Friday, February 29, 2008

My life Principles

Dear Blig,

A week have passed here in Melb.Not exactly the best week of the year but definitely a learning one. Shall not talk about it.

My life, is fairly straightforward.

1)Be true to myself and reflect that on my approach to others.I try not to be pretentious.
2)Uphold the 5 precepts as strictly as I possibly can.However, although I try not to impose this on others, I seek qualities of a friend who has it.
3)Hard work and knowing that nothing in life comes easy.I've gotta work and earn it. Be it career, income, stability. Financially, when it's time to be independent, be independent with no excuse.
4)Genuine concern to others. I guess this has won me many friends over the past and I intend to keep at it because a kalyana mitra would appear somehow. Magically.
5)Be happy. Life is very amusing in many ways.

Side effects:
1)I'm not exactly the most street smart person, and I do struggle at times.These are times when I ask myself: why can't I bend a little and be more 'flexible'?
2)I attract 'good' qualities in ppl, but I do attract 'rubbish' as well. Over the years, I have learnt to be able to differentiate them. Although, I desperately seek wisdom to help me through this.
3)Hard work is not the key to "success" at work.(In terms of climbing the corporate ladder) A little bit of tweaking around is required, which I greatly lack.
4)I'm a bit of a loner, despite having many ppl around me who cares. Ironically,I do enjoy doing my own thing, my way, without much interference. I lose out a lot sometimes, in terms of, good advice, potential person to settle down with, good plans and ideas, even good options. If it's not my way, I restrict myself from learning from others. A quality I'm not entirely sure whether I should be proud of.
5)Project an impression that I'm easy-go-lucky and that I do not have much concern nor worries. Well, it could be true to a certain extent, but I'm not sure when the occassion calls for a real worry! I guess, I don't really know when to ask for help when I really need one. (?!)

La la la. This is a refreshing post! :) Not for anyone,but I write this because it makes me feel good. I write this because this is what I intend to become- knowing the consequences. I write this because I need it. A sense of identity which I am still not able to let go.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love Songs

Dear Blig,

Am listening to the radio.Been a long time since I have last listened to the radio.
'To Sir, with Love'-Love Song dedication radio station :D :D

2008 marks a new chapter in my life.What will happen? ?? mm..! ^-^ Not sure.

May I be well n Happy.
Life is too short to be unhappy.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back to "Normal"

heheh..back to normal? Watz normal anyway.

Well,I'm back to this country I love and adore.Not my birth country,but my adopted one.

Trip to where Ma and Pa is,was really memorable.Worthwhile and amazing. :)
I'm almost done unpacking,tomorrow,back to work. A little excited,actuually. Butterflies in the stomach as what ppl wld say.What will I wear?What will I say? I do hope I get back into the rhythm as quickly as possible.

My day trip to Gold Coast "backpacking" with GL, magical! Who wld have thought I wld go about with this lovely french lady, and have real real fun going about! Best wishes to you gal!!!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hello happy cny! What do u want?

Back home. Ahaha. Senyum sini, senyum sana. Ketawa sini, ketawa sana. Itu macam la.

Translated to: Smile here, smile there, laugh here, laugh there. That's the way to go.


Metta needs upgrading for me.Reading this book at the moment.It's called. "Be Nobody.Go Nowhere- Ayya Khema. I need time to absorb this book. Wanted to share this book with ML too -in fact, I think she will like this more than the other one. Will pass it on to her once I am able to.

Happy Chinese New Year. A friend commented:

Friend: Gong Xi Fa Chai! (Wishing you prosperity!)
Me: Xin Nian Kuai Le! (a Happy New Year!)
Friend: Fa Chai (prosperity) is more important,mate.
Me: *laughing profusely*

THat's "cHiNeSE" new year for u~ Money overrides happiness.

This morning, dad's "friends" came over to catch up. They come only on the 1st day of CNY every year since 1988. And the purpose is only for *ka-chings* and the chinese way, it's called ang pow (red packet). Now what I don't understand is, ang pows are given to unmarried singles (ahem,like me!)but one of dad's friend has 4 kids! And the rest could easily pass 40s.
- maybe because they're policemen -

Ang Pows- that's culture to you? Practicing generosity is one thing. Cultivating greediness is another thing.

You decide.

Aiyah. Just continue senyum sini, senyum sana lah!