always.And u know that gal!Apart from that,wld be occassional visit by MY & ML.Wah,this is 'reader assessment'.It is from these ppl that encourages me to keep blogging for they care and that I will want you both to know.Others would be drop-ins to see watz happening,read-a-bedtime-story session. And for those with bad intentions or for gossip,pls go away.

Currently reading:108 Treasures for the Heart,Benny Liao.
Let's get personal:At times,I mean something but I do something else?Crap.
It's 3am now,I cannot sleep but have to work tomorrow?grEaAT chat with you,Jo!!A much missed laughter session.Good for the soul.(Although,wat we talk bout mostly stuffs..hahahah!!)bUT i'm so awake now when I need some sleep!

I look forward to this weekend.Great time to relax..and somehow,I feel that this weekend will be a special one too.Maybe I'll take some time out,walkabout or stay home and simply enjoy the moment of nothingness!lol!When I say that I'll come here to relax.....I'm taking bits here n there.This weekend will be one of it!RELAX!