Friday, August 31, 2007

What's for Dinner?

Ah dearie Blig, I'm in such a better mood today. After having 1.5 days of rest-called in a sickie....I'm finally better on a friday evening, Merdeka day. Did lots of catchup- in terms of rest, friends chat,cleaning, unpaid bills, short, errands! My throat is still a little sore, but manageable. Honey n Lemon really does the trick in soothing the throat....not cure it,but soothe it, in times of *uhuk uhuk*

What's for dinner tonight?
I've got frozen shepard's pie in the oven
Quick and easy stir fry vegie...not sure what the name is, but the silky-very-troublesome-to-wash vegie that I like. Should be spinach.
And I've got pasta sauce+mince chicken
All these to go with rice/pasta.

If we do not eat the abovementioned with rice, I shall re-use the rice, turn it into fried rice over the weekend.Also, the leftover pasta sauce should go well with steamed tofu I bought on Thurs! Elaine shall call me silai as much as she wants, but I do enjoy food.So, in order to eat em,I've gotta learn to cook em!

I wanna learn more recipes.Last wed, I made a small accomplishment in terms of changing the usual menu. It was fried chicken. Yum. I need the courage to try new stuff... No Myin, not much baking these days. It's more of a survival thing- -

I've decided not to post Long Term Friends part 2.After chatting w Fadz for hrs this morning, jelak la..ckp pasal diorang je! hehehe.

One more thing: we've gotta move. Found a place (finally!) closer to the station,but further from the bus loop-where I normally catch a bus every morning to work. :( But it's a darling ol' house.Very cozy...bigger than this unit I'm in!Yay! I can imagine myself holding music classes in the living room!! I have to inform my friends over here on the change of address - and all the utility reconnection n stuff.Sigh.Time to's time! Bilerla aku nak beli umah ni....haiih..takde duit oi..

Last Yr, Annie&Alx, SHooi&Knny got married.This yr, FM&BK getting married, Ad&Wife, Wli&LJin,Krn&Dan .Next yr,Fadz&Ep,hopefully,ML&HX,hopefully,other kwn-kwn like FChin&GW, etc etc. I wanna go for their wedding man.... how I wish I was nearer.Can go n sibuk-sibuk.But if I wanna go back each time to attend a wedding...that would be impossible!!!Unless someone sponsors me laaa...saper nak seponser?!

Ok...start to berangan angan....
hari ni byk ckp bahasa..... rindu jgak! It feels like some kind of secret language now,something I can speak and use whenver I don't want anyone to know over here.The only problem is to get someone who knows this language as I do over here..*scratches head* ..Fadil......(>.<)........


Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Long-Term Friends (In terms of yrs)


I just thought of something recently. It's such a beautiful day outside today but yikes,I have to confine myself in this room and get on with my work. It's a quarantine day for me, and I aim to at least catch up with my -very lagged- studies. I give myself 3 hrs to complete M1. After that- give myself a treat- a run around the field-2rounds!!

Just a quick one: I'd like to reminisce about two dear friends of mine-and the meaning of sisters.Thanks Fadz & Linie for sticking w me all thru d yrs....gone thru ups,hills n valleys, celebrate victories and gently walk through tough times. Be by my side thru dark days.

1) How we used to sit under the scorching hot sun eating nasi lemak and playing catch at the tender age of 7-9. Then pour cold water down ones' back, or even ice, from our plastic filled air bandung or something. After which we got caught by our teacher (MrsHw),who gave us a long lecture,after which we conveniently forgotten...
2) Fadz n I used to go for MrsS's tution,just the two of us in the corner of her dark living room.
3) How I used to copy Linie's handwriting because I envy them so. I used to demand for her pen so that I could write exactly like hers, but failed miserably.
4) How Linie n I used to write n write and write and write for hours, passing notes during class and gossiping about anything and everything under the sun. After which,we would fight over who gets to keep those papers, enjoy the pleasure of reading it at home.
5) How she used to tell me that she wanted to become an astraunaut and me looking oh-so-wow by her ambition. Linie? She wanted to become a journalist...
6) How I used to tell her that music/band was my life...n how softball & taekwondo dominate Fadzs....and how Linie used to give in to my incessant complaints-
7) I still remember the day I took Fadz' blue framed spectacles to wear in Melacca,and left it by the swing only to discover it missing when we were on our way back.She did not utter anything, I wasn't scolded or anything, but we both missed that blue-framed spectacles which we both adore.
8) How we never argued much, but laughed heaps. And still do.
9) The time when Fadz realizes that the world is round! wakakkakaaka...
10) Our trio meetup after years of promises and the heart wrenching breakup that day. How we visited each others' house, met our parents, talked n talked n talked n talked........

I could go on n on n on ....but I need to study now. I'm sure to have part2 of this blog. Stay tuned....bestnyeeeee!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

22 August 2007

Dear Blig,

Just thought of popping by. Woke up early this morning because I slept at 9 yesterday.Was really tired yesterday-- glad I had enough sleep!Looked at a place yesterday and it looks good. Hopefully we nailed this one!!

I'm so way behind schedulee man....I'm so freaking worried now.Yikes!
1)This second half of the year goes smoothlyyyyyy...
2)I stay calm!!!!
3)After this,it's true holiday!!
4)Count my blessings lerr.
5)Visit mrK, and I wanna go to Wbton in Nov-say my thks.
6)Play the pianoooooo..... study up Gd8 syllabus. Thx to my student for giving me the opportunity. Nxt yr, I wanna start teaching from home now. Yippe!!
7)Roof ooooooo

Ohh.I had Indonesian food yesterday - like nasi campur...woh,the chicken rendang is HOTTTT!! My tummy's burning now. Thx Fdl for bringing us there!!! Yippe!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

She has flownn...

I can take it
Ko can take it
But Ma & Pa?
Struggling with the idea.....

The hardest part for parents must be the 'letting go' part. Maybe it's just my parents. Some parents had already ran out of energy even before that phase. Due to the demands of raising kids. Quote Pa: 'I feel as though I haven't done enough'..

What can I say? It's MORE MORE than enough...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cold Sunday Morning

:) Aahhh...Yawwnn!!! Good morning!! :)

Chilly day today. I've got approx 12 hrs to spend. How would I like to spend it? I hope today will not be as rollercoaster ride like yesterday.I hope today starts and ends with a smile. I hope the week to come, I get focused and peacefully mind my errands,efficiently and conduct my duties dutifully. Target: M1 & M2 by the end of the week. I'd like to spend my lazy Sunday like this: (along w Aspiration for the coming week)

1) Get my washings done
2) Do some cooking for the week. I shall have lazy weekday-lunch the coming week
3) M1 today, M2 the week after.
4) Visit M,and her newborn baby girl
5) Look out for scores: JSBach,Ravel 'Le Tombeau de Couperin', Bartok's Suite 14
6) Pay my bills -
7) Keep my temperament mild, unlike the week before, fiery and uncertain.
8) Look what I found!
9) Well wishes to sis. May everything go smoothly for her. Carpe diem!
10)Be mindful

I hope my humble aspirations are achievable ones. I've gotta kick my bum for being so lazy...........*whack! *