Thursday, November 30, 2006



Woke up at 6.30am this morning.Been dreaming about it.I have a responsibility and I need to exercise my duty.Pray,I have courage.

It's odd - huh. Long long time ago,mom took me to this 'chinese fortune teller' called the 'san she shu' or something like that. She reads out your past life and tells you what you have brought with you to this present life. On top of that, she tells you which part of the Buddha's 'part' do you stand. (Just a representation of an analogy,I suppose).I sit on 'His' shoulders. A representation of 'responsibility'.

I didn't know that this so-called responsibility extends to a greater number of ppl.Mmm. Sigh. Injustice is just not in my dictionary.

Here I am, day dreaming about something, while looking at the time, thinking of how late I will be. I should go. Although I have so much to say right now.

Oh yea, one more thing- my grammar sucks.It's disgusting.

La la la

Today is a serious day.

Lots of thinking and thinking. Work is good. Work is excellent. I love work. Like seeing how ppl work and different styles of working. I used to get agitated with ppl's character but now, I get agitated over ppl's working style. Now, that's a huge difference. One focuses on the person's character.The other surpasses that and just zoom onto a more professional side of things -work.

By the end of the day, personal issues should be kept separate from work. I still find it difficult when it comes to dealing with ppl who loves catfights...but I sure am getting better at focusing on work rather than differences in ppl's character. By the end of the day, I am only interested in one thing - the objective of the task.

Lord,please help me learn to approach work related matters in a wise manner.
Please assist my actions, speech and conduct so that misunderstandings can be minimized.


On a separate note, Lord, pls ease MrsK's suffering. Speedy recovery, or rather, strengthening her mindfulness and cultivatation of patience. May she be well..and happy. May MrK be comforted and reassured from the teachings of the Dhamma. Compassion to this couple.....

Now, it's tomorrow to deal with.
May the Buddha be at my head, the Dhamma in my heart and the Sangha by my side always -to guide and protect me. Sadhu,Sadhu,Sadhu. (Wisdom so darn important..)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

That someone special

That someone special -

-Cares for you
-Cares for the ppl around you;especially those who means a lot to you
-Tries to understand..although most times,does not have a clue.Hint!women just has that moment of 'whinging'..seeking for attention,that's all. (It's pretty harmless,really)
-Tries to be there for you every second of the time,but,uknow,it's not possible.(That's when u say to yourself,'ah well,thanks,it's the thought that counts.'LOL!)
-Has flaws.You have to understand that 'it just comes in a package' (but before purchasing,make sure u get a good deal! ;)
-Values your capabilities and believes in you
-Encourages you when everyone else puts you down and tells you it's impossible
-Cooks,shares the workload,clean, wipe, wash....with no complaints!!!!

To that special someone in my life at a certain period of my life, at one point of time, to that special someone, I love you and thank you for accompanying me.Wonderful journey...

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Dearest Blig,

Mom is such an amazing person. She came here on her own and did extremely well. Blig, don't know how else to put this into words. That very few words explained what I have wanted to say and how I think of this beautiful, smart, intelligent, warm, loving, caring, woman. How lucky am I to have the privilege of knowing this person my whole life and have been cared for and thought of by this very person. Of all lucky karmas which I have received as a blessing, this is the most outstanding fruit.

Mm..what shall we do today? Flexi time, perfect weather, great friends and special friend, wonderful colleagues, hehheeh..... am I exaggerating or am I just typing what I hope it would be...or am I just stating a fact? ^-^

Blig, it's the 25th of November. On Monday, I would like to take mom to see the massage gadget I have been eyeing at the past couple of weeks. I have even asked the lady to put the equipment aside for me.I am v.excited because there are 2 which I really really like and can afford.Let's just see which she would choose. Shh..she doesn't know that yet. ;)

Mom's sleeping right now but I'm as perky as ever.Prolly coz I had late night yesterday chatting.Strenous activity now-talking.

