Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ah! Blog

I'm gonna start work soon again.Leave will be I better blog as much as I want now before I get back to buzy buzy wok wok wok.Sigh.Gonna miss ungodly hours like now,typing away,browsing,and 'checking out'.Suddenly feel like blogging today.Somewhat emotional.

My car(mom's/dad's car)needs a compressor change.RM500.... sigh. I have got a request for sponsorship/donation to a buddhist camp-which,I'm still currently on-the-fence(undecided).Honestly,when it comes to donation,I would like to give it at own free will,not requested.It's at that point of time where I feel exceptionally grateful and with tat kind of sincerity,do I think the donation is worthwhile.Not out of obligation.Agh,I think too much.

Mm.A few weeks back,one of the boys in the Rumah Hope just looks at me and asks me:"Sister,your eyes,ah,very special.From afar,it looks pitch black,but closeup,it's brown.Very nice."Words like these can make my heart flutter and melt.Tat look on his face,with amazement-makes me feel like a goddess!

Just two days back,another trip to Rumah Hope,many things happen which makes me feel warm and fuzzy until today.Upon leaving,this particular kid,as usual,shakes my hand(and others) after the session.This time,he puts his head/face towards my hand,in which he clasp with both hands(a normal,malay culture,a sign of respect to those older-normally,to parents).If he held my hands any longer,I would shed a tear.


I gave one of my book that means a lot to me to a girl in the Home.I hope she keeps it close to her heart as I did.She may find it much more relevant to her than to me now that I am way down the road from my teenage years.It was a gift to me,and I'm simply passing it down as a gift to someone else.....

AH! enough pondering.
Now is a moment of


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