Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Dear Blig-

Happy New Year. Thanks for staying close by. Thanks for not failing on me. Thanks for being my virtual rubbish bin where I can just write anything and not let it bounce back on me. Thank you for your existence. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for 2006. It has been an exciting journey. The year of challenges- lots of changes-both beautiful and fulfilling. A year where I finally got my feet grounded and face slapped with reality. Just for the sake of growing up. Geez, we never stop learning, do we?

2007 resolution to Songie Loong
1) Study hard. Study REALLY REALLY hard. Study sooOOoOo HARD, that this is your NO.1 PRIORITY. Above anything else.
2) Work Hard. Work hard so that You won't lose your job. Hahahah!
3) Enjoy gat's company and everyone else's company- to be an excellent friend to the people around you and not let anyone bully you!!
4) Keep in touch with family and friends at home- your family is ur world.
5) Realize that 2007 is not an easy year for yourself ok.Prepare for 2008.

HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLING GAL. You're a wonderful person to yourself and you owe it to yourself whatever that you have set yourself to do. It's a life full of choices, and I pray you have the wisdom to distinguish which choice suits you best. And in the midst of choosing - I hope that you minimize the hurt which you can cause to the people(living animals/beings?) around you. And, if you have a bigger heart - which I sense, is shrinking, stretch out to those around you as well, and lend a helping hand whenever you can and able to.

(I'm so hungry now, I cannot really blog properly)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

ping poung

poing ping..poung piouing. pingo pongo....

Have u ever wondered...

- That your life is restricted to what ppl around you expect you to be? Somehow or rather, pressured/succumbed to it?
- That you don't have a slightest clue of what will happen in the future and that is both, exciting and unbearable?
- That the true fact is that, you cannot rely on anyone except yourself for decision making? That puts the full load of responsiblility back onto yourself and there's no way you can blame anyone for your own decision. (damn~)
- That friends can lend their shoulders for you to rely on...but, seriously, they've got their own set of problems too. Why overload them with more?
- That, I'm just bullshitting something which everyone else knows and I'm just regurgitating whatever that I have read in the past.

Yea, I'm bored, therefore, I blog.

Psst- If I plan for a christmas day bbq...would ppl come?For now, it's, say 3-4 px confirmed. I don't really mind if it's a small fact, it's even better. Estimate- 6-7 px?? hahah!! But, it's open to friends whom I, if u'd like to come, pls come to my place on christmas day/night - pls bring a plate - (full of food ) just in case, there's not enuf food and that I don't expect tat many ppl. Oh yea, pls let me know in advance.

Enuf blogging. Shall go amuse myself with something else.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Balik balik topic nie...boring ler!! also la!!! In short- I was elated to see so many familiar faces and felt soo sososo at home amongst the young-er youth... KCBA Youth Camp lives onn!!!!! Phee Witt!!! Phee Witt!! (bLiv me, this was wat I learnt from this camp) hehahahahaha....

HOME-What I love -

1) Being able to have white porridge with salted egg.
2) Able to go out after work hours..... for a drink, a meal, for a walk, sight seeing- anything!
3) Not working. LOL!!
4) Get frustrated over being BORED.
5) Sleep and not see the time - or date.
6) Have nasi lemak in the morning!!!!!!
7) Friends like being around and doing nothing.....
8) Jogging while chatting!!!
9) Walking while chatting!!!
10) KFC - Fried Chicken @ Tmn Klg Jya

What I dislike -

1) Feel like I'm wasting my time. Need-to-work-or-I-shut-down feeling.HAHHAH.
2) Eat a lot - tummy loads of oily stuff.
3) blur
4) - - - - - -

La l a la la.... bought a hindi movie - Kahbi Alvida Al Khena...or something. HAHAH. Fadz n I gonna watch soon. A Malay Gal + Chinese Gal went to an Indian shop to buy a Hindi movie. Chewah - globalisation la tuh!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tO PaY oR nOT to PaY?

