Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Everyday Thoughts

What are thoughts that popped up during the day?
Unique in some ways.There are loads of good points but still some others which we lack so much.I like to 'mamak' a lot.Just came back from a short conversation with JL.When JL was bz on the phone,I busied myself just by looking at how the staff work.The Indian guy in the canai section,the malay lady in the maggi mee section.Let's not even try to classify in terms of race.Coz,I could be wrong.Someone once told me that opening a restaurant is like immediate ATM machine.Liquidity in cash.So,go open a restaurant.LOL!*pls read disclaimer-unquote*

Read somewhere,2 interesting thing.
1)Almost 80% of our day,we occupy thoughts relating to self.What I want to do,where I can go,how I want things done,so-n-so.(Mmm..maybe wrong for those in r/ship)
2)Thoughts do not belong to the 'self'.If I were to dig out the source of my thoughts,it must have been picked up from somewhere else.(Ajahn Brahm's book)
It was difficult to swallow at first,since I'm so ego driven by my own thoughts.At times,proud of what I'm churning.But,there's truth in tat statement.

Times like these,is when I can stop to think,observe,take time out to-mm..meditate?My other thoughts for today: agenda for the week lined up-
wed night-metta meditation in BGF.Sat-satipatthana meditation,Sun-blood donation,Rumah Hope.Next monday-Yamaha 'Music Theory for Young Children'.
This is the 'brownie point' week.^-^

Heartbreaking news.Should I repair my laptop for RM1200???Or *gulp*,buy a new one for much more than that amount??Expenses keeps on coming in...there's my CPA annual subscription fee overdue as well.Car needs air-con fixing,I realize.Nearly lost my job in Tchcs today and my YMH placement is over.Should I take up a short term job of 2 weeks?mm... :O
Greedy?Don't think so.I just have high expenses.sigh.

Good chat with JL.Thx for spending the few hrs despite the tiredness written on ur face.Basically talks about work & other stuffs.Just good to meet up. :)
It takes a lot out of someone in the corporate field.Unless you have the apt for it,
and flexible to the kind of change in oneself.It gets much more heated up if the competition is stiff.Some ppl love the competition-drives to excel.Admirable.Some others,things just flow accordingly,with or without a bit of hard work.Ah!Life!


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