Friday, May 26, 2006

Songie Strikes back(duh!)again?!

My idol:

Gotta run-Dinner appointment.Loads of essays on Bartok in my mind!Write write write!11000word....cmon!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Dear Blog,

Things I'm thinking at the moment:
1) Did pretty well for my weekly essays.YOOHHOH!Keep working hard hard hard!
2) Monday(tomorrow)listening test.
-Luciano Berio (Sequenza V-Trombone)
-Krsystof Penderecki (Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima)
-Gyorgy Ligeti (Atmospheres)
-Witold Lutoslawski (Prelude and Fugue for 13 instruments)
-Iannis Xenakis (Metastatis)
-Pierre Henry (Viole d' Orphee)
-Einojuhani Rautavaara (Angel of Light)
-Henryk Gorecki (Symphony No.3,Op.36)

3)Loads of crap not worth mentioning in the blog
4)Ajahn Brahm's talk yesterday - on topic: Happiness
(Pierre Henry's piece is so disturbing and eerie- ghost songs...with children voice and unfamiliar language)

Good to see Ajahn B. Inspiring-and I admire his wisdom,his tactfulness in in speech,his ability to answer questions -extremely well.SADHU!DEEP RESPECT to Ajahn B.
He tells about his trip to England to have dinner with the Queen.

5)My neighbours- K&D.They're so sweet. :) They gave me chicken wings ($1 for 1 kg,imagine that?!and what more..they gave me tat without a $1!) Appreciate it A LOT.Seriously.One fine day-I'll think of something.

I'm such a lucky person.....such a lucky person am I.How much more can I ask for?Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu-for all the ppl around me.I wish them all well.How do you repay kindness???????? I owe ppl too much- eternally grateful for ppl around me.(tat includes u MY&NL.)

*Huggies* -(Thx Ajahn B. & Alx in reminding me simplicities of life;gratefulness;and ultimately-happiness) I bow down low.

MAPA---- My heart goes out to u too--- always!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rant Away


That's what I get when I say what goes through my head.

But I feel too yknow.I know I can get a job much better than what I am currently holding and I know there won't be much problems in getting one decent job-which pays my rent.I can take care of myself,no worries.

But,I feel for the ppl in the company.Not the mgmt but the whole situation.It bugs me.And I can't help it.For me,I can leave anytime,but most of them can't.What do you say when you hear one factory worker tell a story:

One-Life in a manufacturing company
'X needs to go back to the Phillipines urgently...his mom just died for god's sake,can u pls speed up the procedures'.
Supervisor replies: 'His mom is long dead,nothing much he can do,can he?So?'.(not the real story,but the outline is something like this)
Makes u want to slap the supervisor across his face if you hear the whole story or in such a situation.

They{mgmt} won't be here for long,song.they just want to make their resume look good,and then,move on.They dont care about what we do here in the factory-we just have to sit it through a couple of yrs and they will be gone.Meantime,we have to be patient.

I grow up amongst factory workers.Ma teaches me to listen to their rants.
Why do one study so much,earn so many degrees,work in biggy companies,hold super high positions...but cannot even relate to people?That's how the management is right now.
Is this what education do to us?High IQ,Disgustingly low EQ?

Makes me wanna hold a damn high position and show em all how it's all done.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Wesak Day!

Yesterday,had an 'early Wesak' celebration at Bodhivana.

Wesak Day
The usual-Dana,short Dhamma talk but with a bit of 'extra'. 1 hr 'jungle-trekking'up the forest to visit the Monk's KUTI.Imagine,the monks have to walk an hour in the forest to get to where they are staying.On top of that,where they are staying,no electricity,but heater provided(luckily).We only get to see this twice a year...and lucky lucky me!

Much needed jungle trekking--but lavish food during lunch and dinner...sigh.Failed attempt to lose weight.^-^.

Very inspiring. :) Can I have a kuti far far away? My Kuti's in Btn St,Cton!From Msia,takes more than 1 hr to get to my kuti....... and the's also very kuti...HAHAHH...

Ok,enuf day dreaming and playing around.Aim:to complete (300x2) short essays and if possible, think of (1,000)essay out of tat 11k. Wah,mcm marathon. ^-^KAYAU!!