Dearest Blig,

I've got this dilemma.I'm back home for the holidays and I am hoping that I wld be able to meet up with friends, family, etc etc. But,everytime I meet someone, I have this sudden urge/expectation to pay for the meet up. Most times, I really hope I get the privilege to pay for tea/dinner/lunch.But,it's getting too often.... and question is;where do I draw a line?Family members n relatives?Friends?Just close friends? But, what defines close friends?For me, I have many friends and many close friends..then how? Tricky, isn't it?

I guess I have learnt to adopt the -self payment- service,which I think is practical.Pay for wat u spend on and from what you have earned.Clearcut. In the 'chinese' culture- this is frowned upon. A.A. style is just too - 'brutal' and 'not-good-for-the-face'.One can also be classified as 'kiam siap'- tight ass --haha..actually-tight pocket. And, the degree in accounting makes it even more prominent.

I've come to learn tat-well,you cannot please everybody.Besides, I work hard for my money and it's only rightful that I decide on how and who I want to spend it on. Undue influence and invisible pressure just need to stay where they are.Far away.

In other words- expecting my friends to pay for me - I can say honestly,I don't favour it either.

I just need to let this out because I have this uneasy feeling.

** tight ass **

Friday, December 08, 2006

Mix UP

Dearest Blog-

I have mixed up feeling. Not entirely sure whether I shld announce to ppl that I'm home...or shld I just go around ...'bumping' into ppl or wait for the news to spread by itself like a virus attack. I also realize that most of my friends have their lives to live and have heaps of stuffs waiting for them and slipping me into their pre-packed,uptight schedule is almost impossible. So, mentioning my presence wld only create an 'obliging' feeling - she is here...better check when I shld meet up with her...yknow, just that, get-it-over-n-done-with feeling. LOL. I know most of my friends aren't like that...but I don't wanna be a nuisance either. That's the explanation of MIX. As-in- how do I approach this? Solution? Just don't. Just be. Just exist. And breathe.

Mom sticks to me like glue. Dad eyes me like a hawk. Sis is not bothered-as usual. Bro is missing in action -like always. Tat's family reunion for me. LOL. However retarded a family is- a family is always unique. Oh boy. ^-^ Wat a cynical. I'm talking to myself - how exciting.

Prolly coz I am lacking of attention. This is how being unemployed feels.(a holiday?? mm.. oooOOo.. waOOo.) This is how untrained mind works. Especially one like mine - monkeys around and literally find anything and everything amusing. ;) I shld go around telling myself - this is the best time to practice meditation..but oh NooOOo... there's NeVer a good time to do that. Oh no, I'm too busy for that. - lazybum (mind, rather?).

Asian games and news - so hooked on to it. My next best friend atm.
AND - can I forget -- my blog. Darling blog.
This goes to show - Home - is - really really -where ur heart is. That's all. Anywhere else is the same. At least, that 's what I think. (As long as there's internet, ipod, webcam, ..... sure. tat's where home is..oh boy. ^-^ ) I'm sane.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Comfy nye!!!

Ahh...bagus la-

Akhirnya, sampai jugak. Alhamdullilah. Gotta make some phonecalls....lots of catching up to do. I just hope that I will be able to sit still for at least 24 hrs....but, eventually, made one more phonecall..and tat's it - an appointment for tomorrow at night!

Miss ya Fadz,Miss ya Harlini--- email me sometime will ya???

Saturday, December 02, 2006



Yesterday was a farewell/sendoff to NL at the airport.After that,got stucked in traffic jam under the hot sun all the way back.Not fun.Not fun at all. Had to say sorry to mom,I had no energy left to make a turn to ChdStne,the large shopping mall. However, I made it to DFO. She simply, I;the opposite.However, got some few good stuff for myself which I really needed.

Today-yeay,my thing.Cherry picking.YAY YAY!fooddd...yum.haha!
Gonna miss e unit.How time flies.....fiewww....How comfortable I have become,comfortable with this new life that I lead.(not only comfy,but slack too!)