Thursday, June 23, 2005

Piano Teacher

A good piano teacher(or rather,music teacher)plays an extremely important role in developing your interest in this area for LIFE.I have a really really dedicated and supportive piano teacher.(And loads of music influence/other teachers around me as I grow up)

Just now,my piano teacher's husband came over to tune my piano.(He is a piano tuner).He actually insisted on coming to tune the piano with the actual intention to have a lengthy chat with me.I truly appreciate that gesture.Topics ranging from whatz happening next door,to the music arena,to the prospects of this field,to what the heck am I studying.All in all,there's definitely loads of new information to digest and weigh.

Apart from that 'hmph,what course are you taking?'tone,he actually expanded my awareness in the vast field music possess.Somewhat,it challenges me not to limit myself by saying,my fingers are already stiff.Stiff it will not be!My aspiration to grasp and absorb much more is at its peak now.Of course,and also to churn it out for my future student's benefit. :)

I hope,when times are low,that I turn back to this page to revive my aspiration and not give up.I hope that when I feel that I can go no further,that, I remind myself of my goal and strive harder.

My hope?To be able to teach higher grades.Real challenge.It's not easy to be able to do that.Must be technically competent,critical,sharp,knowledgeable, flexible,good communication required with a little bit of creativity(when it comes to dealing with children,teenagers..and also,parents).

Then,be able to teach teachers,teach educators to be better educators.Cewah.Now being very ambitious ler now.^-^ Then,on leisure/constant basis,hold performance classes/masterclasses,choir classes,sharing of music,jamming session,...geez, I definitely need to get someplace far away from housing area for the level of noise I'm anticipating.LOL!

A place where musicians,amateurs,music lovers can meet up and learn together.Like the penang MPRhythm or something-which is flourishing pretty well.Of course,not only music,but Arts,too.Where my sister can do her part. ( )

I'm just a piano teacher. Or am I jUST a piano teacher? *wink*


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Bk said...

Hi Songie,
I agree with you that a good music teacher plays a crucial role in instilling your interest in music for life. My first few years of piano lessons were exam-oriented, hence I did not have a broad repertoire. However, I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. GUy Cremnitz for a piano teacher when I did my diploma. She is really the most gentle person on earth and I initially wanted to take up music because of her encouragement. I recently received an SMS from her, and it said " Don't give up playing piano because you are good." It really made my day, because its been 7 years since I got my diploma, and I haven't seen her since 1999. A few words of recognition can move mountains.
May you excel in this field and create more music miracles. Good luck!

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous ade ishs said...

A good piano teacher also serves a role as a music teacher... a quality that not all piano teachers have...

At 5:02 AM, Blogger Songie said...

A quality which I intend to have. :) Hie .....will link your page to mine soon ya... sorry for the LONGGGG delay.


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