Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Short Entry

Work is good work is great..colleagues are heavenly! ^-^
Will go for a day training next thurs.

FMBK visit last whole week
Trip to tulip farm and animal sanctuary (so much better than the zoo)
To post pics soon

This Sat-Pam again
Sun-Hindu temple w NL&Arv?? & Bodhivana's fundraising charity dinner

To do: Blog bout NL,my dear hsemate

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Dearest Journal,

Sunday already? Lotsa things happening this weekend. On Friday after work, I had my worst facial EVER! I totally loathe it.So sorry for the beautician...but she is terrible!She slaps heaps of watever on the face and roughly rubs it all over,ignoring places like lips,ears, god.Then,she stings liquid over my already sensitive cheeks,occassionally saying, am I supposed to relax when you've got moisturisers in the creeks of my teeth,nose,and earlobe?!Terrible..terrible..simply terrible.

As for yesterday,I spent the whole day with this lovely lady,running her errands.P,lady with MS,unable to use her bodily functions except her head,is a registered nurse and definitely knows what she wants.It is hard to imagine a disabled person's agony,just to run simple things like,buying a drink. I had a challenging time;going about asking people for directions,finding the lifts(no way..!),operating the electric wheelchair and trying to listen to her soft,instructing voice amidst loud music at the background.

Sometimes, I wonder,the distinction between volunteering and paid work.I have come to terms that a reasonable reimbursement for the effort will not hurt,especially when it is a simbiosis exchange.However,true quality volunteering is putting 100% effort with no expectation of any kind of return.So,for now,I'm only half volunteer. Mm,better than none.

By the end of the day,she was pleased with the outcome and I was pleased with the effort. Put a smile on my face for some time...what a nice side effect!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dearest Blog

Aussiebloke: Hie,I'm Daniel
Me: Hi!I'm Song
Aussiebloke: That's nice.As in sing song,Song?
Me: Yea.That's right. Song.
Aussiebloke: your surname,Sing? As in Sing Song?
Me: No.In fact,my surname is Long, as in Song Long,a long song.
Aussiebloke: NICE!I LIKE!

Er..??you must be kidding

Typical aussie housewarming party at L&J's place.Beautiful place. Like the ones in interior designer books. Would love to have a place like that - somewhat modern-ish.
This country is SO multicultural-Greek,Italian,Fijian,Canadian,English,Indian(and mix indian),Chinese(and mix chinese)...and J's friends,travel crosscountry workaholics(how can travelling+work+young=not fun???).L's friends,photographers,artistans,a bit like 'life is all about colour'.

These few weeks have been upbeat(and more to come).Trip to the zoo,movie "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna",Mr&Mrs K's plc,Hello n Gdbye party for L&J,soon,going off to S's plc to learn make Fijian roti(don't know how Fijian can tat be!).

Upcoming events:FM&BK's visit (whoohhoh!come on ppl!!),Sis's bday,Pam day outing,more hsework....(neverendingprocess),jobhunt,taxreturn filing,car fixing.



Thursday, September 07, 2006


Finally, got a steady footing again. Back to getting myself occupied again....and not lying around sulking or worrying or thinking of PURE NONSENSE!

GET UP!and Start something rolling again.
Today is a good start. Let's hope tomorrow continues to be productive & fulfilling.

Keep focused.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


"Happy is he who has lofty and noble aspirations. Happy is he who enriches the lives of others. Happy is he who allows others to live in peace. Happy is he who makes this world a better place to live in. Happy is he whose work, chores and daily tasks are labours of love. Happy is he who loves love".

Ven K. Sri. Dhammananda

Monday, September 04, 2006

Chief Reverend

My third attempt to post something up re Chief Reverend.

I don't know what to say.A very heavy thump-just a very heavy heart.

He is my 'Father' figure, the person who introduced to me the best gift of my life-the Dhamma.

He taught The Way.

'What is the purpose of life,Chief Reverend?' And he answered it confidently,calmly and naturally -just as if, he was explaining it to an attentive 3 yr old girl, searching for affirmation and a guide.

One day,I took my friends to go for his Dhamma talk.He was about to start his talk,when,it got distrupted because a layperson had just passed away and her family members seek his assistance in conducting the funeral rites. So,unexpectedly, we all were invited to a funeral nearby.There,he gave his talk on Death. And my friends got to listen to the profound teachings of the Dhamma and what it is all about-do good,do as much good in this life,because,you never know when it will be the end.

Chief Reverend,K.Sri Dhammananda, you have inspired so many, and I am just one of the large FLoCK of ignorant laypeople. You showed the way and practiced well. Like incense, your kindness is spoken of by many and your teachings spread far and wide. I thank you for everything, and I too, bow down low to you.May I follow your example and practice well.Coz,that's what you have been teaching all these while....may it not go into deaf ears.

Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo
Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo
Idam me natinam hontu, sukhita hontu natayo

ps/may I request for a small picture of Chief Rev? (ML-FM,pls?)