Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chapter Two

Chapter two comes with loads of excitement:

I give myself six months to warm my fingers.After that,it's more exploring and more reading and more learning. Practice today shows how terrible I have become. Sigh. Working on students' piece now -

1) Valse,Op.70 NO.2 Chopin (F minor)

Chopin's piano concertos (No.1 and No. 2) are two of the romantic piano concerto repertoire's most often-performed example

Note: His larger scale works such as the four ballades, the four scherzi, the Barcarolle Op. 60, the Fantaisie Op. 49, and sonatas have cemented a solid place within the repertoire, as well as shorter works like his impromptus, mazurkas, nocturnes, waltzes and polonaises taking a substantial portion of recorded and performed music. Two important collections are the 24 Preludes, Op. 28, and the ├ętudes Op. 10 and 25, which are a staple of that genre for pianists. In addition, he wrote several song settings of Polish texts, and chamber pieces including a piano trio and a cello sonata.

2) Sonate, Kv 284 Mozart (Allegro)

Tat's all folks.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Edgy Weird Feeling

It's the weather- blame something!

1) Travelling
Mmm..I really wanna go 'see the world' a little. Gonna take my time planning my Feb holiday. This time, it's not just sit@home and do nothing.This time,it's take my sunnies and go out. :) I think I deserve a holiday...since....I graduated. The only holiday in-between these crucial period,was when I went to Thailand w Ma n relatives..and also my last trip home...oh okay..and also the Great Ocean Rd trip.heheh..actually I shldn't complain horr...hahaha..

2) Asian Food
These few days,I had some weird asian food craving.Yesterday during lunch break, I decided on eating wanton soup for lunch.There I was,sitting with this bowl of hot steaming noodle soup....with huge prawn wanton... slurping away. Today, after groceries, I just couldn't help myself,pulled a really pitiful face with bit of anger..almost gonne eat-somebody if I wasn't brought to the Vietnamese place to have some Vietnamese noodles.Ahh....tummy feels so good now. I've had enough of cold sushi for lunch and home cooked rice & vegies & meat all the time. Even Nl's anticipation to cook noodles (it's fried,like mamak styled!)didn't sound enticing to me at all.Tomorrow? Hahah it's YUM CHA, dim sum with cuzzie,& Mch! :) I'm pampering myself with food for these few days...gimme a break.

3) Mr K
XBoss came down with pneumonia. HOpe he gets better soon.

4) Chapter Two
Still v.slow start. Engine v. cold. Think ..I'll start browsing now...

5) Back to NO.1
I wonder if I should travel a bit.....around the country. Mmm.... maybe next time.Stop being so ambitious, chapter two not finish yet, my thoughts are already flying away!! Sigh..I'm insatiable.

I'm sooooo...... the monkey in me....just can't sit still!!!! I miss my friends.....


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Thoughts


Mmm maybe I should plan a short holiday for myself.Somewhere next year.Bring mom n dad somewhere.Thinking up north,thailand,vietnam,but they've got thoughts on west msia.Then I realize that I'm not much of a travelling person huh!Okay,resolution 08-Travel with mom n dad!!

Hard work. Influential people. Opportunities at just the right time right place.Supportive friends and family(& extended family).Right attitude to the right people and right situation.All just seems-so-right.

Chapter Two
Have not even flipped a single page yet!! Lazying around....'s so near yet so far....have to snap out of the holiday mood.WAKEUP!!! Okla- need to buck up soon.

Actually, to be honest,I'm just squeezing words to type onto this blog.In actual fact,I've got nothing to say.So, the usuals lor,gratefulness ah, reviewing my yearly plan ah....friends and family repetitive.

Ma&Pa doing allright.Bee also.Kor also.No major disastrous event.I should feel v.lucky. The past seems fine, the present, endurable, the future, aiyah,whatever will be will be la....
no one to annoy it's good.Mmm...I should be on seventh heaven right now. :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm insane


My mood changes like the weather here in this country.Skejap hepi,skejap moody,skejap crazi,skejap gloomy....apala...! Meditation practice really not there.Hardly lasts a couple of breaths. Say,5, then, I get restless, and then, start wandering off again.What is thiisss.... ?! However,at work, concentration, tip top condition.Sometimes, I even think that I have so much I want to do at work,I don't even feel like going home. Yea, these are the pangs of a workaholic. I don't deny that I am one.I sometimes feel I don't work enough.

Anyway- tat's just crap-the paragraph above.Whinging mood.Partly coz I am reading up on China's communism era.Food for thought,and it is definitely influencing my feelings a lot.I think about it often.Making me feel bit depressed over what had happened.And, I admit,I don't know much about history.

On a separate note,I had just gotten a comment from Ad for not having his pic on my blog April-Memories. LOL!Ad,u're in my tots from time to time- lah. There are a couple of friends I fondly reminisce and feel grateful for.(Ppl like u,bk,fm,my,....always 'around' *hugz*) There are some friends whom I deeply miss. There are friends whom I come to terms that,long distance really pose a problem in maintaining a strong and close friendship.Then-came the age-old words of wisdom:

Life moves on...

