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Composer Biography -Classical/Romantic Period

Classical period

1)Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Good friends of Mozart.Doc in the art of music in the University of Oxford.Wrote the former national anthem of Austria.Completed Sonata Form.Taught Beethoven the art of counterpoint.Fondly addressed as Papa Haydn.Spend most of his life working for Esterhazy Court.Brought together symphony,string quartet,piano sonata.Wrote many trios.1026 performances of Italian operas in 10 yrs!(1780-1790).(wealthy-highly paid)Consolidated roccocco music into sonata principle.Least neurotic of the great composers!lol!!Not child prodigy,but work his way up,creatively.

2)Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(1756-1791)
Wellknown as child prodigy.(Genius).Son of the royal composer,Leopold Mozart of Austria.Died young & poor(pauper).Near end of his life,composed "Requiem",which was unfinished to an unnamed patron.Met Haydn at the age of 25.Married Constanze,the middle child of the Weber family.Spendrift.Highly critique of his fellow musician,peers.

Late classical to early romantic period

3)Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Became deaf later his years but continue composing.I would say,Father of Romantic period.Equated to Shakespeare.Learned from Haydn and Mozart but not really keen.Developed own style.32 piano sonatas.Nearing to becoming deaf,his composed his 'Fifth Symphony',which,somewhat relates to his fate.

4)Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy(1809-1847)
Jew-German.Died from overworked and stroke.Second child of a jewish banking family.Child prodigy as well.Famous piece-"Midsummer Night's Dream".Grandson of the famous philosopher-Moses Mendelssohn.His pieces are compared to many many composers,probably because he sets an inpetus to early romantic period?

5)Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828)
Romantic.Master of melodies.Long extensive melody as subject matter compared to Beethoven.Simply adores Beethoven,even died a year later than him.(diehardfan?)Son of a schoolteacher.Short,wear specs,students call him 'Little Mushroom'.Studied law a while but still went back to music.Enjoys composing,less of a performer.Not really sociable person.

*Schumann (who attempt to commit suicide and turned insane)
*Chopin (Nocturne)
*Berlioz (To find out)
*Liszt (To find out)


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Hey Songie
this is really informative. I did a project for my teacher during my diploma year but it was on the different forms of music-cantata, canon, aria etc.. Learning about the lives of these amazing composers is much more interesting! Keep up the good work.
Btw... u mind telling me which website to go to to check for the course that you are attending?

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Songie said...

hay bk :)
doing some reading,using blog to keep information before my assignments. :)
go to (australian courses).what are you looking for in a course?Subject?Fees?Pre-requisites?Email me.:)


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