Saturday, June 04, 2005


:) :) :) :) ^-^ mm... these 'emoticons' so limited edition.Not enough to describe.

dumm ddeeeee..dee dee dum.Had a good meetup today as well in Ikea/Igano,DU.I got myself cool earrings and one nice top.yay.Not much of a shopper but had this shopping craze suddenly?Mm.Hugz to Charissa,JoA,Mlene&KV.(n bf too *wink*)Whom graciously spent almost the whole day with me just eating,chatting,walking,seeing things in DU..which for me,it's like ..wahhh...wowww...ohh...weee... hehe."suaku".Never been out for such long time,I think.

Just smiling all over.Going to be a good weekend.It IS a good weekend actually.Tomorrow,meeting up with YMH colleagues for a karaoke session.Yayyy..can't wait to sing again.See what choice of songs they have in store.They're so full of ideas.

These few days,I have friend's gf staying over with me,BK(FM's gf).wakakakak...loads of laughter,exchange of ideas and thoughts.Such a dear person.I'm glad things are working out.^-^ She is truly an amazing lady.There's just so many times I stare at her blankly and go silently 'now,tat's a good thought'.

Mm..what else?Well,I'm still thinking about yesterday's gathering.Makes me feel soooo...warm,fuzzy,embarassed too.I got a card stating 'congratulations' and honestly,all I can think of is 'WHAT?!'Congratulate me on what?!I so wish the card comes 2 yrs from now when I get my paper.I don't think I qualify for that card yet.(unless I get married within these 2 yrs..yea...the card sounds valid though).lol!

Oh yea,another friend is getting married and I got the invitation card today.Eppy eppy news coming from all over.Erm ah,the wedding is 2 weeks from now,after my last day of work. :)

The whole day(going to be the whole month)..the only song in my head playing is-"all my bags are packed,i'm ready to go...i'm leaving ...on a jetplane...etc etc"- John Denver. Boy,I like his song lyrics.Same like 'perhaps love'.His lyricist and I think of things the same way(for these two songs,I guess).

Bold step in the making.
I'm so in the mood to type now! Will go to ejournal to type...lolll..... lurvely...
yay..and what better way to express than a session of karaoke tomorrow!!!!wowwee junior juice!


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Bk said...

Hi SH,
Thanks a lot for letting me stay over! You're such a dear as well, and like I said, it was really a pity that we didn't know each other earlier. Congrats on taking the big step foward-am really proud of you. You'll do great!
Take care and keep in touch!


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