Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Dearie Blog,

Somewhat, mundane. I should look forward to something. But it seems to me that nothing much is interesting anymore. Just goals to achieve and achieving that. I wonder if the satisfaction is as great as I once step into the plan, once so determined to reach for the stars?
Or perhaps, I'm just meekly satisfied right now? lol.

Gosh- I'm so hard to please. Too much or too little of anything makes me edgy and jumpy. Lol. Must learn to control wants.

Okay- think good thoughts:

1) Friends catching up one by one. Wow..wedding bells and buying house and having little mini friends.... I can't wait to go home and see all these changes. It's as if I'm living in a crystal box, frozen in time and just watching life speed by back home. How do I feel about it? Quite excited, really.

2) I lost my organizer. :( Very unhappy about it. It's because I feel so unorganized now. My acc, my details, my planner, my time table, my appointments, my dreams, my to-do list, my to-buy list, ....agg. It's just frustrating. I need that organizer. Maybe one day, I should buy myself a palm pilot. Knowing that I cannot live without an organizer and been living with one since ......my teenage years.

3) Mm..for starters...at least plan for this 2 week holiday. What do I do? What should I do? What do I want to do?

Ok- late for work.
Oh yea, been reading this HILARIOUS- very funny book. Maybe, I shall write a short summary on it. Sometimes, I embarass myself by laughing out loud in the bus..lol.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

My thoughts atm

Mm...after reading some comments on various 'serious' blogs, I have come to a conclusion that some commentators, -

1) Feels personally offended over issues and lashes out with anger and frustration
2) Just out there to make a mess - real pest
3) Says something totally incomprehensible, except for super duper extravagant use of flowery english -once 'understood', realizes that the commentator knows nothing about the issue

All sorts of ppl out there. Sometimes it is interesting to get involved in the opinion-sharing-social-moment, but sometimes, I just feel tad irritated with these ppl up there. But it's good fun to read a bit of here and read a bit of there - and making own judgement and construct a conclusion/get the idea.

Friend A: Hi, Song! How are you?
Me: Hay..allright...
--- After other several miscellaneous chat---
Friend: What are you doing right now?
Me: I'm reading about polygamy
Friend: Oh..tat's paper folding right?
Me: ** speechless ** hahahahha!

Cuz stayed over the weekend and I think I was bored - so, was chatting and doing other 'menial' stuffs like cleaning the place and cooking, washing..the usuals.
Then, was chatting, one of my friend popped up on chatbox asking me when am I going back-coz our common friend is getting married.
Me: Wah..so many of my friends getting married or gonna have babies..
Cuz: Of course la, not something new for ur age group.....
Me: Think it's still too soon, for me at least.
Cuz: Ah? Still too soon ah? Not soon lorr...
Me: ** Cuz must be thinking I'm such a spinster **
Clears throat and strolls along---

This morning, went to Wbton-overdue Wesak day celebration. Drove up to the hilly side and savour the moment w cuz. The place is getting prettier n prettier by the day- Sadhu for all the well wishes...and familiar faces. My surrogate home. :)

I guess that's all for now. Opinion-ful, but, think I shld keep my thoughts chained up.
Happy blted bday-Nl. :) :) :)


Monday, May 21, 2007


I feel like re-vamping my blog. Feel like posting my opinions out loud. Feel like going vocal.
I need an outlet to express la....this blog seems insufficient to meet my needs. It's either I get a digital piano fast, or I'll explode. Lucky thing for some sort of exercise yesterday- and come communication going on last weekend. I'm restless. Tat's it. I'm restless. Cant' handle 'having nothing to do'..tat well.

go to: thecicak.com
I posted my opinion on the issue of polygamy. Watch me post more comments anywhere else in the internet world. I'm gonna invade soon...

The sudden urge to voice my opinion. Like, hay!!Listen to me!!! Lacking of attention..lol. :)

Keep me entertained....the tv box is useless.
I wanna do some analysis..... mm... throw me a topic - quick.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Pray for me-

The day has come. Pray for me.
May I have a calm, clear mind.
May I have good concentration, focus and quick, reflex.
I'm gonna spend the next few hours listening to music to calm me down... :)

And blogging.

mm- what i want to do next.
1) Burn CDs -all those musicals, classics, jazz, etc..and do what I love best- research on those pieces!! I want to catalogue all these beautiful compositions!!
2) Digital piano- quick quick quick!! Fingers getting rusty! (The only finger exercise I get is from typing..)
3) Back to exercise regime. Weekly aerobics, stepup, weights, jog!
4) I wanna do something with my rhythms and voice. I wanna sing & dance and play the drums
5) My concentration too- wanna meditate & go for Dhamma talks. slack!
6) SHOPPING!! Buy some new clothes. 2 yrs overdue.
7) Catch up with all the PEOPLE!!!
8) Clean clean clean -room, unit, vacuum, wipe, mop, dust, wash.
9) BAKE and COOK wonderful food..and distribute around. Try not to poison anyone...
10) CALL HOMEEEE.E..... gossip.

Okay. All fired up.... pray for me.......

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Night of the Fifth Moon

Fellow friends' book. Please support.....if u see it in ur nearest MPH bookstore.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thoughts at the moment2

Thx Ad Bk.
Separate issue -

CFO n Actng Mgr - I really enjoy working w them (altho AM is barely2 wks old in co).Find them a v. funny bunch, but also, highly calibre, knowledgeable, serious, honest, n professional. ^-^ Yeaay!! Enjoy work v much. Think my fellow colleagues regard me as a geek. LOL. Who cares, as long as I produce result....

Kambatehhh...fight is still not over. 2007 is still not over. But half the journey almost conquered. Ah, for this is life... every gain has its sacrifices... The bigger ur gain, the huger(lol) the sacrifices(nn..maybe not..maybe it's not directly co-related).Is it worth it?I don't know-u tell me.(Don't think u'll know either)

Bought meself lurvely flowers. Bloodshot red carnations with white outlinings.Beautiful thing.How much flowers can brighten the room...just amazing.Can't wait to play THE SIMS!!Build my own hse,buy furnitures,renovate the hse...this virtual world is just a fantastic place to live in.Can fast forward work time, never age, can increase $$ kachings by 'cheat buttons'....just perfect.

All my clothes unwashed,dishes laying in the sink, food packages in the kitchen, un-scrubbed toilet/bathroom, unvacuumed carpet....all at the expense of?laziness.

Celebrations for friends;well wishes - weddingbells(ad, etc etc), graduation(jo,bk), postgrad acceptance(cl), post grad graduation(sh,mrk), newfound friends(mch,mla,shln), unborn babies(nbr,mla,dlp), new job, new hobby (ma), uni acceptance(bee), baby (cy)

Wonder how lini n fadz is doing...mm...

One two three four five
Once I caught a fish alive,
Six seven eight nine ten
Then I let it go again

Why did u let it go
Because it bit my finger so
Which finger did it bite
The little finger on my right..... Usaha cikgu nurseri/taska tidak sia sia.....


Thursday, May 03, 2007


rude awakening.
think, song, think.
when bliss is bliss no more...
what is the best action -for the best possible result?
I don't know.
deal with it.
new situation.....