Can't wait to go home.What will I do at home?Mm.Don't know too.An unplanned activity is actually quite fun.Time feels like forever; unlike the usual -cut up,spliced up,rigid time table I used to have,and a meetup often feels like an appointment.And,mom is my best travelmate. We like our time spent together-doesn't really matter where. The place is just an avenue for us to keep our feets grounded,that's all. M.Sense?err,,

Maybe to the Vietnamese area.... that shld be fun.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bus Ride

Been meaning to write this for a long long time already but never did.
Luvely busride.Something amusing all the time.But it is only funny at that relive the moment and to put in onto writing- not that nice anymore.Mm,for the fun of it- just recap/summarize

1) The two carpentars jumping like hooligans when they caught me staring at them working at the top of the roof.
2) How the bus drivers stop and wait patiently for old folks to board onto the bus,slowly walking towards their choice of seat before driving off (annoying on days when I was running late)
3) How all the passengers are 'present'. Their minds not wandering off to la-la land,ignoring the fact that there are people around them. Once,there was this old lady who wanted to change her seat but she fell instead and landed on her bottom. The bus driver stopped, the passengers were petrified,and a nice young lady lend her a helping hand-to pull her up.After that, the bus driver first checked on the lady and then gave us a short prep talk on 'not to change seat' when the bus is moving.
4) Of course, the fact that youths give up their seats to the elderly and adults with small children/prams..etc etc.


Pic - My first 'more mature' Songie Loong.... (huh..biler ler ini terjadi?!)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Time passes so so so quickly!!It's November already! Wow.

Random Thoughts

1)Chilli plant doing well.I hope that it will survive summer on its own
2)Mom's coming whooh hohh!!
3)Time is of abundance here for me this few mths. Making me feel v. lazy
4)Better start studying again..... don't slack!
5)The battle is not over yet.2007 will mark the end of a battle period.
6)I hope 2007 will be better,smoother and peaceful

What will be will be~
The long awaited December,arriving soon.Thanks SY for such a wonderful time at IOR.You have been a great colleague,ever so supportive,caring and genuine.How nice if every workplace has such beautiful people.However, I'm sure there are always the bad eggs in workbasket.

Have grown to be a strong believer in Karma. Live karma,breathe karma, everything is just cause and effect......
I'm such a lucky person..... such a lucky person am I. dee dee dum..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To do

No one can cause you suffering -except yourself
No one can control your happiness- except yourself
Everyone takes advantage of us all the time -be happy doing!

Talk from Ajahn Brahm.
Thx NL for getting me back on track.

Kindness, compassion, sly virtue, may I be well n happy.All the ppl that I have encountered, may they be well and happy too. May I find peace in whatever little I'm doing right now...

Mm..time for more meditation- don't slack songie.U're so off track right now.



Staring at this blog almost foreign to me-as though this is not even mine. Just read a depressing blog just a while ago and current mood? Bland. Perhaps, Songie minus Jolliness is the word. What remains is a... blur, boring, lost person. :)

Maybe it's because I'm just not excited over stuffs? Maybe coz everything seems boring now. Yesterday, went for a halloween party, I kinda like it a lot actually!Although,it's odd the host thinks I'm boring myself to death, sitting in one corner, talking only when provoked. Then,I think of my family- it's odd,coz for a 'once-chatterbox' like me, I actually come from a very very quiet family. And, yes, I do have first-impression-phobia. Anyway,back to halloween party- most friends were wasted...well, bit tipsy..but nearly there. They do speak funny things and I really like listening to them! But if the spotlight turns to me, I gag and melt away.

I was dressed up as a 'scary' japanese 'ghost'...face painted blueish white (thanks to coloured mud mask),even the lips and painted a small part of my lips red with small red dot as cheek blush. Was thinking somewhere along the line of 'princess armidala' from star wars and 'the ring'. There were heaps of food...

Good fun! SIgh-as for today, missed out on Kathina Day at warburton. Had no transport and didn't wanna interfere with fellow friends coz they will be going there with their family. Like what I said to colleague -there's always next year....sigh.

Okies, time for exercise..

Midlife crisis?That life is not that interesting no more? mm..

Oh,fellow friends' bday yesterday 4th Nov,Jo-shall sms her later.