Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dear Blig,

I'm starting to talk to myself again. :)

1) Big 30 this year. Love it!
2) Find that there is great improvement in my music appreciation and understanding. The point where the music sinks in and you just forget about all the theory and live it. It's something like the Buddhist teachings as well, you can learn all the terminologies and remember all the precepts...but one day, the day you live it, that is when you breathe it. Er, sthing like that.

3) Teaching is such a wholesome feeling. Love it! Can't believe, the one year music break allowed me to let things settle. When I teach now, I am much more confident, calm, and I execute much better. I guess, it is important, because, when one is relax, creativity kicks in and I read my students better. Also,all the hard work in the past also pays...for now I discern books faster, I can be much more selective in my music repertoire as well as the theoretical needs to suit the individual.

4) I'm feeling quite contemplative today, I think. :D Not really sure. I just came back from teaching this student and her mom had invited me to dinner two weeks in a row now. A music teacher gets the privilege to be involved in the emotional aspect of the student's life. (And subsequently chooses the suitable piece of music to suit the student and achieve maximum benefit)

5) I wonder if listening skills is an acquired skills, and not something to be taken for granted?

6) Teaching music is an act of sharing/giving. How much this helps me balance my self centred life? Tremendous. No words can describe. Playing music is also an act of sharing/giving. Share and give to those who wish to receive.

May I re-kindle my life fundamental principles.
May I remind myself of noble aspirations
May I remember the kindness and generosity of others in the past and present whom had influenced and guide me to where I am at present. (Why do I feel that I have become the big headed, egocentric person I thought I would avoid becoming?)

Noble aspirations to be reminded time and again and I hope I start again.
Happy Tiger New Year-