Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Say something

Dear Journal,

I have been very well, thanks. And, that's the truth about things. I have been reading blogs from Msia- the non-mainstream medias. Depressing. I have been staying home, doing what everyone does, enjoying my food and people around me. And, now, I am typing away - irresponsibly.

It's 8.37 pm now and I have just had my dinner. Yummy curry lamb,salmon n vege. Oh yea, today, I've added some smoked oysters (canned) and baked beans to top things off.
--- wow..time flies.

Oh yea, before I post this blog- I have something to say

Recently, I came up with a sudden 'inspiration' (crap la)

Thought that, life,is, very much like a balance sheet and a profit n loss.

In fact, as I thought n thought, it was really similar.

EG. Profit n Loss
The current lifeline of a person is like the P/L. Simply; all good deeds go to Revenue and all bad deeds go to Expense. As for the 'types' of revenue and expense, it differs,like, revenue gained from good deed, good thoughts, good actions, blablabla (The noble 8thfold path??) And the expense could be bad karma, wrong deeds overwritten, all the ants killed, etc etc.Gain/loss, simply produces the profit/loss final figure. Now, this is very straight forward.

The law of Kamma works best in the Balance Sheet
This is the part where things get a bit more complicated and exciting
Well, there's the assets, liabilities, and equities. We all know that the P/L exists in one financial year of the business. However, the balance sheet items are brought forwarded since the birth of the business.

Now, I believe in Karma, the cycle of life n death and rebirth. This fits into the B/S! Asset items are the brought forwarded stuffs. So, these could be environment, our current n non current asset items,inheritance. There are our debtors, ppl who owes us,probably, money in kind or, deeds, a good word, or ppl who would help us.

There's our liabilities, the ppl whom we owe(our creditors), things which we need to pay off, our debts and our long outstanding loans to - whoever/whatever.
Finally, out equity- which states our 'position'....oh/no, not financial position..but our 'life position'. Maybe, this determines where we will be born in?

hHAHAH..ahaha... pondering away......
Too much accounting in my head....making me go bronkus.
but it makes sense,doesn't it? mm..

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rant Away

Okaylah, I write something here.
*scratch head* what to say leh?

6 Common Financial Mistakes that could affect you and your family's financial future:

1) Not leaving a will
2) Not providing for dependents
3) Not specifying debts to be paid
4) Not taking tax into account
5) Not nominating guardians
6) Not creating a financial plan