Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Place

Finally got all the stuffs into the new place...many many more things to do:

2)Wash all the clothes
3)Class tonight
4)Redirect address
5)Change drivers licence address
6)Etc Etc...many many moreee.......

Okay...better get on it now...

But,I love the new place. Looks so HOMELY..... Next mission-get MAPA to come over for visit!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

:( :(

Dear Blig,

I'm down again!!! Took half day off to see the doc, and from viral throat infection,it has already gone down and caused me sleepless nights, coughing and blowing my nose. Came back with slight fever, again!Thing is- Aus infection is just--- SO AGGRESSIVE.I don't know how else to explain this.

On top of all these, I've gotta move. Ah ger will be coming over to accompany me tonight. So far,poor Nl has to put up with me, pack, transport, co-ordinate, almost everything while I whinge and sleep and throw a fit. I'm just impossible.

Doc prescribed me an inhaler? Man....he says, 'well i know u don't have asthma,and you won't be taking this for too long anyway,but it will help ease ur cough'. Yes, my cough is the long, deep, makes-one-throw-up, kind of cough.And, yes, I threw up many times.

It's time like these that I blog. I'll be better soon...and when I do,you won't see me write anything. Whops,Sorry! I should go back to my ol' habit of just blogging good news....I've become a whinger. I'm desperately seeking for attention and not getting any....

At work, the auditors been bugging me all day long. All day long. All week long. All weekSS long. :( I ain't in a really good mood now, am I?

Ping pong.....will get better.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Early Morning

Dear Blig,

Welcome MA PA to my you call it!
Welsome to my home.


Early morning today. Spring time is the best because you see the sun early in ther morning. Woke up at 6.30 (despite the fact that I slept at around 9pm -11pm, then 12am onwards yesterday)

I've got ample time to dress up, re-organise myself and think of what to wear.
Even had time to put on ze Makeup.... yea..once in a lifetime thing.

What to blog? Well, Firstly, I'm so much better now than last week. The only happening thing this week is the fact that:
I am moving out this weekend
I'm trying so so hard to catch up on my studying....but I'm still so way behind.

That's all folks,
Till next time.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Change it from 5.5 days to 9 days n counting..... this is crazy...

But, I odn't care's a saturday and I'm gonna have fun! :) Not talk much, but just have fun. :) I still get drowsy and I need at least 15 hrs of sleep every night..and I still have the sore throat and cough..... but,it's not as terrible as the week before. In short- I'm, sort of, much better.

My voice? Well, now, I have more energy to make audible sounds...with intonation.LOL. Meaning, my voice have some sort of -expression now. Hheheh...

Let's blog about food:
1)I made honey bbq chicken and seafood skewers! So happy with the end product. Looks and tastes yummy!
2)Cut up carrots and later, buy dips to go with it! Another one of my fav!
3)Go to the park nearby, enjoy the sun and listen to my friends chat!! Yayyy!!

4)Tonight, Cln's choir...... ahh...looking forward to that!

Eventful Saturday. Hope this gets me chirpy again..and tomorrow, start kambateh again...I AM SO WAY BEHIND....cannot procrastinate anymore.


Monday, September 03, 2007


How does it feel like to be sick in bed for 5.5 days? Let me tell u...

1)(THURS)At first,exciting. Coz u've got a chance to sulk, grab attention, sleep, do nothing.
2)(THURS)Also,at first, unsure. Am I really sick? Can I not go to work? I've got so many things to do pending!!
3)(FRI)Thinking it's all a joke.Planned when to get better-the following day,of course!
4)(SAT)Then it all looked good, 1.5 days later, throat clearing, fever no more, just the sorethroat...cmon..what can a simple small sore throat do?
5)(SAT NITE)Biggest mistake: Thought that I was much better.Went out for a bday bash!(It's the weekend anyway!)But, had to shout to get the conversation across, and laugh n talk...had a good time but the price to pay for all that?Hefty!
6)(SUN) Started going downhill again. Sorethroat became unbearable, cough sets in, voice starts goign off..slowly, my voice became inaudible. It wasn't fun anymore.
7)(SUN)Slept, woke up, cough, clear throat, pop in panadol to clear the headache and body ache.... the cough+sorethroat+scratchy throat+blocked nose - it was getting serious.
8)(MON)Realizes that I had lost my tastebuds & smell buds.Everything tastes bland,nothing smells.Found out that I had burst the eye left eye became bloodshot watery red due to all the coughing.... nl says it will subside...i hope it will.
9)(MON) Doc confirms that I have viral throat infection.Suddenly felt determined to get better.Drank heaps of water,gargles heaps of times,and slept like a pig/dog/whatever.Wake up only to gargle some more,drink some more water and clear the throat.
10)(TUES) Got my voice back. Throat -feels better. Can taste my food and smell the eucalyptus scented tissue paper.I'm determined to put an end to this journey.I'm going to work tomorrow!!!

During those times in bed, all sorts of dreams appeared. Happenings during high school,friends... events that never took place but wish it did, familiar faces, memories.... like going through a photo album/video, chapter by chapter.Quite fun actually.Sometimes, there are times when we need to just sit down and look back.I got to do bits of meditation,or rather, try to focus on something-apart from my throat.Well,it's hard coz to watch the breath,it's so closely linked to the throat,the nose, and amist all those coughings..what sort of meditation I got out of it,was certainly "added bit of flavour" to what i originally started out with.

But all good fun. An experience. Sickness brings one back to reality.In a way. We're no robots.... we're mere living human beings. Nothing more than that. In the midst of all material pursuits, by the end of the day, it doesn't really matter that much- not as much as life itself. The breathing in..breathing out part.

Wakakaka..... back to getting into bed.