Sunday, June 05, 2005

To blog? blog.

Watz been happening today?Well,tired out.Sang my lungs out.Today,it's one day where I heard this fellow colleague sing like a real professional.He has one really good voice.Waaoo.Of course,the ladies have beautiful voice as well,no doubt.But it's rare to have me go 'wao,now tat's REALLY good voice' to a guy.Loads of songs to sing.I love chinese songs but going to force myself to learn up the lyrics.An inspiration to read chinese.I'm so tired now.

One of my colleague(ymh)whom I'm getting closer to,well,she tells me that she has this band playing later tonight-was asked to fill in the keybordist & vocal position.The cool thing is,she just tells me and just shrugs it off.(i'm like,"keewll")Anyway,this lady is an audio engineer,classical piano diploma holder as well as an aspiring drum player.I'm just gonna learn the audio part from her-man,she's good!

It's just music the whole day through.I wish I had my listening skills tuned up since I was young.Especially,to have it tuned in a way that I am able to play the piano by ear.Early in the morning,got the opportunity to get my friends' gf(now,my friend too!)to play a couple of songs over the piano.She is next best person to Iman,who both,play by ear.One thing which I'm determined to learn in due time.

I'm gonna start revising my hearing skills since I have taken the effort to pick up on theory,dance and sight reading for the past year plus.

Everyone should learn an instrument.Everyone has the potential to express themselves through music.


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