Friday, June 03, 2005

Surprise Farewell

I will definitely blog about today.Definitely.

What a surprise....what a total 'huh?!' :) Dear ol'friends who made the effort and enjoyed the company,laughter and just plain -it's-good-to-meet-up- session.*hugsss TO ALL* Really took me by surprised..sorry,it takes a bit of time for it to register into my head that it is a farewell gathering for me.I really didn't know.I guess,this time,I'm really fooled.

I love u all so much.Somehow,I'm just so blessed with such good ppl around me.It's an honour.What happened was there was a gathering where many of my ol'friends(who else,KCBA gang) turned out & with cake to add to the occassion,(of which I thought was for another friend).

Although,there were odd moments of silence,but I love it all.The silence,the noise,the laughter,the blurness in me.I didn't know that ppl still do these kind of thing(surprse farewell stuffs)at such an age where all are busy with own lives and probably more worried over 'marriage arrangements' or 'career involvement'.

Simply beautiful.
This is a day to remember.Thx to mm...shld I mention names?FM,BK,MY,JL,WF,YS,CY,WH,CAT,LJ,WL,FC,GW,TR,LJ's neighbour...did i miss anyone out?Uncle too.

so touched. *speechless*


At 12:14 AM, Blogger feichai said...

Hrrr.. :(( Why wasn't I involved in the "surprised". No one called me :((

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Songie said...

sorry dude.I wasn't informed of the surprise!Don't think u know the organiser-FM.^-^ hayy..just remembered-u've got incovar to attend to??sorry i ffk them. :( sorry.

At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Bk said...

I can vouch for SH on that, she didnt know what all of us were up to. :)
SH,it is because you are such a great person, that you have been rewarded with sincere friends who care about you and want you to be happy. Am glad that you were actually "surprised" rather than "i know what all of you are up to" hehee.
Do keep blogging and let us know what you are doing there. And dont forget to get a digicam so that you can share your pics online!
Take care


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