Sunday, June 26, 2005

This week

Wowee ...
1 whole week of feeling unemployed.Mm...good!ehehehe.My last day of work was last friday 17june and from then on,it's waking up late and totally bumming around.Woh.How good is tat?I'm feeling a bit mooshy/topsy turvy today..probably due to the whole week.Loads of emotional turmoil going around.

My secondary friends' father passed away last Monday.Idam me natinam hontu,sukhita hontu nyatayo.I pray,and pray and pray...seeing her being so sad somewhat makes me feel so helpless.

Friday(17/6) last day of work
Saturday(18/6) whole day Dhamma Enrichment Camp-Ven Yifa
Sunday(19/6) with dad-Engelbert Humperdick in Genting Highlands(Father's Day)
Monday(20/6)-Fetch mom from KLIA & received Barathi's father's news
Tuesday(21/6) morning-funeral,afternoon, errand running
Wed to Friday(22-4/6)-Packing and errand running & bumming
Saturday(25/6)-ML,Winfrd,CY,Annie, and at night,dear friends' wedding-YShun
Sunday(26/6)-Aunties,Rumah Hope

There's feelings of lost(of loved ones-my friend),then,there's togetherness(friends) and letting go(goodbyes),and of course,auspicious moment-my 'bestfriend's wedding,yesterday.Lastly,the goodbye moments from the kids(and darling volunteers from CyberCare) in Rumah Hope.OH oh...there's also my beautiful cousin's baby boy-4mths old...goodness,superbly cute boy.So,how can I say what do I feel right now?Rojak.


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