Thursday, June 16, 2005

Entry-quick one

Let's backtrack -
Fri 17/6 - Last day work
Thurs 16/6- fetch sis from college -back 1130pm(and typing blog now)
Wed 15/6 -KLIA,send FM off
Tues 14/6 -Screwed up at work,Got my laptop,screwd up and ended up at home chatting with JL 130am(just to make my mood much better.thx dude,and sorry,FM) and loads of ppl calling in,dunno why.-(elaine,wm....)
Mon 13/6 - cannot remember
Sunday 12/6- Karaoke,KCBA bunchies. Rumah HOpe
Sat 11/6- Work
Fri 10/6 - cannot remember...

Okay...cannot remember.


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