In a very harsh way,realistically speaking, dad used to jokingly say, "out of sight,out of mind". For some, it's quite true.But those whom had left seriously strong impression tend to linger on for quite some time into the future.Perhaps, these people will consider a re-visit/meet-up again in our later stage of life.Who knows?This, I leave it to the law of karma and let it work by itself. Self-examine: At least,I know that I have tried my best to offend as little people as possible, and to make an impact onto as many people's lives as possible.My deep regrets?For not being able to stick around;be by my parents' side as often as I should have, as close as I could have. A feeling which, haunts me, and stays with me as long as I'm away.. no one to blame, no one is in the wrong either. It's just the way of life, different lives to be lived. Just like the migration of heaps of chinese abroad during the old days - ie,taiwan, malaysia, singapore....

Perhaps, I'm digesting what I used to quote: Home IS where your heart is,and never where you are.

The book is seriously making an impact...the power of literature..


Monday, July 16, 2007

2007 Chapter 2

Dear Blig,

Chapter One has ended. Now it's time to move on to Chapter Two.

Sudden changes in Chapter Two

1) Work responsibilities had increased. Therefore, time spent at work would inevitably increase as well- would surely affect point no.2

2) Back to books round two! No more reading about kuomintang and communism, no more reading about cows, backpacker's spiritual experience, bengalis, punjabs, persians, jews, muslims... Now it's time to get real again!! It's war!!!!! Pray I start early. Supposed to start this week...... slack already.Start the engine!

3)Chapter Two -- mm..what else? Okay, tax return. The usual. That's a pain, as usual.

4)This chapter story outline - to be continued...... no time to type.

Luv - PingPong


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


:D :D :D :D :D
Isn't he cute??

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ahh.. Piccies of Songie's Adventure

Ahh... after 4 days-1 week of full excitement,I've come to terms with the reality. :) Had a good nights' sleep yesterday,waking up only at 10am.

Last weekend: Went GrtOcenRoad w the boys.

Thurs: Shg got his car, I got my piano.
Fri: Waiting in anticipation..came back- and voilah!! Assemble..etc etc.

Sat: P-warm fuzzy feeling,played guitar for her.Evening, had a great night out w the boys for shanghai noodle (mine wasn't as good...) & dumplings (yummy!)Bought myself another book-coz the last one, read it,enjoyed it & passed it on.

1) Book: Holy Cow!
Author: Sarah McDonald


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The moment has arrived..

Dearie blig,
I'm so fidgety right's almost 15 mins to end of work time.Can't wait to get home and open my prezzie!!!! AAggg.g..g.g.g.g ..

Whole day, laughing, smiling, giggling, I'm feeling like a 3 yr old waiting for her toy. Staring, wide eyed, sparkling ....

Okay, better close this off before I get caught out...
My MC wasn't wasted afterall..WAKKAKAK...


short one

Dear blig,

Just a short blog.I couldn't sleep yesterday-out of excitement.Woke up at 4,5,6,7...:) I'm just agitated coz I won't be around when the delivery guy comes. Can't wait to go home then.

Check for
2)any scratches
5)sound, all the buttons work
6)Headphones work
7)Manual- read it through n through

I'm just-too excited. The sound is just gorgeous...well, I don't have it physically with me right now..but I imagine it to be- just the same as in the pianohouse.

All the thoughts of getting students together and playing came back again. I'm gonna start teaching again- in my own place.Next time, in my own house. I want to research the music software..gonna buy that later. I'm gonna check out more digital find my next one!

Today is a beautiful day....



Best day.

As a reward for cleared papers- I got myself a digital piano today. Yea... A DIGITAL PIANO!!
can u believe it?? I can't! *rubs eyes few timess* yea. A digital piano. It hasn't arrived yet.I haven't even paid the full price yet. But i've paid a deposit. The sound is BEAAUUTIFUL.....

Finaly I got one!!! Although, nothing beats the REAL thing...but I'm working on it.(Hahhaha..literally WORKING on it!) I can spend hours on the piano noww.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.....from ...monday onwards..... I can finally breath! That's all I want. What more could I ask for? (HAHAH..of course, apart from - different 'stages' of pianos..) Also, apart from,-prolly be investing on a music software - which is gonna cost me a bomb too...but according to the guy,I get a discount!!! :)

Mmm..seriously.Now, what more could I ask for??!?!! I think, in my life, my life pursuit is, to purchase beaucitul pianos...!!! ...

Yesterday, it's so odd.
I dreamt of a very nice event
I dreamt that I had band practice and had heaps of clarinets lying about.As I used to do, started gathering all those students(juniors) and made them clear all theose instruments lying about towards the band room. Then, I had my saxaphone and was playing away -trying to show some students how to play them.I woke up remembering most of the event. Until now,I still have that comfy feeling when I did that gig and the feeling of being in band - like how I used to feel when I was 15. When music was my life...

Now, I have to make-do and compromise. I have to work my way. I have to earn a reason to enjoy music at a discounted level of sound quality. Well, that is all beginning to take shape. Ah!!! This IS heaven-sent!!!

Learning music is such an essential skill in life. . . . . .. am I gonna fall asleep tonight? I have been talking about this event since I stepped out of the shop!!!! and its midnight now. Calm down Song. The instrument will arrive soon....