Friday, September 25, 2009

Balik Kampung

Hi Blig,

In few hrs, gonna takeoff soon. Rasa tak sama ler. Rindu? Tak, Sayang? Tak jugak. Takut? Mm..mungkin. Takut kerja bykbyk masa holidayyy!!! Lol. Slacker. Holiday tak mcm holiday langsung...... kalu balik kampung, pasti byk kerja. Kerja makan! hahah..

Rindu sgt Lini, Rindu sgt Fadzline. Ntah kenapa kawan kawan nih.... paling extraordinary. Because kitorang ketawa byk byk. Share the same religion, religion ketawa. hik hik hik!! :D :D

Okay, calm down.The fact is, I bawak 23 kgs ler.Haiihh...mcm mner nieeee...!!kALAU mesti bayar, bayer lerr.... :( :(

Okay, tat's all. Sembang sembangjer before flight. hik hik.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fruitful Sunday


Friday came and went.Then, Saturday. Now, before you know it, it is Sunday already! Time- how it is so relative to the good and bad times we have.Say, if I am having a terrible day, it may feel like hours before the day is over. But if I am having a wonderful day, it feels just like, minutes have gone past.

This weekend is sort-a a musical weekend,wannabe. What was intended to happen, did not, but what wasn't really expected to be,turned out beautiful instead. Ligeti piano recital turned out to be a fruitful shopping spree whilst an unwanted community choir turned out to be a splendid performance! Also, the long awaited growing eggplants turned out to be a slug and snailfest just after the delightful rain. Sigh! What is good is not exactly good, what is bad, ain't that bad afterall! I'm starting to speak rhyme.

On average, the weekend was peaceful. And that is what matters most. The state of equilibrium is always a favourable mood, for me, at least. I had mundane stuffs done, exciting moments appearing every now and then, and most of all, I had good fun. Thank you lovable people!

Current musings include: snowpeas, carrots, bokchoy, capsicum, tomatoes, lettuce seedlings, eggplants (#2) and chillis.

Performance a capella was breathtaking. I love a capella. Those boys were magnifito! And so were the other 70+ ladies! Again,I repeat again, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The company were good too- meeting new people and enjoying it with the love of my life, music! ahhaah! And Milo of course.

Songie Pongie Mongie.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 11 09 -Friday

Dearest Blig,

Thought I should pop by and say hi. Have finally gotten someone to archive this for me. My young 'worker' is still slack. Need to kick him in the bum! :D But,soon...'my precious' will be stored away, nicely tucked in my little book of memories. :) All these happy events, to be reminisced when I'm 'older'. Heh,I read it every now and again when I have a chance, does that mean I have lived a ripe full age?

Been hooked to this other blog lately. and I really like the way the blogger articulates her joys in life. Of course,one of my enjoyments in life includes gardening and her blog simply spells 'love for gardening' bright bold.Simply a joy to read/look at pictures.Certainly gave me lots of ideas too,about gardening-especially for an amateur enthusiast like me.

I woke up feeling really good today.Took me a while to get to this state of mind.Been a roller coaster, whirlwind,stormy mix of emotions,thinking and planning the past few months. It's these calm feeling one has to take the opportunity to write it all down,served as a gentle reminder-that it is achievable, yet once again.All it takes is to prepare the mind before going to bed, have a good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and less thinking-clutter! And a bit of contentment :)

Time to walk to work today-after many months of four-wheel driving.Sigh,what do u do when you have luxuries in life? You live it-at the expense of health.(well,not all...gain the fancy word of convenience?)ah, can argue at all sides.. :D :D

Mm.. how should I dice and splice my bloggie once it has been transported to a backup copy? Am thinking of a revamp, how about a dot-com? Well,let's not get too far ahead of myself, just start with, saving the juicy bits. :) :) Speaking of juicy, may there be in abundance of tomatoes this coming season, juicier than ever, juicier than last year!!! Whoopieee!!

Time to go to the loo.